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Success Story of "Rayman Jungle Run" by Fabien Delpiano

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Success Story of "Rayman Jungle Run" by Fabien Delpiano during the WebGame Conference 2013

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Success Story of "Rayman Jungle Run" by Fabien Delpiano

  1. 1. WebGame Conference 2013Rayman Jungle RunDeconstructing Rayman Origins
  2. 2. Pastagames in a Nutshell✤ Founded in 2000✤ No VCs✤ 70% Work for Hire✤ 30% of original IPs:✤ Maestro Jump in Music (’09)✤ Pix’n Love Rush (’10)✤ Burn it All (’11)✤ Pix the Cat (‘14)
  3. 3. Raymans "Origins"✤ An Unexpected Dinner✤ An Advergame for Rayman, Really?!
  4. 4. Building theTeam✤ A tricky opportunity✤ Sega vs. Ubisoft, PS3 vs. iOS✤ The Fellowship of the Ray
  5. 5. Technical Clearing✤ Deconsctructing the Code Base (~2000 classes)✤ The Physics Engine✤ The Animation Framework✤ The Friese Rendering✤ Deserialization of the Cooked Levels✤ Is it reasonable?
  6. 6. What About controls?✤ No Real Controller ? No virtual one either !✤ Left-Stick Auto-Pilot✤ Frustrations:✤ Ooops, Missed a Lum!✤ Surprising Behaviours?!
  7. 7. Where Controls Lead toGameplay Decisions✤ Instant Restart✤ Short Levels✤ Explore!
  8. 8. Controls:AlternateTake✤ "Going Down" Gameplay✤ Touch and Slide✤ One control pattern too many
  9. 9. One Serious Mistake✤ Simplifying the first seconds✤ Compromising the 4th world playability✤ Sorry guys, bad guess!
  10. 10. AndThey Lived HappilyEver After...✤ False Start✤ Dashing Start✤ Tons of Love✤ Thanks Michel Ancel! Thanks Ubisoft!