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Perfect pitch reloaded

This new pitch structure already helped raise millions. Just explore it and see if it makes sense for you. In the end: Don't cut and past ANY deck. Make it a unique representation of your unique business.

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Perfect pitch reloaded

  1. 1. Perfect Pitch It’s all about your real story
  2. 2. Breaking all rules Don’t follow the masses like sheep
  3. 3. • Start with your success & market validation From now on never start with the problem again • Talk about the traction you created Now you get the full attention • Introduce your awesome team From now on never do that at the end – it’s all about your team • Talk about how you got to the idea One slide only, no more than 20 seconds • How you disrupt this market / size Get your investor’s appetite to the max • The current product The one function that makes all the difference • Business Model The one function that makes all the difference • Go-To-Market Strategy How you actually get your product into the market • Financial data Revenue, burn rate, past investments & investors • Where you’re going to take the company This is your ASK page leave it on for the rest of the conversation 10 + 1 Slide in the right order Beautiful mind
  4. 4. Company name •Your name and title •Your company •What you do (1 sentence – 3 sec.) •Your website URL, @twittername FB.com/pagename
  5. 5. 1) Success & Market Validation •We have 5,000 users and 14 success stories doing things •Over 1,000 feedbacks helped us further refine the product •More than 500 advocates wrote or tweeted about us so far
  6. 6. 2) Traction •We started in Aug with 12 Alpha users •By Jan we grew the test base to over 5,000 people willing to try it and give us feedback •We currently ramp up to 25,000 users all based on word of mouth via online engagements
  7. 7. 3) Team • Axel Schultze • Rockwell worked on Space Shuttle • Ran a $50 MM department Marita Roebkes Entrepreneur PR Investor Rel. Partner Manager Dieter Kondek VP sales at XYZl $200MM sales with a new product line
  8. 8. 4) Experience •We recognized the following problem •Solutions like xxx, xxx, xxx did not do the job as we liked it to do •There are 5 Million TTT who have the same issue •With ~ $7 Billion/year spending we saw an opportunity...
  9. 9. 5) We fundamentally change ABC •We decided to focus on TTTs in the emerging markets ... •We redesigned processes and helped companies reduce…. •This will help 2MM people ($1B)
  10. 10. 6) How we do it
  11. 11. 7) Business Model •Our products are free •A service contract is mandatory and we charge XXX / month Expecting $3 MM this year •$2 from each service contract are donated to the World Innovations forum •We provide video based trainings and support for free on YouTube •Community supported users •We deliver through partners and online commerce providers
  12. 12. 8) Go-to-market Strategy • Direct sales initiatives to thousands of contacts (Sales team) • We have a current reach of 8,000 contacts (referral program) • Conducting monthly meetups (Leads) • Sponsoring user organized meetups with $500 (Leads) • User referral program (leads) • Stimulating users sharing experiences on YouTube (value based branding) • Social Media interactions on Facebook groups, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, Medium (value based branding)
  13. 13. 9) Financials •$125,000 seed funding Feb, 2xxx by friends and family •Bootstrapping ever since •Current revenue ~ $5,800 / month •Current burn rate $21,000 •Seeking $650k seed round [know your valuation]
  14. 14. 10) Where we want to take it •Seeking $650,000 to grow •Sales team of 4 based on our initial experience and processes •Hiring a marketing person •$100 for events, social marketing, user incentives •Enhancing the application with a robust analytics engine •Growing to $3MM this year $30MM in three years, $100MM+ in 5 years •We see an opportunity to get the company to an IPO (Investor exit) Website @twittername FB.com/pagename
  15. 15. Stop here !!!
  16. 16. Success is a mindset Create something unique – start with your pitch