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Appearoo intro-2016

Introducing appearoo, the fastest connection builder. It is the festest way in the world to get new connections across your entire online presence.

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Appearoo intro-2016

  1. 1. © Copyright Society3 – appearoo 2014 #appearoo Fastest Connection Builder In The World Always making new friends - wherever you are, whatever you do http://appearoo.com/appearoo
  2. 2. Make it super easy for anybody to find you in the crowded online world Still explaining how to find you on Twitter, YouTube... ? One URL: appearoo.com/ yourname
  3. 3. The fastes way to increase followers & friends 6 tips to follow
  4. 4. appearoo link on your Email signature  No more clutter on your email signature  And from now on, every email also drives followers, attention and traffic to your online appearance  The email signature is always up to date even after 5 years !!!
  5. 5. 5© Copyright S3 Accelerator 2014 Copying or distribution is prohibited #S3Accel appearoo link on your PowerPoint  Every presentation reaches your target audience  And now also drives followers, attention and traffic to your online appearance  appearoo is always up to date!!! appearoo link on your presentations
  6. 6. appearoo link as your comment signature  Let readers of your comments know who you are  And now comments also drive followers, attention and traffic to your online appearance  Only keep appearoo up to date!!! Everything else is automoatically up to date
  7. 7. appearoo link on your Twitter Profile  Instead of offering only a link to one destination on your profile, privide one link to ALL your destinations (profiles)
  8. 8. appearoo link on your LinkedIn profile Instead of a limited series of URLs, let people see your entire online presence
  9. 9. Appearoo.com/Lisa Art Inc. Los Angeles (914) 555-5555 appearoo link on your business card Now your biz card also drives followers, attention and traffic to your online appearance
  10. 10. Every one visit to your appearoo triggers multiple visits to your online appearance
  11. 11. © 2014, Sociey3 . All rights reserved. Socierty3, appearoo, S3-Buzz, S3-Flights are trade names of Society3. This content of the presentation is protected under the copyright law of the United States. All materials contained herein are the property of the Societ3 Group Inc. Society3 Group Inc. | 201 Mission St, S1200 | San Francisco, CA 94105 | (415) 656-8700 appearoo.com/AxelS appearoo.com/appearoo Thank You