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Christmas Tree Residential Marketing Brochure

  1. Pines and Needles Premier Christmas Trees 0203 384 9420 Residential Services
  2. 2 Contents About Us. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Why Choose Pines and needles? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Our Trees. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Non Drop Trees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Traditional Trees. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Our Range of Services. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Christmas Tree Delivery Options - Inner London. . . . . . . . . . 9 Christmas Tree Delivery Options - Outside London. . . . . . . . . 10 Christmas Decoration Service. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Christmas Tree Collection and Recycling Service . . . . . . . . . . 12 Our Stands. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Christmas Decoration Service. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Our Stands. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Our Lights. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Our Greenery. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Garlands . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Noble Fir Swags . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Wreaths. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Range of Decorations. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Caring for your Tree. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Plantations and Sustainability. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 0203 384 9420Contact Us for a Free Quotation
  3. 3 Pines and Needles was found- ed by brothers Josh and Sam Lyle back in 1995. It all start- ed when the youngsters (then aged 15 and 13) came up with the brainwave of loading an old horsebox with Christmas trees from their family farm in Scotland and taking the long journey down to London. Af- ter a few years the kilted crew grew in size, the Internet beck- oned, and the rest, as they say, is history. We now have over 20 season- al retail outlets around Lon- don and the south of England in addition to our online store, and bring Christmas cheer to thousands of families every festive season. Pines and Needles now pro- vide the most comprehensive Christmas services in the UK to residential and corporate customers, with a product or service to suit almost any re- quirement, no matter how big or small. About Us 0203 384 9420Contact Us for a Free Quotation
  4. 4 Quality Guarantee All of our trees are guaranteed premium quality, and every effort is made to select only the finest examples of each species. If you are not happy with the tree let us know on the day of delivery and we will replace it. Price Promise Because we grow our own trees we are able to offer exceptional val- ue to our clients, moreover we will beat any like for like written quote to areas where we offer our service. Sustainability All of our trees are grown on our own plantations, and for every tree that is felled, three more are planted. Nearly 20 Years of Experience We’ve been installing trees for nearly twenty years and have perfect- ed our craft, techniques and equipment to safely and securely instal, decorate, and remove large trees and festive displays. Trusted by Iconic Clients Some of Britain’s most well recognised businesses and brands trust us to take care of every detail for their Christmas needs. See some examples throughout this brochure. The Complete Service From seed to you - we nurture the Christmas tree throughout, as we deliver, install, decorate, collect and recycle. Giving Back to the Community We take responsibility to enhance the environment and the wider community through environmentally conscious processes and the delivery of exceptional products and services that enhance people’s lives. Every year we donate to worthwhile causes and this year we are donating a minimum of £10,000 to Action for Children, one of the largest children’s charities that speaks out for the most vulnera- ble, disadvantaged and neglected children. Why Choose Pines and Needles? “Fantastic service. Couldn’t have been happier. Many thanks.“ Andrew McMillan 0203 384 9420Contact Us for a Free Quotation
