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Conflict management in Business

Comprehensive conflict ppt is prepared to make it easier. Which includes Functional conflict and Dysfunctional conflict, Process, strategies for resolving conflict

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Conflict management in Business

  1. 1. SUNDARA B. N.
  2. 2. Functional conflict is healthy, constructive disagreement between groups or individuals. Creative confrontation is a struggle between persons who are engaged in a dispute or controversy and whore main together, face to face, until acceptance, respect for differences, and love emerge; even though persons may be at odds with the issue, they are no longer at odds with each other. The critical factor is the willingness to explore and resolve it mutually Appropriately handled, conflict can provide an important opportunity for growth. Positive results of functional conflict include:  Awareness of both sides of issues  Improvement of working conditions due to accomplishing solutions together  Solving issues together to improve overall morale  Making innovations and improvements within an organization
  3. 3. Dysfunctional conflict is unhealthy disagreement that occurs between groups or individuals. Non-productive conflicts are characterized by feelings that are misperceived or stated too intensely. The problem occurs when the emotions distort the content issue. Several identifiable elements may occur in dysfunctional conflict: information is withheld; feelings are expressed too strongly; the conflict is obscured by a double message; feelings are denied or projected onto others; conflicts are not resolved, so issues build up.