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  2. BUILT WORK SAVANNAH COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN DESIGNER BIO Design Management Work Experience Architecture, Urban Studies + Architectural History NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE Stephen White grew up in Washington, DC. He received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture & Urban Design with minor in Architectural History from Northeastern University in 2011 before working as a contracted interior architect at National Geographic Channels under the name of his interior design business, EmersonWhite design. He has worked in various design firms internationally and has experience in high-end residential and boutique mixed-use architecture, interior design, furniture, branding, graphics, design strategy. In the larger context of design strategy and innovation, he craves to never be pigeonholed into any one type of project with the over arching goal remaining the same - to satisfy project demands through thoughtful, researched design solutions that push boundaries in design, social thinking, while staying true to clients’ vision with honest, modern, and clean aesthetics. His hope is to lead creative teams across multiple design industries through facilitative techniques that push creativity, thought innovation, and spark solution. Currently he lives in Savannah, Georgia where he is pursuing his Masters degree in Design Management and has recently applied to add a Masters in Luxury and Fashion Management.
  3. GRAYSCALE | Branding | Blackboxing | Diffusion Strategy Cost Strategy | Service Package | Spider Diagrams [W.I.P] Competitor Analyses | 3 Gear Approach [W.I.P] Data Analytics | Applied Theories [W.I.P] Mapping | Contextual Research Methods National Geographic Channels McGuire Residence | CARNEMARK design + build Sierra Residence | CARNEMARK design + build Energy Harvesting Diagrid High-Rise for Bicycle Enthusiasts Cambridge Fire Station
  4. Continued Rejection Knowledge Grayscale Persuasion DecisionImplementation Confirmation Adoption Rejection Continued Adoption Later Adoption Dis- continuance Future Adopters Humans Agent 1 Gender Identity Agent 2 Agent 3 (1+2) Grayscale Eradication of Gender Limitations Non-binary society Gender Expansiveness Societal Norms of Gender G R AY S C A L E GRAYSCALE | Diffusion of Innovation The Eradication Of Gender in the Fashion Industry DMGT 702 - History & Interpretation of Innovation, Fall 2015 Theory of Technical Mediation | Agency All social movements hit what Bruno Latour calls “interruptions”. In the case of gender identity within the fashion industry, we find the societal norms of gender to be our major roadblock. By harnessing this concept to our benefit, we can apply its to our drive for gender inclusiveness in order to achieve our potential goals of eradication of gender limitations, non-binary society, and gender expansiveness. Everett M. Roger’s Diffusion of Innovation Strategy Roger’s diffusion strategy includes five over arching sectors shown below. These five sectors drive rates of adoption by categories of users beginning with innovators and followed by early adopters, late adopters, and laggards. Each group of potential users will allow innovations to diffuse through the five sectors at different times and in different orders. Using this method we can anticipate the implications of diffusion, and predict the way in which the population will react to our design solutions.
