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Above the fold

"Above The Fold" is one of the most important portion of a webpage which should be designed taking care of few essential things in order to engage more people. These presentation would give you a fair idea to design your homepage to make it more responsive.

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Above the fold

  1. 1. Things To Do
  2. 2. What Is “The Fold” In A Responsive Design It indicates the portion of the webpage that is visible in the browser window when the page first loads.
  3. 3. Importance Of “Above The Fold” Concept ➢ It’s what the people first see. ➢ It’s where people spend most of their time. ➢ It’s what attracts most of the attention. www.quicksprout.com/2017/06/14/the-comprehensive-list-of-what-needs-to-be-above-the-fold-on-your-homepage/
  4. 4. Unique Selling Proposition It is a factor that differentiates a products from its competitors like giving unique offers or services.
  5. 5. Headline Within three seconds your websites need to tell visitors what your business offers and so get a catchy headline.
  6. 6. Sub Headline It should supplement the headline by offering a brief description of what you want to do or what you offer to do.
  7. 7. Supporting Image Use an image that clearly indicates what you offer.Use images that captures emotions and cause actions.
  8. 8. Brand Logo Brand recognition is of utmost importance.Brand logo of major companies are always included above the fold.
  9. 9. Simple Navigation Make the navigation menu visible at the top of the webpage and organize the links in a hierarchical structure.
  10. 10. Primary Call To Action Include two-three call to action button above the fold that places the user in a spot that are easy to find.
  11. 11. Phone No vs No Phone No A/B testing is done on a homepage by including contact info in one variations and not including the contact info in another variations. Results ❏ 53.96% of sign ups originated from home page with phone number. ❏ 46.04% of sign ups originated from home page without phone number. ❏ Conversion Increase: +.5%(half of percent increase) courtesy:https://blog.kissmetrics.com/results-from-flowr/
  12. 12. Content To generate more lead you have feature a great content.Put the content in a more graphical way.
  13. 13. Heat Map You can see exactly what percentage of website visitors click on any clickable area of your site.This is so useful because you can see if people are actually clicking on all of the buttons, links, etc. on any given page. Courtesy:https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-analytics-user-behavior/202964/
  14. 14. Search Design a simple box that lives at the top of your website for search. The top right corner is the most popular location, using that space is expected and easy for users to find.
  15. 15. Informational Footer The footer is at the bottom of the page, it is a logical location for a small site map, company or contact information, links and context for your site.