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Efficient security to meet modern day challenges

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In this session, participants will hear about real world scenarios for a variety of markets and what steps they have taken to address their security needs in an effective and efficient manner. Customer case studies will dig into real security challenges, mitigation plans, and the organizational benefits realized.

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Efficient security to meet modern day challenges

  1. 1. Schneider Electric 1- Buildings Division – Xperience Efficiency – June 2013Efficient Security to Meet ModernDay ChallengesKevin McCaugheyDevelopment Director, Security BusinessTweet Live!#SchneiderXE
  2. 2. ObjectivesUpon completion of this course, you will be able to:● Identify existing security challenges● Define ways modern day security challenges have been accomplished● Identify how technology can become a force multiplier● Enablement of technology to see and do more● Effective migration of existing systems to meet current challenges● Deliver value to the organization by meeting goals while working to reduceCapEx and OpEx
  3. 3. Schneider Electric 3- Buildings Division – Xperience Efficiency – June 2013Efficient, Effective SecurityOperating Challenges Solutions ResultsHigher ROI. Reducelong term capital outlay.TechnologyLeverage existinginfrastructureNon-integratedsystems operating insilo environmentsAutomationPolicy management,reporting and complianceMeasure & managesecurity.Manual processesand reportingAwarenessData collection,correlation and analyticsDetect & diffuse eventsbefore they escalate.Unreliable data tosupport decisionsFaster response to risks.Force multiplier.Increasing costs ofcritical resourcesPeopleRight people, right place,right timeProcessStandardized workflowresponseHigh readiness andconsistency of responseLabor intensive,Inconsistentpolicies
  4. 4. Schneider Electric 4- Buildings Division – Xperience Efficiency – June 2013Security Challenges in Cities●Urbanization●Increasing crime●Terrorism●Global tourism & events●Operating budgetsEnvironmental Risk●Livability of the city●Economic vitality●Attractiveness as a place to live,work, learn and playImplications for Cities●Increasing costs●Labor intensive policies●System and policy silos●Lack of reliable information●Manual processesOperating Challenges●City of Austin●City of Kirkland●Hendersen County●Fairfax County●City of WilmingtonKey Customers
  5. 5. Schneider Electric 5- Buildings Division – Xperience Efficiency – June 2013Major US City Metro Area Transit AuthorityProvide a safer organization byimproving customer and employeesafety and security responsethrough prevention andreactionEnhance situationalawareness of emergency andoperations personnel•Made monitoring easy•Enhanced event detection &response3 million + passengers70 + stations100 + miles of track1,500 buses1,500 square miles●Video Management●Info Management●AnalyticsChallengeSolution Results
  6. 6. Schneider Electric 6- Buildings Division – Xperience Efficiency – June 2013Wilkes-Barre, PAVideo Surveillance●Budget cuts reduce Police forcefrom 108  63●“When police moved out, criminalsmoved in.”●Wireless & wired CCTV cameranetwork throughout city. 200+cameras●Rehired 24 offices●26 new businesses openedbringing tax revenues of $700,000●$60,000 saved in repairs to cityplaygrounds due to reducedvandalism● Lower criminal prosecution costsChallengeSolutionResults
  7. 7. Schneider Electric 7- Buildings Division – Xperience Efficiency – June 2013City of Austin●Multiple disparate systems thathindered interoperabilityand collaboration● Limited no security integration●Migrate to a City wide solutionleveraging the Cities network● Centralize critical operations● Eliminated silo’d systems●Increased situationalawareness and responsestimes.●Enhanced efficienciesChallengeSolutionResults