  5. ? $$$ TECH POTENTIAL STRATEGY APP (1) Front End Developer (3) Back End Developers Hosting Fees User Testing Ada + Eli + Gabi + Scarlett + Stephen DMGT 720 Professor Kwela Hermanns Disaster Contracts Online Payment Portal Scan-In Entry Feature Hosting Fees Developers/ Code WEBSITE Library ACCOUNTS Viewing Platforms Commercial Contracts Do corporate contracts exist? ContractsYou’re already paying for the service, why not make money off it? Ticketing Service EVENTS Viewing Equipment Decoration/Event Design Facilities Personnel Planning Protocol Book Rental Contracts 1. Equipment 2. Hosting Venues 3. Influencers 4. Local Sponsors Photography HubSpot (Data Analysis) Hosting Promotion Events Advertising Physical Posters Production Fees Celebrities Digital Ads Competitor Research Competitor Analysis Pet Venue Users MARKETING Salaries & Wages RentLegal Taxes Insurance Partners Accounting Wine & Dine Fancy Chairs Volunteers Interns UtilitiesFees Protocol Trademarks General Advice COMPANY PHASE 4: Expand & Scale PHASE 3: Gain Access/Promotional Events PHASE 2: Tech Development PHASE 1: Internal Core Service Enabling Enhancing Providing group viewing activities for digital media Hosting venues digital viewing accounts online digital pay enough users in local areas Food and drink at events Website diversity of content different categories (abac.kiss and App design advertisements profile games and development Cost Strategy Analysis Cost Strategy Analysis allows us to group together the monetary influences of our company as they relate to potential cost factors, business strategies, and project phasing used to source levels of funding, whether it may come from friends and family, angel investors, and/or venture capitalists. Service Package Analysis (below) The service package analysis allows us to hone in on the levels of importance by which our social network innovation will operate. Our core service at the heart of our business states what the most important value of the company. The secondary ring shows enabling services that allow us to ensure quality and usability of our core service, and further out are enhancing services that are not imperative to the over arching idea, but will improve the features of the company during expansion, scaling, and when offering new services. Word Associations | Mind Mapping (above) Word associations and mind mapping allow are useful tools that help us visualize ideas surrounding a core concept. In this case, the core concept was “digital viewing community” and the tools were used to help identity a name for our brand. Through these exercises we identified buzzwords, important concepts, and underlying relationships of the industry. | The Real Life Social Cinema DMGT 720 - Design Development Innovation, Winter 2016 .us hangout pad crashpad lodge plat den sanctuary cave dwelling base quarters crib park hotel digs home house club see watch view chill follow eye flash spot stream peek look wonder meet catch search frontrow scope premiere you me we they crew mob army unit team force swarm cluster posse crowd troop squad pack clique movie cinema show film network motionpicture bijou bigscreen playhouse theater cine pictureshow flick screenplay drive-in silverscreen filmdom cinematics DIGITAL VIEWING COMMUNITY competitors/ services the who (”watchers”) party groups buzzwords & trends the where the what special events drinks 18+ 21+ adults local businesses the park cafe hotels AirBnB house teens kids millennials housewives dads food birthday date social join together crowded introverts extroverts hangout Netflix & Chill binge watch binge watch flix premiere moviesmusic TV shows Oscars (e.g.) HULU+ iTunes On Demand Amazon Netflix MeetUp educational videos romantic double date feelings friends new friends friends pen pals online pals any- where cocktails $$$ prom home- coming your place my place free app monthly pay fancy annual pay-per show- hole season 6 IG out of your shell free love twitter FB #
  6. Real Life User-Friendly Scalability Social Flexibility Digital Spider Diagram | White Space Spider Diagrams allow us to visualize the driving forces behind the business concept, versus the way in which they are maintained under the business strategies of our competitors. By showing the overlapping values of our competitor companies, we can locate market space to focus our own efforts on to maintain a high level of uniqueness that separates us from the pack. | The Real Life Social Cinema DMGT 720 - Design Development Innovation, Winter 2016 .us
  7. Good & Different | SWOT Analysis | Blue Ocean Strategy Good & Different charts, SWOT analysis, and Blue Ocean Strategy allow us to analyze the ocean of our competitors. Through collaborative design strategy methods, we are able to uncover strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to help locate white space in the marketplace. White space shows the gaps in which the design team can begin to ideate design solutions for. It provides project parameters through which within an untouched sector of an industry can be defined and by looking for patterns and connections in and around the white space, we can tailor our solutions into being a product, brand, or service that is completely unique. | The Real Life Social Cinema DMGT 720 - Design Development Innovation, Winter 2016 .us
