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Event interaction with Snooozy

Snooozy enables direct, real-time interaction between event managers and their audiences. Start giving your attendees more by engaging them with Snooozy.

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Event interaction with Snooozy

  1. 1. Gives Attendees MORE.
  2. 2. : Engage an Audienceof Any Size, in Real-Time
  3. 3. The Problem Your speakers address a large audience, but cannot gather responses from more than one at a time
  4. 4. The Result One way communication Shouting, waiving, yelling Questions go unanswered Your Event Holders miss an opportunity to fully engage their audience
  5. 5. The Solution allows your Event Holders to ask their audience a question and gather ALL of their responses in real-time Information can be displayed and discussed as it comes in, further enhancing the audience/presenter interaction All done without costly hardware or complicated system setup
  6. 6. How it Works 3. Within a second or two, the responses are displayed on the presenter’s screen
  7. 7. Now What? Respond! You can now communicate WITH your audience instead of to them. Send event reminders or alerts  Examples: The break is about to end  The show was been moved to a new address  Text us back and tell us what you thought of the conference.
  8. 8. Benefits Event Holders and attendees are more satisfied More satisfied attendees mean more business for you No system to maintain or hardware to buy/replace. Audience can text-in their comments or questions.NEW Easy to implement and works in Power Point (Polls can be embedded into MS Power Point) NEW Cost less than a third the price of hardware based solutions. (Clickers/Keypads)
  9. 9. Cost $25 / 250 responses $50 / 500 responses $100 / 1,000 responses $450 / 5,000 responses $950 / 10,000 responsesFor an event with 500 people and ten questions, you would want to plan for 5000 responses.
  10. 10. Additional Applications can also be used to gather valuable information fromyour guestsMeal Preference Event Headcount Satisfaction Level
  11. 11. ConclusionFor pennies, Snooozy enables you to host more successfulevents and provide a powerful audience experience that wouldbe impossible otherwise.Contact us now to get started:1-888-777-7566belal@snooozy.com