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13 lt vezina

Cultural appropriation & cultural heritage institutions by Brigitte Vézina
Sharing is Caring X Amsterdam 2019

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13 lt vezina

  1. 1. Cultural appropriation & cultural heritage institutions Brigitte Vézina Rijksmuseum – Amsterdam – 22 November 2019
  2. 2. When available rhymes with appropriable • Cultural heritage institutions fulfill the invaluable mission of making culture available. They play an instrumental role in preserving and allowing the public to access, use and recreate cultural heritage held in their collections. • Sometimes, that mission can conflict with the rights and interests of the holders of the cultural heritage – this is often the case for Indigenous heritage subject to customary rules – one big concern is that it can open the door to cultural appropriation, i.e. uses that are offensive and cause harm. • Cultural heritage institutions have an important role to play to ensure the traditional cultural expressions in their collections are used respectfully and according to the wishes of their holders. Specific platforms, labels, licenses and tools can help. Brigitte Vézina – SharingisCaring – Amsterdam – 22 November 2019