  8. 1. DEEP USER UNDERSTANDING 2. CONCEPT VISUALIZATION Multiple Prototyping with users “What could be?” “Possibilities” Connections to emerging consumer and social needs Reframes Open Exploration Human context User Importance More than demographics, habtis, and segmentation Broader themes Cues How will it become commercial viable? Prototyping the business model Visualization strategies - Agility - Core Values - Mind Maps Integrate new concepts back into the current operating model 3. STRATEGIC BUSINESS DESIGN GROUP UX DMGT 720 Prof. Kwela Hermanns Ada, Gabi, Eli, Stephen, Scarlett Three Gear Method Through collaborative affinitizing under the 3 Gear Method, our design team attempted to understand our user base, began to generate potential ideas that fell within the white space of our chosen industry, and started to gain a general sense of potential business strategies and problems to anticipate. | The Real Life Social Cinema DMGT 720 - Design Development Innovation, Winter 2016 .us
  9. Ephemerality of Built Spaces - Final Poster SDES 704 - Applied Theory in Design, Winter 2016
  10. SPIRIT PRODUCTS RESTAURANT RETAIL GALLERY/MUSIC PARKS/PUBLIC EMOTIONAL PHYSICAL EPHEMERAL SPACE Ecosystem Map of Ephemeral Space Typologies The ecosystem map shows the relationships within a variety of parameters of this project. At the center is ephemerlity of built space, with three rings circumventing one another. These three rings embody our project on a physical level, an emotional level, and a spiritual level. The design of space can be influenced by each of these categories, and through research, we uncovered which spaces lend themselves more to ephemerality and how closely they relate to the major tiers within the ecosystem of designing space. Fluid Relationships Diagram The diagram of fluid relationships shows the connections between the values at the heart of our research project, the concepts we designed that stem from our overarching values, and a collection of secondary and primary data points gathered through research, that all live and function at varying degrees of connectedness within the greater scope of the project. SOCIAL MOVEMENT URBAN REVITALIZATION SUSTAINABILITY ADAPTIVE REUSE HEALTH & WELLNESS FOOD & BEVERAGE EVENTS DIGITAL MEDIA TRAVEL food truck mobile shop mall cafe pop-up restaurant product launch materiality application website how-to word of mouth yoga music pop-ups spahotel room teepee farmer’s market pop-up cafe restaurants grocery store Starbucks SEED WALL SUNCYCLES COFFEE TABLE BOOK MAKE THIS SPACE EPHEMERAL GEOTAG APP Ephemerality of Built Spaces SDES 704 - Applied Theory in Design, Winter 2016
  11. research 1 Social Media TV Media 2 Safe Practices Changing Business Perception 3 History and Pop Culture 4 Master Apprentice Relationship 5 Client Artist Relationship 6 Properly convey the tattoo industry. Educate and inform the general public about tattoo culture. Ensure safe, sterile practices at shops through positive recognition and incentives. Promote healthy methods of tattooing and safety in body modification. Support self-expression in the workplace. Reduce the perception that tattoos dictate a low level of professionalism, work ethic, or drive to succeed. History shows us the change in perceptions and popularity of tattoos Pop culture influences the normalcy of tattoos as a niche in artistic self expression. Enforce professionalism and proper training. Elevate the level of skill and quality of craftsmanship in the tattoo industry. Create a meaningful relationship during the tattoo process. Facilitate the creation of tattoos that have actual relevance to the individual client. - a legal set of guidelines for TV shows about tattoo culture that require the proper portrayal of tattooing. - annotations about the actual time spent on a tattoo - copyright infringement laws for all media, including social media. - penalization via legal fees Opportunity: Legal Contract. - A,B,C rating decals with a short blurb to be placed on street front windows - grades will be based on compliance with safety precautions - updated annually to ensure proper protocol Opportunity: Rating Decals - a project card with a short information blurb - link to an informational website with video, blog, infographics, data - used to explain the diversity within that tattoo community - used to negate negative perceptions between tattoos and professionalism Opportunity: Project Card - a branding kit including an advertisement style project card - a link to a blog/website - a coffee table book to be sold at stores that both the tattoo community and non-tattoo community frequent Opportunity: Branding Kit - a map showing the path and time required for becoming a tattoo artist - proof of time necessary for training and the outline the duties during apprenticeship versus full-time tattooing - used to reduce the misperception and facilitate understanding Opportunity: Career Mapping - promote a practice for tattoo customers and artists to sit and converse about the meaning and method prior to receiving the tattoo - ensure the best result for both client and artist - define the artist as both a facilitator and expert consultant Opportunity: New Protocol action Tattoo Culture | Beyond Skin Deep IDUS 711 - Methods of Contextual Research, Fall 2015 Opportunity Map After completion of primary and secondary research, the ideation phase can begin to jump-start formulating concepts based around the over arching concept of the project statement. These ideas are driven by insights uncovered within the research and supporting information from drawn conclusions based on contextual reasoning.
