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VeriSM - Overview & Intro

A quick introduction and overview of VeriSM

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VeriSM - Overview & Intro

  1. 1. Introduction & Overview Sundeep Singh
  2. 2. What is it? • VeriSM™ is a Service Management approach for the digital age. It helps organizations to work flexibly, focus on business value, and understand the many progressive practices available. • VeriSM™ is a service management approach for the digital age that helps service providers to create a flexible operating model to meet desired business outcomes. VeriSM™ supports organizations to succeed in the world of digital services, using all organizational capabilities, from IT to Marketing and Finance to Customer Service, in order to deliver value.
  3. 3. What's it stand for?
  4. 4. What is is not Not just for IT Non prescriptive or process focused Not a new process framework Not here to replace anything, leverages existing frameworks & tools
  5. 5. Everything is a Service
  6. 6. Key Concepts Emphasis on Service Culture Capabilities work as partners together within an organisation to deliver services Governance flows through the orgnasiation Guardrails of Service management principles are defined and flow through from organisation level Evolving & dataptable management mesh – find what works for you VeriSM aims to provide the 'glue' to bring the different practices together, so organizations can adopt them in a flexible way
  7. 7. VeriSM Model
  8. 8. VeriSM Model
  9. 9. Service Management Principles Governance principles form the Service Management Principles that flow across the organization – these are the guardrails Examples Change: The organizations consumers will be protected from failed changes Change: Product improvements will be delivered as quickly as possible – the organization accepts this increases the risk associated with a change Problem: The organization will invest in reducing the total cost of incidents Principles for e.g.: Asset management Change Continuity Knowledge Quality Performance Risk Security
  10. 10. Organizational Governance • Governance sets the vision to direct, evaluate and control the organisation • Organizational governance is key in VeriSM essential for the delivery of effective services & change • It’s the parameters dictated by the environment, culture & requirements of an organization • Direct • Monitor • Evaluate
  11. 11. Service Management Principles • Flow across the organistation E.g: The orgnanisations consumers will be protected fromfailed changes Product improvements will be delivered as quickly as possible – the orgnisation accepts this increases the risk associated with a change
  12. 12. Management Mesh
  13. 13. Mesh Applied Lines can mean anything you want them to • Process maturity • Measures • Effort • Time, Quality, Number
  14. 14. Stages of Service / Product Development DEFINE PRODUCE PROVIDE RESPOND
  15. 15. Stages of Service / Product Development Define Produce Provide Respond
  16. 16. Define Consumer Need Required Outcome Solution Service Blueprint
  17. 17. Produce Build Test Implement & Validate
  18. 18. Provide Protect Maintain Improve
  19. 19. Respond Record Manage
  20. 20. Adopting, adapting and applying VeriSM
  21. 21. Further reading More information: https://yasm.com/wiki/en/index.php/VeriSM