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The answer my friend prelims

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Ajay Peri (31-01-18)
Ajay Peri (31-01-18)
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The answer my friend prelims

  1. 1. Q1 • Written by Anoup chatterjee , notable CMC alumnus , independent publisher Meteor Books, published a book under the title X: The Final Verdict on December 2002 .In 2016 the same book was reissued under a new title, X : The Untold Story.The Untold Story.The book cover x's struggle and rise to fame following the non- consensual death bed conversions of Hindus and Muslims.X said to have accepted help from dictators such as Haitian president Jean-Claude Duvalier, convicted fraudster Charles Keating and disgraced publisher Robert Maxwell. • To prove their facts, Anoup acted as one of the Devil's advocate and claimed it was not a miracle. • Who is x?
  2. 2. Mother Teresa
  3. 3. Q2 •What term, related to nature, literally means ‘The practice of eating at same table’? •We are familiar to this term due to our biology book.
  4. 4. Commensalism
  5. 5. Q3 • This is a two word name . First word was easily selected easily as it was associated with the place. • A guy came up with pine nut. An elderly man insisted it should be an animal. People came up with bat, rat, ant and mole. Mole even didn't match the criteria and ant was too small. • Where would you find them?- In dreams of every Indian. • This two word name is alliterative to make them more pungent to sound. • Simply name the two word.
  6. 6. Chonkpur Cheetahs
  7. 7. Q4 • The X principle refers to a 1990s theory by Genius Y stating that companies tend to systematically promote their least-competent employees to management (generally middle management), in order to limit the amount of damage they are capable of doing. • One of the major definition or reason given by someone says that "leadership is nature's way of removing morons from the productive flow". Whereas intelligent and studious people are given Errand works. What is this principle named?
  8. 8. Dilbert Principle
  9. 9. Q5 • The X distribution of wealth is a graph that visualizes the way money is distributed among the people of the earth. To create this graph, first divide the population into equal sections and array them in a vertical line, then draw a stack of lines representing how much of the world's wealth each section holds. When you're finished, you'll end up with a figure that is very slender at the bottom and much of the way up, but then becomes very wide near the top. • X?
  10. 10. Champagne Glass Theory
  11. 11. 6 • Cultural and Societal phenomenon Characterised by a man’s extreme pride in his personal appearance and his fitness of his physique which is accompanied by difficulties in coping with the with psychological maturation with his body. • To preserve Ephemeral youth the affected men tends to consume cosmetic products, hair restoration procedures ,and anti impotence drugs ; Hence he might he might prevent his aging. • What is this syndrome aptly named ??
  12. 12. Dorian Grey Syndrome
  13. 13. Q7 • X wrote a article for 'Young India ' magazine Named Y. Which had under stated points • Wealth without work • Pleasure without consciousness • Knowledge without character • commerce without morality • Science without Humanity • Religion without sacrifice • Politics without principle • In 1995 His Grandson Arun in a press meet said , " These are not the Y but these are blunders that the world are warring with now. My Grandfather gave a list of Ys but not of counterparts which given in ancient books. ". He added an additional point " right without responsibility "
  14. 14. Mahatma Gandhi ,Seven Sins
  15. 15. Q8 • The In put to Digital Logic Gate must converge continuous voltage value into either 0 or 1which is typically sampled then processed .If the Input is changing and at an intermediate value when sampled, the input stage acts like comparator. The Voltage value then cannot be determined if it will be 0 or 1. The Output remains in meta stable state between two stable states for an undetermined length of time, until the noise in the circuit causes it to converge it to one of the stable states. • Question is what has been the Unstable voltage named aptly with comparison with another thing which fits the bill properly ?
  16. 16. Buridan Voltage
  17. 17. Q9 •Remus Lupin , godfather of Harry Potter took up a name, X Lupin during the First Wizarding War. What was the name he chose that strengthened his roots of origin? • Draco Malfoy's mother's name was ------ Malfoy which characteristically fitted with his extreme love for his Son and doing even extreme evil things for his son's wish. What was his name?
  18. 18. Romulus, Narcissa Malfoy
  19. 19. Q10 • After his brother died he joined the army to honour his brother . Just as the Third Battle of Ypres was coming to an end, a burst of shrapnel fell behind British lines, killing X and two others. A bat and a cricket ball lie next to x’s grave, at a nearby military cemetery, and his wallet, damaged by shrapnel, is kept by the Kent County Club, leaving a long lasting legacy along with his sporting records He is generally regarded as one of the best bowlers of the period between 1900 and 1914. X played in 19 Test matches for England from 1901 to 1910. He was a Wisden Cricketer of the Year in the 1904 edition.
  20. 20. continued • Not every 'English hero' had such an honourable war record Y. who had played for his country since 1908, was less keen to represent it on the fields of France and Belgium. Unlike his team-mates, he did not volunteer to fight when Belgium was invaded, saying later that he had failed to realise “how serious the war would be”. He worked in a munitions factory in London, he remained on the staff at Surrey and was widely criticised for avoiding the front line. His critics were given further ammunition when he joined a amateur team 'Idle'. “For a while, he was Britain’s least-loved sporting hero,” said writer Mr Sandford. • Who are these two heroes of types who chose different paths?