  12. NONVERBAL MEANS OF SELF-ESPRESSION piercings fashion attitude demeanor art product posession writing tattoos ARTISTS TATTOOED PEOPLEMASS EXPOSURE 1 2 3 MASS MEDIA BUSINESSES / PROFESSIONALS promote forbid NON-TATTOOED COMMUNITY positive perception negative perception TV SOCIAL MEDIA RADIO INTERNET MAGAZINES CRAFT OF THE PROFESSION: ROLES & RESPONSIBILITES SECRECY RELATIONSHIP WITH SUPPLY VENDORS APPRENTICESHIP EXPERIENCE & EDUCATION CLIENT INTERACTION LEARNING PROCESS/CONTINUATION COMMUNITY / CONSUMER BASE SELF - EXPRESSION MONEY / PAYING CUSTOMERS ACCEPTANCE DIFFERENTIATION TATTOO PERSONAS SLEEVE ONE-TIMER AESTHETIC DRIVEN EMOTIONALLY DRIVEN FULL BODY ACTIVE PROMOTER PASSIVE PROMOTER degree of community involvement STYLES Military Bio-mechanical Religious/Cultural Watercolor Tribal New Age Traditional Neo-American Realism LOCATION ON BODY Upper/Low Back Calves/Shins Ankle Thighs Hands Fingers Feet Bicep Tricep Forearm Face Butt Shoulders degree of involvement with community TRENDS REASONS TO GET A TATTOO INFLUENCES HISTORY REASONS NOT TO GET A TATTOO LOCATION ON BODY POSITIVE PERCEPTIONS NEGATIVE PERCEPTIONS Watercolor Military Bio-mechanical Artistic Cultural/Religious Traditional/Neo-Traditional Detailed Linework Works of Art Photo Realism Reproduction Expensive Distinct Style Popular/Common Distinct Style Iconography Realism Quotes New Age Popular w/ Clients Misconception of Cost Time Consuming Unpopular w/ Artists Religion Memories Values Musical Influences Family JobTravel Self Identity Positive Values Beliefs Parents have one Sibling Bonding Wedding Relationships “Home” Memories Geography Adventure Self Promotion Logo Fitting in Music Fashion Personal Style Creative Industry Tattoo Artist Easily Covered Permitted by Employer Grandparents have one Sadness Death Important Day Lessons Learned Childhood Religion Quotes Art/Creativity Bands Musical Abilities Lyrics Love of Music Technology Generation Internet Facebook Instagram Twitter Radio Websites TV Shows Older Age More popular now Trends Wrinkles/Sag Used to be secretive Military Communities TechnologyEntertainment Body Identification Sailors Traditional/Neo-Traditional Distinct Style Popular/Common Celebrity Change Agents Hippies Musicians Festivals Religion Gangs Military Circus/Sideshow Biker Gangs Music Community Bone & Feather Stick & Poke Tattoo Machine Flash Age Money Religion Permanence Job Family Painful Too old Too young Parents don’t allow Location on body Not Allowed Hidden vs. Obvious Family doesn’t approve Disowned Expensive Free/Poor Quality $1.65B Industry Holocaust Purity Change in values Cover Ups Commitment Regret Face Arms Back Legs Feet HandsLow Back Jail Murder Gangs Hidden vs. Obvious Wrist Sleeve Half Sleeve Core Value Easy to Hide Not Painful Popular Location Popular Location Easy to Hide Not Painful Trashy “Tramp Stamp” Common Easy to Hide Very Painful Path Followed Can’t be hidden Text/Words Not all Shops Tattoo Sex Appeal Confident/Self-Aware Popularity Beards Covered in tattoos Some Tattoos Sleeve 1 or 2 Bad ass Know who they are Don’t care about what people think Job doesn’t matter Growing in popularity Weird if you don’t have one in 2015 More about quality More sophisticated art pieces Disobedient Trashy Expensive Addictive Defy Authority Defy Society Rule breakers Anarchists Tramp Stamp Painful Drug Use Alcohol Use Not worth it Time Consuming Defy Society Rule breakers Anarchists Ecosystem Mapping Affinity Mapping IDUS 711 - Methods of Contextual Research IDUS 711 - Methods of Contextual Research
