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Damian Legawiec & Mike Faber, Spree overview @ Open Commerce Conference 2016

Presented at the Open Commerce Conference on June 28-29, 2016 in New York City

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Damian Legawiec & Mike Faber, Spree overview @ Open Commerce Conference 2016

  1. 1. Yours Truly Damian Legawiec Spree Core Team Lead Spark Solutions CEO & CTO Mike Faber Spree Evangelist Spark Solutions COO
  2. 2. Agenda ● The Past ○ Spree born in 2008 to empower the world’s sellers ○ Spree since then - projects, community, extensions ○ Evolution of Ecommerce solutions landscape 2008-2016 ● The Present ○ What Ecommerce Architects and Developers say about Spree? ○ Why and when use Spree? ○ Spree Core Team & Community ● The Future ○ Vision: Spree as a lightweight Ecommerce Framework for complex and demanding projects ○ Spree 3.1, 3.2 and further dev roadmap ○ Support & community
  3. 3. The Past
  4. 4. Spree born in 2008 to empower the world’s sellers Spree began as an open source ecommerce platform in 2008 ● Mission: to empower the world’s sellers ● Success due to: ○ Robust tech stack including Ruby on Rails ○ Modular, extensible, API based platform ○ Enabling easy customization and integration ○ Allowing for short time-to-market ○ Vibrant international developer community ● Spree-based success stories speak for themselves
  5. 5. Spree since then - projects, community, extensions Success: ● Thousands of stores around the world running on Spree ● Involved dev community ● Galaxy of extensions ● Multiple forks Challenges: ● Migration paths between versions ● New functionality requirements ● Performance & optimization ● Customer front end customization
  6. 6. Evolution of Ecommerce solutions landscape ‘08-’16 ● Ruby on Rails vs. PHP open source solutions ○ Spree ○ Magento, WooCommerce, CS-Cart, Presta Shop and others ● SaaS Ecommerce platforms ○ Shopify for SMB ○ DemandWare for Enterprise ● Enterprise solutions ○ IBM WebSphere Commerce ○ SAP Hybris ○ Oracle ATG
  7. 7. Evolution of Ecommerce solutions landscape ‘08-’16 20 Ecommerce solutions comparison criteria ● Solution type ● Deployment time ● Deployment & maintenance cost ● Functionality out of the box ● Functional extensibility ● Frontend customer experience ● Reporting & analytics support ● Consumer engagement ● Payment methods support ● Storefront admin panel functionality ● Devs & admin onboarding cost ● Architectural flexibility ● Scalability & its cost efficiency ● Performance & availability ● Internal & 3rd party integrations ● Devops best practice support ● Transparency & monitoring ● Regulatory compliance ● Security & business continuity ● Seo & social media support
  8. 8. The Present
  9. 9. What store owners / developers say about Spree? ● flexible Ecommerce FRAMEWORK ● with an EXTENSIBLE lean core ● for SCALABLE solutions which are... ● ...MODULAR, open standards based ● easy to INTEGRATE through APIs ● and CUSTOMIZABLE for a great customer experience ● with a relatively SHORT TIME-TO-MARKET ● and a very COMPETITIVE COSTS structure for deployment & maintenance
  10. 10. Why and when use Spree? ● build the exact storefront you want quickly ● automate your business by integrating 3rd party solutions ● relatively easily maintain your solutions and integrations ● onboard new developers or transfer your project easily (no humans harmed) ● follow your business evolution with custom software development ● scale up at a lower cost than with SaaS or Enterprise solutions ● control every aspect of the platform, including your unique CX ● use lightweight and battle-proven technology - keep it short and simple
  11. 11. Spree Core Team & Community ● Core Team ○ Experienced Spree developers maintaining multiple Spree-based stores ○ Looking for new Core Team members! Talk to us at slack.spreecommerce.com ● Contributors ○ All-star developers from all around the world ○ Agencies and Dev shops contributing back to the community ● Supporters ○ Braintree & Go Daddy ○ Rise New York ○ Influencers, media & bloggers, tech community organizations ● Users ○ Retailers and online businesses ○ Their staff - admins, customer service
  12. 12. The Future Spree as a lightweight Ecommerce Framework for complex and demanding projects
  13. 13. Spree as a lightweight Ecommerce Framework ● A set of Ecommerce building blocks for the exact storefront that you want ● For demanding, highly custom projects and complex integrations ● It’s built by developers for developers for flexibility, extensibility, scalability ● So you will need to deal with developers and technical stuff ● It’s cheaper than enterprise class solutions, delivers rich functionality, enables innovation, great UX/CX and relatively short time-to-market If you just need a typical SMB, non-custom Ecommerce solution without any complex integrations you’d probably be better off with a SaaS solution.
  14. 14. Spree 3.1 ● over 1,2k commits ● New features like Store Credits, Versioned API, prices depending on zone for VAT countries, product discontinuation, RWD notification emails ● Revamped and improved Admin Panel ● Improved automatic test suite ● Overall performance improvements and massive amount of bug fixes ● Easy upgrade from 3.0
  15. 15. ● Rails 5 compatible ● Faster & leaner ● Mobile-ready Admin Panel ● Higher-quality and smaller codebase through massive refactorings on all fronts ● New features like bulk Promo Code generator, multiple Shipping Addresses per Order, Product Tagging Spree 3.2
  16. 16. Spree Future ● API driven ● Smaller, more modular core ● Decoupled customer frontend so you can use native mobile apps or custom javascript frontend ● More frequent, smaller releases leading to 4.0 ● Easy migration path and continuous support for stores running 3.x versions
  17. 17. Support & community How we as the Core Team & Community can help you: ● share advice and point you in the right direction ○ Slack: http://slack.spreecommerce.com ○ Google Groups: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/spree-user ● Resolve your issues at GitHub: https://github.com/spree/spree/issues How you may help to make Spree better: ● submit PRs for GitHub issues or contribute your code back to the community ● maintain an existing extension you like or create a new one ● join the Core Team or the Contributor community and share the spotlight
  18. 18. twitter.com/opencommerce_ www.facebook.com/opencommerceconference/ slack.spreecommerce.com github.com/spree/spree