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The key to successful enterprise embrace change with ease

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the key to successful enterprise embrace change with ease

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The key to successful enterprise embrace change with ease

  1. 1. An individual who, rather than working as an employee, runs a small business and assumes all the risk and reward of a given business venture
  2. 2. Inventor and Innovator Inventor is a person creates new thing. Innovator is a person who brings something new in business
  3. 3. New product in marketNew product in market New ideas bring huge changesNew ideas bring huge changes Develop new marketDevelop new market New technologyNew technology Discover new source of materialDiscover new source of material
  4. 4. Famous Entrepreneurs
  5. 5. • The Business Leader Who Changed the Way We Compute and Listen • Business leader Steve computing with apples and listening with iPods a visionary an makes the top list of famous entrepreneurs Steve Jobs
  6. 6. Bill Gates • By linking his Microsoft software to IBM's first PCs, he dominated the industry. • The Richest man in the world and makes the top list of famous entrepreneurs.
  7. 7. Aqeel karim dhedhi • The Chairman of the AKD SECURITIES LIMITED • Real estate, Stock-broking, Financial services, telecom, infrastructure.
  8. 8. • Director, Producer and a Businessperson • She is the director of Hum Network Limited and the President of Hum TV and the first woman who started her own TV channel Sultana Siddiqui
  9. 9. Muhammad Yunus • Founded a banking system 30 years ago • To lend small amounts of money to the rural poor in Bangladeshi villages. • 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner,
  10. 10. • Built credibility in the market as a designer wear outlet for men and women with a unique range of products. • Market leader in manufacturing and retailing Pakistani specialist designer wear across the world. Junaid Jamshed
  11. 11. Mangers are also Entrepreneur
  12. 12. “To be a Successful Entrepreneur, an Entrepreneur should have some basic qualities in his personality and also accept challenge”