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Powerpoint Presentation

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  1. 1. PDHPE Kylie Poole 16503928
  2. 2. NUTRITION Nutrition is important for allchildren to enable good decision making, healthy bodies and minds and prepares them for good life long skills.
  3. 3. ACTIVE LIFESTYLEAn active lifestyle promotes physicalhealth and wellbeing. These activitiesaid in personal growth, healthy bones and facilitate in coordination and social development.
  4. 4. SAFE LIVING Road safety arms children with the skills required to navigate roads as a pedestrian and includes vehicle awareness.Road safety also makes children aware of the responsibility of wearingprotective equipment such as helmets when utilising their bikes and skateboards etc.
  5. 5. INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIP Interpersonal relationships informs students about communication andinteraction within their peer groups. Interpersonal relationships also focuses on the skill of maintaininghealthy relationships and the qualities which we value in our community.