  5. 5 We grow our own trees on our own plantations. While that may not sound like a big deal, it makes a massive differ- ence to the finished product that will eventually comple- ment your living room or office. Planting our own trees under the careful supervision of our own arborist gives us complete control over every as- pect of the trees development from planting and pruning to feeding and cutting. This degree of care and control en- sures that every tree that passes through our gates has been able to achieve its full potential and is the fullest and freshest example of the species. Being vertically in- tegrated also allows us the ability to control how the trees are grown and replanted in the most sustainable manner. Our Trees All of our trees are guaranteed premium quality and if you are not totally satisfied with it for any reason then simply let us know on the day of delivery and we will replace it for you. Furthermore our trees are measured to half way up the leader (the large central stem at the top of the tree) rather than to the tip, ensuring you get excellent value for money. Minimum Tree height measured by Pines and Needles Minimum Tree height measured by other suppliers The Best Trees You Can Find Anywhere - Guaranteed! Price Promise Because we grow our own trees we can offer exceptionally good value - we promise you. We will beat any like for like written quotation. 0203 384 9420Contact Us for a Free Quotation
  6. 6 Non Drop Christmas Trees ideal for indoor use Price from £35.95 If your Christmas tree is going to be situated in- doors then we strongly recommend a non-drop variety as opposed to a traditional Norway Spruce as they are far superior at handling warm indoor environments and can retain their needles for far longer. The Nordmann Fir (Abies Nordmanniana) This variety is the preferred choice of modern Britons as the needles are not pointy and the tree benefits from its abili- ty to retain its needles even in very dry conditions. The tree has flattened needles which are a glossy dark green on top with two blue-white bands of stoma- ta below giving the Nordmann Fir its signature two-tone depth, like that of the olive tree. Avail- able from 3ft. Potted Fraser Firs (Abies Fraseri) a species of fir native to the mountains of the eastern United States. The species is in fact named after anotherofourScottishbrethren the botanist John Fraser (1750– 1811), who made numerous botanical collections in the region. They are characterized by a heavy density; with rich colours of platinum silver and deep hues of blueish green. They are grown in their pots resulting in them having an increased long term survival rate. As long as they are kept watered and not subject to frequent temperature changes they can be placed back outside after Christmas. There is no guarantee however that if you repot or replant them into the ground that they will survive. “I last ordered a tree from you 8 years ago. The lovely potted tree lasted EIGHT Christmases.“ Alison Batchelor “Everything about this delivery was AMAZING this year. The 2 gentlemen were fun, nice and professional with a very good Christmas spirit. Most importantly, the tree itself is the nicest we have ever had. Thank you so much. Merry Christmas“ Ralph Riachi 0203 384 9420Contact Us for a Free Quotation
  7. 7 Traditional Christmas Trees ideal for outdoor use Price from £31.95 Norway Spruce (Picea Abies) are the traditional Victorian Christmas Trees. They have a fresh scent and elegant fine foliage. These trees are not soft to the touch and tend to drop their needles very quickly when they are brought indoors therefore we do not recommend getting your delivered in November or early December as their condition can deteriorate rapidly once in a warm indoor environment. The tree can be bare in less than a week if it gets too warm and dry. In Queen Victorias day the tree was traditionally put up on Christmas Eve so this short lifepan was not a problem, but todays consumer usually expects the tree to last far longer, so the less fragrant Non- Drop varieties have overtaken in popularity. The Norway Spruce is ideal for outdoor use though as they love the cold, wet conditions and this enhances the traditional aroma that they give off. These are the trees that you will see in town centres and public spaces across the country. The ciy of Oslo in Norway still sends a massive Spruce tree to be placed in Trafalgar Square every year in thanks for help from the UK in the Second World War. “Perfect! Very happy with everything!! The delivery was great and punctual, and always contacted me to let me know the time. Thank you guys very much.“ Zhanna Rean “This was our first Christmas in London and with that, our first tree delivery. This tree was beautiful! Tall, full, lush and smelled wonderful! Several friends and family from out of the country and locally commented on just how gorgeous the tree was, will definitely buy through Pines and Needles again next year!“ Eric Staebell “A very good tree, nice and bushy and a good shape.“ Adrian Sadgrove 0203 384 9420Contact Us for a Free Quotation