  8. 8. Schneider Electric 8- Buildings Division – Xperience Efficiency – June 2013Security Challenges in Healthcare●Attacks on patients and staff●Patient elopement (infant, peds)●Internal and external security●Theft (medical assets, property)●Patient privacySecurity Risks●Disruption of patient care●Staff turnover & hiring costs●Loss of inventory●Regulatory fines●Liability & media coverageImplications for Healthcare●Accreditation programs throughJC, DNV and HFAP●Industry Standards throughIAHSS & IHSSF – the BasicIndustry Guidelines and theDesign & Renovation GuidelinesRequirements●Weill Cornell Medical●Massachusetts General Hospital●St. Elizabeth’s Hospital●Texas Department of Health●Duke Medicine PavilionKey Customers
  9. 9. Schneider Electric 9- Buildings Division – Xperience Efficiency – June 2013Houston VA Hospital●Upgrade existing systems tofacilitate compliance●Expand the system for otherdepartments●Standards compliance●Leveraged existing components● Reduced CAPEX spend●Deliver greater value to thepatients●Compliance with Federalmandates for FIP201●Increase security whileleveraging previous investmentsChallengeSolutionResults
  10. 10. Schneider Electric 10- Buildings Division – Xperience Efficiency – June 2013Flower Mound Hospital● No dedicated security staffcreated man power challenge●Lack of coordination of low voltagesystems created confusion●Integrated Security, CCTV,Building Automation, PowerMetering, Nurse Call, Paging andReporting●Implement a Design Buildapproach in a team environment●10% capital savings in buildingtechnology●Operational efficiencies by notrequiring dedicated staff● Elimination of the “Black Box”ChallengeSolution Results
  11. 11. Schneider Electric 11- Buildings Division – Xperience Efficiency – June 2013●Extensive footprint to secure●Desire to have open door policy●Students sharing credentials●Budget constraints●Vast student data baseSecurity Challenges in Higher EdSecurity Risks●Slow response time to incidents●Liability & Media coverage●Decreased enrollment●University reputation●Impact on DevelopmentImplications for Higher Ed●Protect Students & Staff●Central lock down●Assembly Bill 211 – CA●Clery Act & Proposed OthersRequirements●University of Nebraska●Colgate University●Hunter College●University of Wisconsin●DCCCDKey Customers
  12. 12. Schneider Electric 12- Buildings Division – Xperience Efficiency – June 2013Higher Education●Improving student security inan active campus environment●Deploy wireless security system●Implement central management●Enable campus lockdownwhen faced with security threats●Improved protection for thewhole university community●Improved security operations●Enhanced security with efficientlockdown capability●Force multiplierChallengeSolutionResults
  13. 13. Schneider Electric 13- Buildings Division – Xperience Efficiency – June 2013Security Challenges in Enterprise●Global mobility●Inconsistent policies & systems●Lifecycle costs●Customers, staff, information,assetsSecurity Risks●Safety of personnel●Liability●Control of dangerous elements●Impact on operationsImplications for Enterprise●Efficient deployment globally●Situational awareness●Varying regulatory requirements●High value inventoryRequirements●AT&T●Verizon●Merck●North East Utilities●MedcoKey Customers
  14. 14. Schneider Electric 14- Buildings Division – Xperience Efficiency – June 2013Enterprise●Lack of enterprise standards● Disparate Support & Service●Consistent deployment &inefficiency● Team collaboration to setstandards that address securityand environmental needs●Communicate alarms tomultiple call centers● Business continuitythrough quality dispatch supportthat improved financialplanning● Quicker deployment due tostandardization with local supportChallengeSolutionResults
  15. 15. Schneider Electric 15- Buildings Division – Xperience Efficiency – June 2013Schneider Security Solutions●Integrated Command & Control Platformis the heart of Security Solutions enablingefficient Security management●Core Security Components Foundation ofsecurity technology in most entities●Schneider integrates third party securitytechnologies to meet unique securityneeds of many market segments into asingle, efficient Security network.●Information Exchange with FirstResponders and databases speed upSecurity response to any situation.●Comprehensive Energy ManagementSchneider Security Solutions integrate withother Schneider solutions like BMS, EnergyManagement, Lighting, and Power.