  21. 21. Colin Blythe, Jack Hobbs
  22. 22. Q11 • “The Victory Girls are on the loose and soon will cook some poor guy’s goose. The G.I. Joes must be more wary of the -------- they may carry. " • Those are just a few of the more memorable slogans produced by the United States Military during World War 2 as they embarked on a campaign of “X propaganda” – a form of psychological waged against a ferocious enemy Y and Z.
  23. 23. Give me x or the Hazed part(Y n Z)
  24. 24. Penis Propaganda, Syphilis - Gonorrhoea
  25. 25. Q12 • Palantir Technologies, Inc. is a private American software and services company headquartered in Palo Alto, California which specializes in big data analysis. The company is known for two projects in particular: Palantir X and Palantir Y. Palantir X is used by counter-terrorism analysts at offices in the United States Intelligence Community (USIC) and other spy agencies. while Palantir Y is used by hedge funds, banks, and financial services firms. • Now for X and Y, both are related to movies and pop culture where x always has a Savior , y is ruled by wealthy industrialists and, and high rise power complexes. gimme X ,Y
  26. 26. Q13 • A typical situation to describe a homerun which is hit over the fence leaving field of play unfinished. • Pittsburgh Hockey Broadcaster uses the phrase if a ‘Goal’ is scored late in the game that effectively puts the game out of the reach of opponent. • So what phrase, very apt here and famous in pop culture is used in these Sporting situations?
  27. 27. Elvis has Left the Building
  28. 28. 14 • Anand Neelkantan , is an eminent alternative mythology writer , has won many Indian literary Award for his books. His Genre is based on Hindu mythology and their Alternative perspective. • For which recent project he was roped in , which has in recent times has faced some criticism for its historical potholes? • It is supposed prequel of what? • In next slide, some of his books
  29. 29. Rise of Sivagami; Bahubali
  30. 30. Q15 • Who is quoting thus after getting victory against his own creation? • ‘‘I got a severe attack of fever and was laid up for six or seven days. It was a struggle whether x will finish me or I finish him. Thank Heaven. I have triumphed. He is dead, that is to say, I have finished the VI Books in about 750 lines. It cost me many a tear to kill him."
  31. 31. Meghnadbodh Kabya, Michael Madhusudan Dutta
  32. 32. Q16 • Supposed origin- Three-piece suit with waistcoat and a spare pair of trousers from the Leeds-based British tailors X Burton. When the British forces were demobilized after X Second World War, they were issued with a "demob suit". The contract for supplying these suits was partly fulfilled by X Burton. • In the Gambler’s game Monte, it means ‘getting entire kitty or pot’. • Us equivalent- Going whole nine yards meaning applying full power(emotions sometimes) • Which phrase?
  33. 33. Full Monty , Montague Burton
  34. 34. Q17 • X was used by NASA to help insure the successful launch of the Apollo 8 spacecraft in 1968. The rocket had a rubber strip holding together a covering that protected a measuring instrument. NASA needed a means to insure that the rubber strip could slide off freely during the rocket’s launch. A NASA engineer used some X that he brought in from home. It did the job so well that he planned to use it on all subsequent Apollo launches. • X is known for its supposed monopoly and most trusted product of the line.
  35. 35. Johnson Baby Powder
  36. 36. Q18 • Any detailed discussion of protein function inevitably involves protein synthesis structure. in the visual (next slide) representation of protein structure data has been represented , the researchers have simplified the representation of proteins thorough the use of traditional X which has made the process lot simpler. • Thus X is also used in mathematics and coding sector its properties and subject to many mathematical researches
  37. 37. Q19 • Death in the West is a 1976 documentary film directed by Martin Smith, It was filmed by reporter Peter Taylor alongside a team from the UK current affairs program This Week. The film aired only once in the UK, from London in September 1976 on Thames Television, to an audience of approximately 12 million viewers, before a court order was officially banned after a petition issued by a Company. • It is about supposed curse to a group of people .Four men who did a certain act , Wayne McLaren, David McLean, Dick Hammer and Eric Lawson reportedly died of same reason. • But the biggest gainer was Brad Johnson, who landed a lead role in Steven Spielberg's feature film Always (1989), with Holly Hunter and Richard Dreyfuss. • What group of people?
  38. 38. Kolam Paintings
  39. 39. Supposed Curse on Marlboro Cowboys
  40. 40. Q20 • St Mary Magdalene Church is located near Fishing Suburb of Tiruvanathapuram. It was built by FrancisXavier in 1552,few year later some fishermen found a Sandalwood Mary Magdalene statue and renamed the church St. Mary Magdalene Church .one fine day, X and his colleagues went to speak to the then-bishop of Trivandrum, Rev Dr Peter Bernard Pereira, about acquiring the church. • That must have been an awkward conversation. It also culminated in a cliff-hanger. Instead of giving them a definite answer, Reverend Pereira, asked the scientist to attend the Sunday mass that week,where The reverend said it's great step towards bright future. • Who acquired the church ?and for what advantage this place was chosen?