  8. 8 Our Range of Services We have our own fleet of vans and a dedicated team of enthusiastic specialists. A jovial and friendly bunch, our delivery team is hard to miss in their kilts, in keeping with our Scottish heritage, as well as their jolly Santa hats. Because we don’t use an external courier ser- vice in our central London delivery zone, we have much more control to ensure we deliver what you want, when you want it. All our team are contactable by phone, and you will be sent their numbers before delivery put- ting you in the drivers seat. We always keep you in the loop Your driver will call you before he arrives We will send you an text message with details of your deliver Your driver will call you if there’s a problem Online order tracking What happens if the delivery is delayed for any reason? We have been on time 98% of the time over the past 10 years But if we are late, we will do everything in our pow- er to keep you informed. We are proud to have the most flexible and accommodating delivery services in London. 0203 384 9420Contact Us for a Free Quotation
  9. 9 Budget £14.95 Delivery(£7 per extra tree) • Choose the preferred date of your delivery • Your tree will be delivered anytime between 8:00hrs and 22:00hrs • Text Message confirmation with your drivers details to be supplied on the day • NB. this option does not include putting the tree in the stand Standard £19.95 Delivery (£10 per extra tree) • Choose the preferred date and time of ­delivery ­(Inner-London Zone Only) • Choose a convenient 4 hour timeslot during which to expect delivery • Text Message confirmation with your drivers details to be supplied on the day Tree Decoration from Service £96.00 • Don’tliftafinger,wewilldeliver,­install,light and decorate your tree to look ­fabulous. • Choose your preferred date and time of delivery • Our kilted delivery guys will erect the tree in its stand and skilfully put the lights on for you and decorate the tree • Text Message confirmation with your drivers details to be supplied on the day • Contact us for more information about this ­service Light Installation £59.95 Service (£30 per extra tree) • Choose your preferred date and time of delivery • Our kilted delivery guys will erect the tree in its stand and skilfully put the lights on for you • Text Message confirmation with your drivers details to be supplied on the day • NB. Remember to buy the stand and lights if you don’t already have them For trees 13ft and over - Email us with the details or call on 020 3384 9420 for quote. Premium £29.95 Delivery (£15 per extra tree) • Choose your preferred date and time of delivery • Our kilted delivery guys will erect the tree in its stand for you • Text Message confirmation with your drivers details to be supplied on the day • NB. Remember to order a stand if you don’t have one S M S S M S Christmas Tree Delivery Options - Inner London Standard, Premium, Light Installation, and our Full Decoration Service are only availbe in inner London. For similar services outside of London please contact us for a a quote. Our delivery service has evolved considerably since the early days of our fledgling enterprise. We started with one van which we borrowed from our brother’s Dry Cleaning operation. We now have our own dedicated fleet along with a solid team of experienced London delivery drivers and installers who make this entire operation possible. Traditionally we have served the central London market, but we have since expanded our reach to cover most parts of Greater London. Have a look below at the differ- ent options and choose the one that works for you. Morning Deliveries: 08:00 - 13:00 Afternoon Deliveries: 13:00 - 18:00 Evening Deliveries: 18:00 - 22:00 Office Hours: 09:00 - 17:00 Inner-London Delivery Time Options S M S S M S S M SDelivery available in timeslots from 08.00h to 22.00h 7 days a week from 17th Nov to 24th December! 0203 384 9420Contact Us for a Free Quotation
