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Holiday Gift Buying Behavior

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We asked Americans about their holiday gift buying via SurveyMonkey Audience. Here's what we found out!

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Holiday Gift Buying Behavior

  1. We asked Americans about their 396 holiday gift-buying behavior by using SurveyMonkey Audience
  2. 87% Of respondents said that they will be shopping for the holidays
  3. 54% Do not participate in any of the big discounted shopping days! HALF OFF SA SA SALE SAL SALE SALE
  4. 12% Prefer Cyber Monday to Black Friday (6%)
  5. Compared with last year, more people 20132014 are doing their shopping online 45% 56%
  6. Consumers who make purchases using their mobile device 86% in 2014 66% in 2013
  7. 60% $60 Of shoppers use a $65 mobile device to browse for gifts
  8. 4% Post comments on social spaces or share links with others
  9. 8% Rely on salespeople’s recommendations on what to buy JOE
  10. 37% Use mobile devices to read recommendations and reviews for ideas about which gifts to buy
  11. 61% Ask their friends and family for gift ideas
  12. ?? 48% Know what to give because they take direct requests
  13. Types of gifts parents are giving their kids 55% Clothing 6% Wearable technology 34% Cash checks 3 1 $ | :0123456789|: | |’ 7654321| |’ 1001 1001
  14. 52% Of Americans spend $200–$799
  15. 31% Of men shop for gifts over $900 76% Of men shop for a maximum of 9 people
  16. 19% Of women shop for gifts over $900 61% Of women buy gifts for 7 to 13+ people
  17. Market Research Made Easy We’ve got millions of people ready to take your survey so you can stay ahead of consumer trends. Get started See our full survey results on holiday shopping.