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Stand Up Paddle Kauai

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Paddle Boarding Kauai is coming to be the brand-new pattern in water sporting activities. They look like a browse board as well as initially that is exactly what was made use of to go paddle boarding. You would certainly relax on a browse board as well as paddle with your hands and also feet out right into the waves so you would certainly remain in placement to turn up into the board as well as ride the wave in. As paddle boards entered their very own, races started to just consist of the paddling as well as not be worried about the browsing. After that stand up paddle boards ended up being a growing number of preferred. Click this site http://paddleboardkauai.com/ for more information on Stand Up Paddle Kauai.Follow Us: http://paddleboardingkauai.blogspot.com

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Stand Up Paddle Kauai

  1. 1. Paddle Boarding Kauai Family owned and operated, Kauai SUP was founded by Brandon and Jessica Miller. Loving the sun, water and good old fashioned customer service, they wanted to bring the people pf Hawaii a low cost, high quality SUP line option not previously available in the state. If you like to buy from people who provide good customer service and high quality products along with the best pricing in the industry then Kauai SUP is the place of you.
  2. 2. Aloha, Kauai SUP is Kauai's only Stand Up Paddle Specialty Shop. We exclusively carry VESL Paddleboards for the entire state of Hawaii. Kauai Paddle Boarding
  3. 3. Stand Up Paddle Kauai On top of paddle boards, we also stock a large inventory of paddles and accessories. Whether you want a snappy little 8'2" Surf SUP or a high volume 11'6" Cruiser, Kauai SUP has the board to fit your budget and taste. Please come in or give us call, beginner or pro. Mahalo
  4. 4. Kauai SUP Rental Affordable Stand Up Paddle and Kayak rentals in Kauai. Full retail showroom of the best SUP brands on the market.
  5. 5. www.paddleboardkauai.com Paddle Boarding Kauai Visit our website