  10. 10 Christmas Tree Delivery Options Outside our London Delivery zone? Not a problem. You can still have your Christmas tree (up to 9ft.) delivered anywhere in the UK mainland (excluding Northern Ireland and the Isle of Wight). Nationwide Delivery: £19.95 for tree deliveries next day between Monday - Friday by 18.00hrs £5.95 for all other deliveries without a tree (greenery, lights decorations etc) 5-7 days between Monday - Friday by 18.00hrs For homes and offices located outside of Central Lon- don, deliveries are made by our excellent affiliate cou- rier service. All you need to do is choose which day you would like your goods delivered – and hey presto they will be there before 6pm that day. Unfortunately the couriers are not contracted to install trees and can only offer a drop off service. We can only ship trees up to feet tall with out nationwide partners. For larger trees please contact us for a quote. If the couriers miss you at point of delivery, they’ll leave a card and you can rearrange a second deliv- ery free of charge. However if they miss you a second time, you may incur a failed delivery charge. Alter- natively, it would make things easier if you tick the “friendly neighbours” or “safe garden” box when or- dering, so the tree can be left in a safe place if you’re not in. If the courier service is late and cannot delivery your goods on the date of your choice, they will automat- ically put your delivery forward to the next available delivery date. Delays can occur with the contract- ed courier. Such delays are beyond our control and as such do not qualify for a refund under our own scheme. In severe weather, delays of up to 5 days may occur so please allow for this if you require your tree on or by a specific date. “If you’re in two minds whether to order a tree unseen, don’t hesitate! I have received 4 perfect trees and excellent service.“ Jennifer Hayward “I love you Pines and Needles... the tree is beautiful and in tip top condition, a proper Christmas tree shape and no damage at all. Beats my friends tree hands down! Christmas has finally arrived now it’s up!! The delivery driver was super nice and cheerful. Thank you for an amazing tree and choosing Tuffnells as your delivery service for us outside central London.“ Melanie Herzog 0203 384 9420Contact Us for a Free Quotation
  11. 11 Christmas Decoration Service We offer a full decorating service for both residen- tial and commercial premises, internal and exter- nal. We can tailor the service to suit you, incorpo- rating trees, lights, wreaths, garlands and a range of luxury decorations. Contact us for a dedicated brochure about Christ- mas decoration service or have a look on our web- site for more information. “What a great service! Two very helpful and cheerful delivery men who made great efforts to do a good job. The tree is beautiful, fresh and has kept it’s needles well. Thank you. We’ll order again.“ Suzanne Satow “Love the has been decorated beautifully. Very impressed once again with your service. Merry Christmas“ Kelly O’Keefe “Best service ever! Just moved to London didn’t have anything for our tree so your decoration service was perfect. Tree is beautiful! Very happy. Thank you!“ Kelli Bowie 0203 384 9420Contact Us for a Free Quotation
  12. 12 Christmas Tree Collection and Recycling Service All good things must come to an end. After the can- dles have burned down and the crackers have all been pulled, we will be on hand to help you get your house- hold back in order. IntheUKapproximately250tonnes(accordingtoWrap research 2012) of Christmas trees, that could have been recycled, are simply thrown out after Christmas. They should be gathered and sent for chipping and compost- ing. The resulting product is a rich biomass that can be used as mulch or soil improver. A far better option than ending up in landfill!! We offer a number of collection and recycling options to suit your requirements and budget, from pickup to full cleanup service including wrapping and boxing your lights and decorations. Please see below for details of each service option. For Collection before the 2nd of January please contact us for a quotation. Collections finish on 14th January. For collection after then please contact us to make special arrangements Premium £64.95 Collection You won’t have to lift a finger. We will take all decorations off the tree, safely wrap them in tissue, package them in boxes, undress the lights, stow them, clean up the fallen needles and then take the tree away to be recycled. Standard £34.95 Collection We will arrive on the date and time of your choosing to collect your tree, clean up the mess and recycle it - all lights and decorations must be the taken off the tree prior to our arrival. Budget £29.95 Collection Our job is easier if we don’t have to stop at your address for long, so we pass on this saving to you. We offer this budget service if you have al- ready undecorated your tree and left it OUT- SIDE - ready for us to simply take it away for recycling. S M S S M S S M S “Great service and great guys! Happy Christmas“ Nicholas Lewin “Excellent Service. Attentive, on time.“ Aaron Beckman “Brilliant Service - both telephone ladies and the drivers. Thanks for making the whole experience such a grewat one. Until next year....“ Alex Sanz “Great tree and great service. Thank you again.“ Alessia Hill 0203 384 9420Contact Us for a Free Quotation
