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AnewB Orientation presentation

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AnewB Orientation presentation

  1. 1. AnewB Marketing Plan New Client Orientation
  2. 2. Welcome to Ajax Union’s Anewb Plan! Welcome to the most comprehensive SEO marketing plan on the planet. We are excited to work with you on making your online business as successful as possible.
  3. 3. SEO By the Numbers…  92% of marketers say that content creation is either “very effective” or “somewhat effective” for SEO  76% of marketers who have strategic SEO campaigns in place invest in content creation  50% of consumers are more likely to click on a search result if the brand appears multiple times on the results page  52% of consumers say blogs have impacted purchase decisions  57% of marketers have acquired new customers via their blogs  42% of consumers look to articles and blogs for info about potential purchases  61% of consumers are more likely to purchase goods from businesses that offer custom content
  4. 4. The AnewB Plan offers You:  Complete 100% ownership of all the work we do  Complete transparency regarding the tasks completed, using best practices and “white hat SEO” to accomplish our goals, and communicating it all to you through Basecamp, a project management system  Month to month plans with no long term contracts. Clients stay on the plan because of the quality of the work and value of the results  Full customer support, enhanced reporting and website consultation
  5. 5. What can you expect from the AnewB Plan?  Increased keyword rankings over the course of 5-6 months  Increased traffic as the plan matures to 5-6 months  SEO-optimized blog and article content that create links back to your site  Link-building Listings, social networking posts and classified ads created with SEO in mind  Control of your brand name on Google and other search engines with the creation of multiple results  All tasks completed on time and with complete transparency and communication with you
  6. 6. The AnewB Setup and Discovery Process  Blog Design  Google Analytics setup  Google Analytics on blog setup  Research Blog Domain  Buy Blog Domain  Set up blog domain on Wordpress  Add Social Links to Site  Create Constant Contact Account  Check Alexa, Page Rank and In-links  Set up goals and eCommerce tracking on Google Analytics  Install Google Webmaster Tools  Research Local Directories / Keyword for Directories  Get FTP Access  Competitive Analysis and Keyword Research  Website Diagnostics  Gmail  Yahoo  Facebook  Twitter  Delicious  Stumble Upon  NetworkedBlogs  Feed Facebook to Twitter  Hotmail  Google Alerts  YouTube  My Space  Zimbio  Technorati  LinkedIn  Wordpress  Blogger  Reddit  Digg  Feedage  Flickr  Google Profile
  7. 7. What to expect at the beginning of the Anewb Plan  Account setup on Basecamp  Questionnaire Form sent to be completed by you  Discovery conversation with Client Relations representative to go over any questions and discuss your business  Keyword research, review and approval- anywhere between 5-15 keywords to start  Setup on several major social networking sites  Research for blog domain name, set up hosting and custom design wordpress blog  Set up daily plan milestones and tasks  Begin daily tasks, accompanied by email notifications to you
  8. 8. How do we conduct Keyword Research?  We ask you for the top 5-10 keywords or terms you feel are most important and relevant to your business and industry  We research your competition and see what keywords they’re targeting and ranking for  We check what keywords you currently have in content on your website  We check your site on Google and other search engines to see what keywords it’s currently ranking for  We use Google’s keyword tool to check monthly search volume of relevant keywords  We present the keywords to you, and upon your review and approval, we use these keywords as anchor text in links back to your site, in tags and title in posts and listings, and in content we create for you.
  9. 9. What is Basecamp?  Basecamp is the Project Management Tool we use to communicate with you  Basecamp allows us to transparently show you all the work we are doing for you on the AnewB plan  Once you create a username and password, you will have full access to your Basecamp project.  All messages posted to Basecamp will be automatically emailed to you as well.
  10. 10. What is Google Analytics?  Google Analytics is a Google product that shows you how people found your site, how they explored it, and how you can enhance their visitor experience.  With this information, you can improve your website return on investment, increase conversions, and make more money on the web.  We will get access to your Analytics account or create a new account for you so that we can track and report on your traffic, top keywords, bounce rate, landing pages and more.