  13. National Geographic Channels Interior Architecture & Brand Strategy Program: 2,000 sq. ft. Commercial Lobby Renovation Location: Washington, DC Concept: To modernize the entryway to the third floor office space of the National Geographic Channel in their headquarters buildings. It was imperative to create a lobby for the company’s daily users and guests to congregate in, while incorporating elements of Nat Geo Channel’s brand as a media mogul. This is achieved through industrial and natural forms and color, as well as development of a hierarchy of spaces used for both congregation in company wide gatherings and intimate settings.
  14. Temporary Art Installation Elevation: designed in conjunction with local DC artist Glenn Fry
  15. McGuire Residence | Construction Drawings Architecture
  16. McGuire Residence | Construction Drawings Architecture
  17. Energy Harvesting Diagrid Sustainability & Architecture + 3 , 4, 5 (typical open floor plan)+1 (community roof garden)ground floor (semi-public) Program: “Next Use”- a building’s ability to adapt into any necessary program type within it’s lifespan. Location: Charlestown, Massachusetts Concept: Located at an important urban intersection, the project was designed to impact and augment interactions between the building’s users at various intersections within the building and site environments. The diagrid alleviates the need for massive interior structural elements and allows for flexibility in plan, while acting as a cellular skin to house energy harvesting technologies.
  18. SeeThru PV Cell Technology Facade Panel Types Solid Calcium Silicate Double- Glazing (solar gain) Mesh screen (diffused) metal mesh screens with glazing for diffused light return air ventilation ducts double glazed facade panels rigid insulation concrete footing waterproofing membrane radiant geothermal flooring clipping for glazing calcium silicate solid panels micro-wind turbines metal decking and concrete composie slab structural interior column diagrid structure: calcium silicate encased i-beams connection plate: diagrid to i-beams horizontal i-beams West Elevation East Elevation North Elevation South Elevation
  19. High-Rise for Bicycle Enthusiasts Architecture typical floor plan apartment entry concept Program: Residential High-Rise suited for Bicycle Enthusiasts Location: Worcester, Massachusetts Concept: To promote the cyclists sense of community ideals of healthy living, sustainability, and a mutual understanding of how the bicycle operates. The entry walls of each unit are angled to create a convenient path of travel between hallway and apartment, allowing the bicycle, as a machine, to operate at its highest convenience. The bicycles are displayed to the dwellers as sculptures within a glass enclosed bicycle parking lot at podium level. On each typical floor, glass partitions incorporate hanging parking spots for renters to showcase their bicycles and see which of their neighbors and friends are home.
  20. community garden level elevation study - panel density
  21. 1 2 3 4 1 Proposedtypicalcorner up up up publicconcept Cambridge Fire Station Architecture Program: Fire Station & Community Facilities Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts. Concept: To create an iconic front facade instantly recognizable as a beacon of performing arts to the neighborhood’s urban inhabitants. This concept was driven by form and facade strategy - the form opening up to it’s community on four sides, and it’s facade pattern fluctuating between low and high density of CorTen panels, determined by the interior public, semi-private, and highly private spaces (right).
  22. A B + + A B = = + + A B = = private public + + A B = = + + A B = = up up up up up up up semi-private private facade concept + + A B = =