  13. 13 Most of us have witnessed a Christmas tree falling over at one point or another. It turns out the stands are not all created equal. There have been numer- ous designs and iterations, but until recently none of them have been fit for purpose in our eyes. We recommend a stand with a water reservoir as these allow the tree to absorb water and maintain their foliage for longer. Remember the stand is like your tree’s shoe so you want to get it fitted just right. Cut trees, like flowers can re- quire large amounts of wa- ter especially during their first week indoors. Our water holding stands are suitable for trees up to 12 feet tall. For trees situated outdoors and those larger than 12ft we recommend the use of a heavy-duty metal “Civic Stand” suitable for trees up to 25ft tall. Our Stands Water Holding Stands from £16.95 • Stable/Durable • Easy to Use • With a reservoir for water Made of virgin, high-impact polypropylene assures durability and reliability. The steel bolts are easy to use and make light work of set-up. With a low, wide and generous water holding reservoir they accommodate low branches and keep the tree fresh. Steel spikes at the centre of the reservoir anchor the tree safely, prevent shift and makes set-up a snap. Reinforced holes on the outer edge of the stand allow attachment to plywood if additional stability is needed when used with an extra large tree. Spill guard prevents over-filling mishaps. IfyouarehavingyourtreedeliveredinNovemberor­early­December, or if your tree will be kept in an air-conditioned ­environment, it is especially important to keep your tree ­watered using this type of stand. Remember to top up the water ­reservoir regularly - You will be surprised how much your tree may drink! Water Holding Stands Small Medium Large Extra Large Suitable for which tree Real Real Real Real Appropriate tree size Upto 4 ft Upto 7ft Upto 10ft Upto 12ft Dimentions 12”x12”x5” 16”x16”x7” 20”x20”x8” 24”x24”x9.5” Water Reservoir Holds 3ltrs 4ltrs 6.5lts 11lts Suitable for trunk diametre Upto 7.62cm Upto 14cm Upto 15cm Upto 20cm Civic Stands If your tree is being situated outdoors OR is taller than 12 foot then please see our industrial grade Civic Stands as they are better suited to larger trees. “Brilliant tree - my wife says the best we have ever had - shape, density, everything! Able to choose delivery date to suit and dropped off when promised, thank you.“ Robert Ian Higson “Very easy to us even for someone impractical like me“ 0203 384 9420Contact Us for a Free Quotation
  14. 14 We stock an extensive range of lighting products to add sparkle to your tree whatever the size. Whether you want to illuminate an en- tire house or simply adorn your beautiful Christmas tree we have indoor, outdoor, solar powered and low ­energy LEDs. Please feel free to contact us if you have special requirements or would like advice on any of our products. We stock string lights which are most popular for use on trees. We also have cluster, waterfall curtains and battery powered lights. Our Lights for Christmas and all year round LED String Christmas Lights from £16.95 These top quality LED bulbs emit considerably less heat than their filament burning predecessors which translates to increased longevity for your cut Christmas tree. They also use a fraction of the power that traditional systems demand. The combination provides a safer, eco-friendly solution available in 6 lengths to suit all trees 120, 200, 360, 480, 720 and 960 bulbs with Warm White, Ice White, Red, Blue and Multi- Coloured bulbs. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. These lights also feature a control switch for static and several flashing display modes! (Lead cable from transformer to controller is 1m, controller to 1st bulb is 9m, 10 cm bulb spacing, 5mm bulb.) LED String Lights Dis- tance until the 1st bulb Whole Cable Length Distance between bulbs Size of bulbs 120 Bulbs (Supabrights) 10m 22m 10cm 5mm 200 Bubls (Supabrights) 10m 30m 10cm 5mm 360 Bulbs (Supabrights) 10m 46m 10cm 5mm 480 Bulbs (Supabrights) 10m 58m 10cm 5mm 720 Bulbs (Supabrights) 10m 82m 10cm 5mm 960 Bulbs (Supabrights) 10m 106m 10cm 5mm 960 Bulbs 10m 106m 10cm 5mm Tree Size Recommended Number of Lights 3ft 120 4ft 120 5ft 200 6ft 200 7ft 360 8ft 360 9ft 480 10ft 480 11ft 720 12ft 960 High Impact from LED Cluster Lights £39.95 High Impact LED lights provide a modern twist on the classic string light design with bulbs clustered only 40mm apart. Available in Warm White or Multi-Coloured bulbs, the clustered bulbs form a wider more impressive band of light. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use and once the tree is taken down they are great for decorating your home or garden. They have a multi function controller so you can choose from static (non flashing) or one of several sequences. LED bulbs are low ener- gy and if one bulb blows - the rest still work (however the broken bulb cannot be replaced). If you are planning on decorating a tree with these, we advise a minimum of 960 LEDs for a five foot tree. We sell 2000 bulb lights which will be adequate covrrage for an 8-9 ft tree. 0203 384 9420Contact Us for a Free Quotation