  11. 11. The AnewB Plan Tasks  Weekly blogging at an offsite blog that we purchase on your behalf  Monthly articles created and distributed  Classified ads on Craigslist, Backpage and more  Local directory listings on Google local, Superpages and more  Web directories on Wikidweb.com, Dmoz.com and more  Blog reviews on several quality sites  Social networking on Facebook and Twitter, and optimized accounts created on YouTube, Zimbio, Flickr, and much more  Social bookmarking on Digg, Stumble Upon and more
  12. 12. Why is Blogging important for SEO?  Blogging is a very effective way to get backlinks. According to best practices, the best way to build long-term link popularity is to offer quality content and information that provides real value to your reading audience. An added benefit of the blog is for people to discover your web site and realize its benefit. This increases the likelihood of them linking to your web site naturally.  • It allows you to build quality links to your site. We link specific keywords to your site. Any link from content rich site is most valuable in terms of quality. Of course the content should be related to the topic of your page/site. Any website that operates the same target audience is very valuable. For example if you are ‘SEO’ company, then the links from SEO related sites will certainly create more value for your rankings.  • It allows you to generate unique, quality content that is relevant to your company on a consistent basis. It is important to remember that the blog is not for your product promotion or advertisement. A blog that does so will be considered as spam. Putting relevant and informative information on the blog will help to push up your reputation in the market and on the search engine. Well researched and well written blogs are always appreciated. And these kinds of blogs generate links for the site.  • It has the potential to draw a reading audience which can, in turn generate interest for your site and draw traffic to your site. A well thought-out response to a relevant blog or article can bring not only search engines, but more importantly other readers of the blog to your site through the link. If your content proves interesting, you could build much more than just a single link through your comments.  • It helps your site rank for the targeted keywords. When a blog is SE friendly, we are able to incorporate keywords phrases as anchor texts and regular text in the blog. It’s important to remember to keep the keywords varied and never let it overtake the importance of getting visitors.
  13. 13. Why is creating and distributing articles important for SEO?  Article writing and content development is considered to be the major on- page factor for SEO. This is one of the many ways to get links to your site as well. Many websites are designed around hosting the content of others and providing links back to them. These sites are known as ‘third party article hosting’ sites. These sites cover a wide range of coverage and accept articles on variety of topics.  Some of the major 3rd party sites are IdeaMarketers.com, Buzzle.com, ebooksbytes.com, thewhir.com, amazines.com, submityourarticle.com etc..  There are many topic specific sites are also available online. You can potentially increase your visibility and exposure on the Internet by submitting articles to these sites. There are many other sites available for article submission. It also helps build links and is an integral part of content generation, like blogging.
  14. 14. Why is submitting to Web Directories important for SEO?  There are several critical properties online that you should be active in creating links in if you want to build up your link popularity without appearing to be a spammer. One of the most important is making sure that you are listed in Dmoz, Google’s web directory, and other popular web directories. (There are paid directories as well that you can consider posting in, the most popular of those being Yahoo!). These directories are human compiled and very well reputed online directories. Listing in these directories is very important provided that they are listed in correct category with a good description. Links from these two websites, among others, are seen as validating you are the real thing.  There are several other directories than Yahoo! and Dmoz. Many directories are industry or topic specific. Having a link from topic specific directories can also be potentially helpful. For example, if you have a news and entertainment site then having a link in a directory that is focused on news and entertainment is important.
  15. 15. Why is submitting to Web Directories important for SEO?  Local directories will help customers who are doing locally-targeted searches find your business online. It is also an important part of link building, and another crucial property in which to be active online.  Local directory sites like Google Local and Yahoo local often come up on the first page of Google for a brand name search, helping you control the results for your brand name on Google.
  16. 16. Why is writing blog reviews important for SEO?  Blog reviews are third party reviews of your company, service or product. Their main purpose is to generate links and content, and not targeted as much to actual readers. Blog reviews are generally posted on high PR sites so as to build links that are quality in nature.
  17. 17. Why is having a presence of Facebook important for my business?  Social networking is a crucial way to interact with people who may be, or already are interested in your company, service, product or industry.  Part of process is engaging with users. Social media marketing and optimization isn't a passive process. When you engage with users, the absolute last thing you want to do is blast them with advertisements or promotions through your comments.  Facebook is a place where users want to have fun, learn something new, and keep connected. The more that you can fulfill these roles through your posts the more the users will like, comment, and respect your information. This is often the part that marketers struggle with the most.  One of the better rules to live by is remembering to ask questions that will entice the users who like your social media page to respond. If you're asking questions you are literally inviting an action that will benefit your ranking. If you're only making statements or simply posting products you will alienate some of your users and start seeing many more dislikes on your page.
