grade 12 class 11 class 12 gseb. cbse organic compounds containing nitrogen class 12 cbse and gseb haloalkane and haloarene compounds chemical reactions preparations physical properties phenol and ether- class 12 alcohol demulsification. class 12 test for identification of emulsion type of emulsion emulsion grade 11. benzene alkyne alkene alkane hydrocarbon grade 11 introduction discovery of sub-atomic particles ato faraday's law electrolysis corrosion types of cells standard half cell nernst equation electrochemistry colligative properties. class 12 grade 12 raoult's law henry's law types of solution solution 11th science equilibrium physical and chemical degradation of pharmaceutica causes of non linear pharmacokinetics interfacial phenomena definition application difference between molecula pollution pollutants air pollution water pollution consumers. producers food web food chain ecosystem natural resources renewable and non-renewable reso scope and importance of environment science definition ophthalmic drug delivery systems intravaginal and intrauterine drug delivery system floating drug delivery system (fdds). gastro-retention keywords: microballoons gastro-retention. porous keywords microsponge entrapment efficiency. buoyancy emulsion solvent diffusion technique microballoons keywords: telmisartan
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