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Marketing is Easy, Straight Up by: Sue-Ann Bubacz writemixforbusiness.com

Marketing your business is easy, even if you aren't big on sales. Customers are a core driver.

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Marketing is Easy, Straight Up by: Sue-Ann Bubacz writemixforbusiness.com

  1. 1. Marketing is Easy, Straight Up By: Sue-Ann Bubacz
  2. 2. Marketing's for Business, Just Like TRIX are for Kids! General Mills' TRIX cereal Silly Rabbit since 1954!
  3. 3. The Role of Marketing Everything you do in business is marketing because your actions and interactions reflect back to your company/brand.
  4. 4. Marketing IS business & business IS marketing.
  5. 5. But I hate sales!
  6. 6. Marketing is Easy • When you believe in what you offer, • understand it inside and out, • and are excited about what you do, • it's easy to talk about. It doesn't feel like selling at all.
  7. 7. Marketing is Easy • When you understand other people's • needs, wants, and desires, and • you know exactly how you can help and what you can do to make their life easier, • it sure doesn't feel like sales then.
  8. 8. Marketing is Easy • When you work with an “attitude of gratitude,” you will experience a more positive work world. • Just saying “thank you” to your customers, is the easiest thing to do when you appreciate their business, and, • it goes a long way with people.
  9. 9. Marketing is Easy • When you work for the right reasons, • bringing customers an honest and relevant value, marketing happens with little effort. • For me this means: I have always worked “to delight customers” and with that as my objective, • all the other stuff, like sales, follows.
  10. 10. Marketing is Easy • When you surprise your customers by providing • more than expected, • outperform the expected outcome, and • maybe throw in a little extra unexpected something to thank them along the way, • you'll find your extra effort always comes back to you. • Pretty soon, your customers are marketing for you, and sales just gets a little easier again!
  11. 11. Marketing for your business means finding a bridge to connect with customers at the center of value. It come down to value, straight up. Photo by: Carole Robinson You value your customers and they value you.
  12. 12. Marketing IS Easy:) By: Sue-Ann Bubacz, Content Writer for Business... "I'll write for your business as if it were my own!"