  18. 18. How can I make my Facebook Business Page as successful as possible?  You can use many of the tools that are provided for you and engage your users by hosting contests and posting videos or pictures. Your products and services are somehow interrelated to quality of life and it's important that you find that relationship in order to really showcase why your products and services should be part of a user's Facebook page.  The quality of your interaction is just as important as the frequency of your interaction. You do not have to provide daily posts, and in some cases it's actually better not to, but you should provide regular high quality posts. This helps to improve your overall ranking on a users page because you're engaging with them on a regular basis.  When you are considering the posts, applications, and tools that will most appropriately suit your message to your users, try to envision yourself as a user. What kinds of things attract you and what kinds of things turn you off? What makes you stop what you're doing and comment? Why are you compelled to hit the like button or to read a posting with great seriousness? The users' points of view are part of the overall perspective needed to make sure that all of your postings are positive interactions with the users.  Then you need to consider what will make your page and your interaction with the users different and uniquely high in quality. You can easily take the time to research your close competitors' social media page and see what they are doing. Depending on their settings, you might have to friend them first, but most businesses allow full access without this step. It's not in a business' best interest to be too selective when it comes to gaining popularity and thus there is not much of a reason to insist that users ask for friendship first. Facebook does offer an application directory which can help you weed through the various applications and find those that will help you increase your uniqueness while staying relevant and inviting to your fan base.  Beyond applications and posting, your page can also remain active by doing outreach and posting additional comments to the pages of other users. This is not to to put down the competition but rather an opportunity to engage with the population and help them engage with you. If someone likes your page, you should be entering into a sort of engagement.
  19. 19. How can I build up my Facebook “Likes?”  For most Facebook pages, the numbers build over time. If you have three people liking your page or thirty thousand people liking your page it's important to engage in a way that respects all of your users and entices more to join you.  Just because you are at the beginning of the process doesn't mean that you aren't able to give quality attention to those who have started recognizing your page as a positive place for them.
  20. 20. Why is having Twitter presence important for my business?  Twitter is quickly becoming the go-to website for all the latest news and information. Twitter has over 175 million active users to date.  Twitter allows you to interact briefly with an interested fan base, in the way of promotions, news or deals.  Posting a link there does count as link building.  Some larger businesses use Twitter as an up-to-the- minute tool to keep their customers abreast of any important news, like airlines that need to update flight cancellations and delays, other schedule-oriented businesses
  21. 21. Why is writing and submitting classified ads important for SEO?  Classified ads are another important property to tap into online.  Writing a classified ad posting it on a classified site like Craigslist or Backpage allows you to build links to your site and generate keyword-rich content as well.  It can even generate some interest in your company and draw traffic to your site.
  22. 22. On-Site SEO Best Practices  Having the proper SEO on your site goes hand-in- hand with the work we do on the Anewb Plan. If you are not already on the Ajax Union On- Page Factor plan, ask us about it. • 300 words of keyword rich content on homepage • no duplicate content • no hidden text • Static, keyword based URLs across site • Keyword optimized meta title • Keyword optimized heading tags- only 1 H1 per page • Keyword optimized alt image tags • Shorten page load time • Domain resolve- non-www domain should have a 301 redirect set up to www domain • 200 OK status code • Xml sitemap uploaded to site and submitted to Google • Robots.txt file uploaded to site and including all non-crawl pages, and submitted to Google • Webmaster Tools installed • Google Analytics installed • Set up conversion tracking • Set up e-commerce conversion tracking
  23. 23. Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices  Toll Free # in header  Live chat  Email sign up box  Call to action  Contact form on homepage  Create a reviews page on the site  Create a “Why shop from Us” page  Free shipping  30 day money back guarantee  great service  BBB logo above the fold- trust-building  2 year warranty  testimonials  100% customer satisfaction  UVP (unique value proposition)  Recommendations Engine for products  PAA’s (point of action assurances) above the fold and at every step of check out (like VeriSign, Mcafee, security seals, badges, guilds)  Testimonials on homepage  Reviews and comments on products  Payment logos  Social Network Links on site  Add this for sharing all pages in the footers  Put Search tool on all pages  Reduce load times  Many payment options  Simple navigation