  15. 15 Garlands Our natural garlands are hand made with real Noble Fir and can be decorated with lights, dried fruits, pine cones, and bows. They look and smell amazing and are ideal for use on mantelpieces, banisters and other high profile locations. Our artificial garlands are flexible and lightweight and can be used to dec- orate harder to reach lo- cations and places where weight is an issue (over pictures etc). Noble Fir Swags £19.95 Swags came from the pagan tradition of bringing living things inside in winter to cele- brate new life coming. A lovely decoration for the inside or outside of your home. Hand made from real No- ble Fir foliage. These swags bring real fes- tive spirit and are so versatile. They make great decorations for walls, windows and doors. They are suit- able for use both in- doors and outside and the wonderful scent of the real fir creates a welcoming aroma. Our Greenery Deck the Halls with boughs of Holly! Why stop at holly? Why not drape a garland over the mantle? Or wrap another around the banister? Cov- er doorways or loop overhead in an atrium or conservatory. The possi- bilities are endless. Bring the out- doors “in” with these beautifully made hand crafted items. Let your family know that they matter and create a sumptuous environment where everyone can get cosy. Make the neighbours green with envy with a beautiful wreath or sash. Last but not least, don’t for- get the mistletoe - just because its Christmas doesn’t mean we have to stop playing cupid. How to put them up Real garlands and wreaths can be attached using hooks, and suction cups but be aware that they are quite heavy. If you are in our London delivery zone, we can install them for you. Get in touch with our decorating teamto discuss your options and we will find the right solution for you. 0203 384 9420Contact Us for a Free Quotation
  16. 1616 We have a extensive selection of wreaths with garlands avail- able to match. All our stun- ning, fresh, handmade Noble Fir wreaths are beautiful as plain foliage or in one of our 5 decorated designs. All are made in 3 sizes. If you have a specific design that you would like, our team can make bespoke wreaths and garlands to any size and with any decorations. Just get in touch and let us know what you would like. Our experts have made giant 1m diameter wreaths and garlands as long as 10m! Our wreaths can be used in- doors and outside and make the most inviting addition to your entrance. Various wreath hangers are available so there is a fitting suitable for most doors, in- cluding glass and wood. Wreaths from £19.95 “Gorgeous tree and the wreath is really pretty” Amanda Denny 0203 384 9420Contact Us for a Free Quotation
  17. 17 Range of from Decorations £2.50 We carry a range of luxury glass and shatterproof bau- bles to suit all tastes, styles and budgets. We stock traditional wooden designs, Scandinavian sculpt- ed metal and paper and ce- ramic tree decorations. So whether you want rustic, traditional, glamorous or chic minimalist designs on your tree, our experts have cho- sen something for everyone. Have a look at our extensive range of tree top angels and stars too! 0203 384 9420Contact Us for a Free Quotation
  18. 18 Buy a fresh Christmas Tree Buy a fresh Christmas tree from Pines andNeedles-partoftheBritishChrist- mas Tree Growers Association. Prepare the trunk - we do this to all our trees so you don’t have to! Just before you install your tree, saw off the bottom 1” (3cm) of the trunk. This creates a fresh cut and opens up the pores in the bark, which oth- erwise can block up with sap within a few hours of being cut. The tree is then able to drink water through these pores via capillary action. They need routine Do not expose your tree to sudden changes in temperature. Trees like most people are creatures of habit and prefer steady conditions. Keep it away from any heat sources Position your Christmas tree away from any heat sources such as radi- ators and fireplaces. Heat dries out your tree faster, so the further from potentially damaging heat sources the better. Water your tree Place your tree in plain water - not soil or sand which would block the pores in the bark. This is best achieved by using a specially designed Christmas tree stand. Many precious hours can be wasted trying to make a Christmas Tree stand up straight in an ordinary bucket, using just bricks or stones! All stands are not created equal, and we strongly recommend the Cinco stands which can be used on trees up to 12ft tall. Then keep on watering it! Keep the Christmas tree stand topped up with water. Your Christmas tree may drink 2-3 pints (1-2 litres) of wa- ter per day, depending on its size and your central heating settings. This is very important as once the water level drops below the tree’s trunk, sap will re-seal the bark with- in a few hours, preventing the tree from drinking any further water - even if you then re-fill the Christmas tree stand. - You won’t want to have to saw off the bottom inch of the trunk again! An empty bottle of wine is ideal for this task - and a good way of remembering to give your tree a Christmas drink. Also be aware that dogs often favour the tree stand as a convenient watering hole. Christmas Trees are similar to cut flowers. They have a remarkable ability to absorb water by capillary action through their bark. Cut flowers behave in a similar way by drawing water up through their stems. Be Aware that these trees are natural living things, and once they are cut they begin to die - sad as this is - apart from artificial trees we are still without a solution to this simple fact of life. Time the arrival of your tree with this in mind to increase longevity and get the most out of it. Caring for your Tree How to look after your Christmas Tree... 0203 384 9420Contact Us for a Free Quotation
  19. 19 Plantations Sustainability Here at Pines and Needles we are passionate about trees and all things green! In fact Pines and Needles is committed to helping the environment in every way we can. Here is a list of the meas- ures we take to ensure that we play our part in helping the planet, along with some insights into our Environmental Policy: • We are carbon positive for most of the year as our trees absorb Carbon and emit Oxygen. It is estimated that each acre of Christmas trees produces enough oxygen to meet the needs of 16 people. During the Christmas season we are Carbon Neutral as any emissions from transportation and delivery vehicles is offset by the trees still growing on our plantations. Real Christmas trees are better for the environment than artificial trees because they do not use non-biodegradable plastics and metals, and can be recycled through chipping for use in gar- dens. • For every Christmas tree that is harvested, Pines and Needles replants seedlings in its place, ready to begin the cycle of growing, fixing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen again for us straight away. • We always use power-saving LED lights as they use a fraction of the energy of incandescent bulbs. Proud Members of the British Christmas Tree Growers’ Association All members of the BCTGA have to con- form to strict standards in sustainability: Seed Only sources which are sustainable and do not present any threat to endangered species are used. Planted area The area of land used for the cultivation of Christmas Trees is subjected to a sur- vey on environmental; ecological and ar- chaeological impact. Cultivation of Trees The growing of trees will be done in ac- cordance with the best practice indicat- ed by research in this country and over- seas. Chemicals The British Christmas Tree Growers As- sociation will commission and encour- age research into methods of dealing with pests and disease which reduce or eliminate the need to use chemical herbicides or pesticides. Growers will have available for inspection any re- quirements under the COSSH Regula- tions and will guarantee that any use of chemicals will be in accordance with the current Pesticide regulations and will be the minimum necessary to deal with the particular problem. Wildlife Christmas Trees provide an excellent habitat for many bird species. British Christmas Tree Growers take account of the habitats of these birds in the cul- tivation of their trees. The cycle of grow- ing and harvesting Christmas Trees is particularly conducive to birdlife and no work will be done which will disturb nests or young birds. Harvesting The cutting of Christmas trees is done in winter and has little or no effect on breeding or disturbance of wildlife. Trees will be harvested and handled to ensure maximum freshness for the purchaser. 0203 384 9420Contact Us for a Free Quotation
  20. 20 Contact us, we are always happy to help! 0203 384 9420Contact Us for a Free Quotation