  41. 41. Vikram Sarabhai , Isro • Its on magnetic equator where earth's rotational speed is most and helps to give push to rocket.
  42. 42. Q21 • This gentlemen loved to go to Bazaar everyday and return with bags full of veggies and Fishes. • It my sound bizarre , that scholar like him wrote essay on Bengali foods in the series named ‘Bhojon Rashik Bengali’. His daughter Damyanti Singh came up with full collection with his articles and herself providing the recipes referred to by his father. She further said her father was not frugal eater but if there wasn’t delicious spread of food on lunch table he would be dissappointed.He would quote Goethe ,’My Eyes • Who is this gentlemen to whom many Bengali writers are grateful for his active approach towards Bengali literature?
  43. 43. Buddhadev Basu
  44. 44. Question 22 • This is an inspiring book about a tribe who are famous for their running skills . They can run 100 Miles without sustaining any injury . Christian McGougall have portrayed all the factors of this tribe in his book . • Which tribe? Half points for the country
  45. 45. Tarahumara, Mexico
  46. 46. Q23 • X made his debut in a Mahesh bhatt film with the person in the picture in the lead role .X played a mere role in that film .According to X , It was the person in the picture in next slide ,whose appearance left a long lasting effect on X. • Which movie? Who is x?What resulted in next? • Pictures in next slide
  47. 47. Aaj,Rajiv Hari Om bhatia took the name Akshay Kumar after Kumar Gaurav's character in the film.
  48. 48. Q24 • There could be many reasons for why this painting is attributed to 'The magician of Travancore.' First of all, the realistic style and all the other features of the painting, which closely resembles that of him, could be a reason. Secondly, the woman in the painting was thought to be someone from Kerala and the ---- depicted in the picture is something similar to the ones found in Kerala. In reality the masterpiece was by SL Haldankar and to make things more interesting the model of the masterpiece was 18year old Gita haldankar. So it was by a Marathi genius and not by Travancore genius. • What am I talking about?
  49. 49. Lady with the lamp
  50. 50. Question25 The Moloko Plus, also called Knifey Moloko is a highball cocktail drink . It does not have specific ingredients, so there are many variations, all of which use a large milk base and some have drugs, such as barbiturates added. Minors may be served this drink since it contains drugs that have not been declared illegal. In which bar can you have it? Full points for Being specific
  51. 51. Korova Bar from A Clockwork Orange
  52. 52. Q26 • British propaganda later exploited the successful evacuation of 'X' in 1940, and particularly the role of the "X little ships", very effectively.Many of them were private vessels such as fishing boats and pleasure cruisers, but commercial vessels such as ferries also contributed to the force. These smaller vessels—guided by naval craft across the Channel from the Thames Estuary and from Dover—assisted in the official evacuation. Being able to move closer into the beachfront shallows than larger craft, the "little ships" acted as shuttles to and from the larger ships, lifting troops who were queuing in the water, many waiting shoulder-deep in water for hours. The term "X Spirit" refers to the solidarity of the British people in times of adversity. A commemorative X medal is also given by French Veteran's association.
  53. 53. Dunkirk
  54. 54. Q27 •Many football Clubs have retired Jersey Numbers of their iconic players. •List the 4 players given below. •Brescia- No 10 •West Ham- No 6 •Manchester City- No 23 •AC Milan- No 6
  55. 55. • Brescia- No 10 Paolo Rossi • West Ham- No 6 Bobby Moore • Manchester City- No 23 Mark Vivien-foe • AC Milan- No 6 Franco Baresi
  56. 56. • Sukumar Ray popularised this term by naming the magazine of his literary club. The represented that the magazine included writing og various types. • Topshe used the term while describing the city of Kathmandu to Feluda in ‘Joto Kando Kathmandu’. It goes as,'দুপুরে খাওয়াে পে নিউ রোড সরে দনিণ নদরে রেরে মরি হর া রদশী নিরদশী মরেে র াে রিপা ী জামমাি সুইনডশ রেঞ্চ আরমনেোি এে েেরমে িানি দা াি রদা াি, মনিে রহারে নমন রয় এমি ----------------------------- আে রোথাও আরে নেিা সরিহ।’ • In a book by Radhaprasad Gupta, namely 'Kolkata's Ferrywalah's call' described it as a salty, spicy mixed Chanachur based snacks • What was the term? Q28
  57. 57. Saanre Bottris Bhanja
  58. 58. Q29 • X was a short-lived modernist movement in British art and poetry of the early 20th century, partly inspired by Cubism, Led by Wyndham Lewis. The movement was announced in 1914 in the first issue of BLAST, which contained its manifesto and the movement's rejection of landscape and nudes in favour of a geometric style tending towards abstraction. Ultimately, it was their witnessing of unfolding human disaster in World War I that "drained these artists of their zeal’’ • The term comes from statement by the futurist artist Boccioni- that all artistic creation must originate from state of Emotional ______ or whirlpool of Emotional aesthetics
  59. 59. Vorticism