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CIPR Education and Skills Group AGM

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A brief look at the CIPR plan for 2018 and why public relations practitioners need to reframe PR as a strategic management function, plus a sneak peak at the State of the Profession survey results

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CIPR Education and Skills Group AGM

  1. 1. Public relations as a management discipline CIPR Education and Skills Group Sarah Hall - @hallmeister 1 February 2018
  2. 2. About me
  3. 3. About #FuturePRoof A handbook for senior practitioners looking at the changing face of the industry The story of public relations as a management discipline www.futureproofingcomms.co.uk @WeArePRoofed Facebook community Podcast on iTunes and Spotify
  4. 4. Your CIPR 2018 plan – a snapshot Designed to reassert public relations as a strategic management function and underline the role it plays in organisational success Ongoing drive to professionalism to make strategic, ethical and leadership competencies the norm and Charter status commonplace Campaigns aimed at CEOs and HR specialists to educate about the strategic value of PR and the benefits of hiring a CIPR (Chartered) member Partnership working with other bodies where it benefits the wider industry Promotion of the study, research and development of PR practice – BledCom, Global Alliance and World PR Forum
  5. 5. CIPR’s 70th anniversary An opportunity to look back on our history and the profession; to look at the role of public relations in the future; and to celebrate the wonderful work of our volunteers St Bride’s event on 9 February marks the day on which the then IPR was founded Inaugural Sir Stephen Tallents Memorial Lecture with Cluetrain Manifesto author David Weinberger organised for 14 March Platinum: a crowdsourced book celebrating the CIPR and its members at 70 to be published Regional, national and sectoral group activities taking place throughout the year
  6. 6. Why talk about PR as a management discipline? Huge opportunity for the industry Blurring of disciplines opening up new horizons Prevents other marketing disciplines and management consultants eating our lunch If we approach PR as a management tool, it changes how we approach our CPD Brands need to reframe their approach to public relations; we are NOT just a delivery function PR delivers incredible value; we deserve more respect and to recognise / celebrate what we do
  7. 7. Why talk about PR as a management discipline? Changes in politics, society, media and technology are affecting how business and the wider industry operates Brand reputation is proven to be the one thing keeping CEOs up at night More than ever PR practitioners are needed to help navigate uncertainty We need to be the eyes, ears and conscience of the organisations we work for – think social purpose More than ever PR practitioners need the skills to operate at the top of their game Business, finance and management competencies critical to operate in an elevated advisory capacity and speak truth to power credibly
  8. 8. Social purpose “[Organisations] are being forced to re-think their purpose and how they gain and maintain their legitimacy not only with their immediate stakeholders, but to society more widely.” Professor Anne Gregory
  9. 9. Organisation ManagementSociety
  10. 10. We’ve some way to go… This year’s CIPR State of the Profession survey appears to show a skills gap – particularly at a senior level – in relation to business management in public relations Only a third of senior respondents cite business acumen as an area of strength Only 3.3% of senior practitioners are responsible for the organisation’s business strategy although nearly 60% do influence it One third of respondents haven’t taken part in a CPD scheme this year and don’t intend to The top ranked answer to challenges facing the industry is under-representation of public relations practitioners at board level
  11. 11. Management teams want highly skilled PR and comms teams
  12. 12. Mark Evans, CEO, Telefonica UK (O2)
  13. 13. Management demand
  14. 14. Craig Mackey, Acting Commissioner of the Met Police
  15. 15. Management demand
  16. 16. Management demand
  17. 17. Matthew Hopkins, Chief Executive, Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust
  18. 18. James Crampton, Corporate Affairs Director, Merlin Entertainments Plc
  19. 19. Sir Philip Craven, IPC President
  20. 20. Wrap up The future looks bright for public relations where used as a management discipline Practitioners need to upskill accordingly and educate management teams about its leadership role Unparalleled opportunity as brands find their place within society and look to maintain their legitimacy
  21. 21. Your call to action Reframe public relations as a management discipline in your own head Check out www.globalalliancepr.org and ensure you have the skillset to deliver at the highest level using the BKOK competency framework Tell everyone who will listen why PR should form part of the strategic management function and its importance to organisational success This is how practitioners can assert their value and the value of public relations
  22. 22. Thank you – any questions? Sarah Hall @Hallmeister sarah@sarahhallconsulting.co.uk www.sarahhallconsulting.co.uk 07702 162 704