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Islam and Justice

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Islam and Justice

  1. 1. Islam Phobia Negative stereotypes about Islam as the next threat to western civilization after communism: “the enemy within” - “Islamic terrorists”. Stereotypes of Muslims as barbaric, irrational, fanatic, supportive of terrorism, oppressive of women - simply: Anti-American
  2. 2. How Does Electronic Media Misinterpret Islam Go To WWW.YouTube.com Type Keyword: The Arrivals part 16
  3. 3. ISLAM means PEACE  Islam is an Arabic word which literally means submission, obedience and peace. ISLAM is derived from the Arabic root "SALEMA" that means peace, purity, submission and obedience.
  4. 4. Justice In Islamic Teachings Like: Islam has sympathy for oppressed , And punishment for oppressor . Islam not only provide code for physical health but also focus on spiritual progress. Islam draws attention to KNOWLEDGE and also emphasizes on ACTION.
  5. 5. •What is The Relation Of Islam With Justice? •We have often observed that every party raises slogan of Social Justice, but we don’t find justice any where, why?
  6. 6. If Slogans are not strengthened from its real roots they are useless. REMEMBER
  7. 7. Islam’s Relation With Justice In Islam justice is deep rooted. Whole Universe is under observation of Allah, and its not unorganized, and Iam (being a part of this) not allowed to do what ever I want. Our actions, behavior and even our thoughts are under observation, and our God is watching us from “Purda Ghaib”, and we have to be ‘answerable’ to him, at the day of justice.
  8. 8. We all have been created from soil , and in the end we’ll go again in soil. We all are creature of Allah, and God loves those who love his creature. We all are children of One-Parents.
  9. 9. Is there any society which doesn’t talk about rights, laws and social justice? Off course every society advocates justice. BUT Social Justice is based upon “JUSTLY LAWS”
  10. 10. Who can make Justly Laws ? WHICH SYSTEM can be 100% justly, which does not violate even a single right of an individual or class? Can there be any lawmaker whose PERSONAL INTERESTS does not has any effect on law? According to which STANDARD a law should be considered justly? Lawmakers should belong to which SOCIAL CLASS?
  11. 11. In the light of previous Questions we can conclude that, possibility of Justly laws is no where accept in the path of Allah and teachings Of Prophets a.s.
  12. 12. Islam is peace, Islam is ease, Islam's not danger or disease. Islam is love and prosperity. Islam's not hatred or adversity. Made By. Syed Muhammad Raza Zaidi