  24. 24. Shopping Cart Best Practices  Shopping cart product picture should be large and clear, with zoom option  Show stock availability- if you have a save function a lot of customers will save items in the cart and return at a later time  Include cross-sells below unavailable products.  Avoid little icons that are difficult to interpret, like circular arrows to “recalculate” or refresh. Text links “Remove” and “Update” are more clear.  Don't style your “Proceed to Checkout” and “Continue Shopping” links the same way. Prioritize your calls to action with “Proceed to Checkout” more prominent.  Minimize your coupon code box. Showing a coupon box is an invitation for the customer to go deal hunting. This not only eats at your margin by discounting the cart, but you will also be shelling out commissions to affiliates who did not refer the sale.  There are a few ways to handle this issue:  1. Suppress the coupon box unless the customer has been referred by an email or affiliate campaign with a coupon code. You have the choice to auto-apply the promo or show the box.  2. Re-label the field as “Voucher” or “Gift Certificate”  3. Create an inconvenient hurdle to use the code, such as log in.  Provide shipping and tax information and a total cost pre-checkout, as nobody wants to get through a sign in page and shipping/billing form before he/she can judge whether a price is acceptable.  Move to wishlist option  Quick look cart editing  Reminding customers that they are $X away from (free shipping, free gift, etc.) could improve your items per order and average order value.  Cross-sell/upsell- cross-sells and upsells in the cart can improve your IPO and AOV also. (This is a major opportunity for ongoing testing – testing the number of recommendations, the type of associations, price points, placements, interstitials etc.).  Gift options  Print/save cart option
  25. 25. Website Design Best Practices  Center justify body of site  Clear navigational structure  Align all page elements to the edges  Stick to one color palette across site  Contrast black on white or white on black  Human element- pictures of happy people in situations relevant to your business  One universal font across site  keep it simple in order to draw attention to center  eyeflow- page should be set up as such so that viewer is subconsciously drawn to certain elements appropriately  hero pic- homepage should have a main picture that gives the overall concept of what the site is about  navigational-  horizontal navigation for services  vertical sidebar navigation for e-commerce  shadowing- sites are shifting towards a 3d effects feel
  26. 26. What are our clients saying?  “In today’s internet-driven market, if you’re not thinking about SEO, you will get lost among a sea of websites. Ajax Union’s AnewB Plan significantly increased our rankings, and they helped to make our websites more SEO- and user-friendly. We now know where we stand- on page one!”- Milton Polinsky
  27. 27. What are our clients saying?  “Ajax Union’s SEO and internet marketing plans have taken my business to new heights! My website traffic has improved and I am seeing new orders and business leads.” –Aron Hershkovitz
  28. 28. What are our clients saying?  “I’ve been with Ajax Union for years. Their AnewB SEO Plan has earned me first-page rankings for major keywords in my industry, increasing my traffic and sales, and their Pay- Per-Click advertising services have boosted my leads even more.” - Avraham Retek
  29. 29. What are our clients saying?  “Since starting with Ajax Union, we’ve been very impressed with the company’s work every month, from blogging to social media updates. We would recommend Ajax to anyone looking for nationwide or local SEO.”- Joshua Hirsch
  30. 30. How to get in touch Whether you have a question about your AnewB plan or need some info, our managers will be happy to speak to you. Our phone voices are internationally renowned for their friendliness and charm. To reach us, simply click your heels three times, dial 718.569.1020, and plug in the following extensions. • Social Media and Operations- Elizabeth Apfelbaum: x414 • Stephanie Cochrane: x441 Social networking, directory listings, domain hosting, classifieds • Content Writing Department- Eric Marmon: x436 Blogging, articles, general content, social bookmarking • Account Management & Client Relations- Shani Muschel: x418 Keywords, ranking, reporting, traffic, conversion optimization, on-site SEO, account management • Operator and Customer Service Representative- Kat Nunley: x419 Customer service, scheduling, general information At Ajax Union, we are always available to talk about your account and progress, discuss your website, offer tips and suggestions, and answer any questions you may have.