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44 Facts About Learning In Companies

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The latest stats and facts about learning in companies, to help you take the pulse of the industry.

To understand organizational learning, how it happens in your company and how to integrate new ideas into your own learning strategy, it can sometimes be helpful to know where the industry stands and what other pertinent discoveries have been made in other successful companies.

Find out the answers to:
* How many companies evaluate the value of learning and development initiatives?
* Do employees want more training, coaching and mentoring?
* What do new graduates and potential hires expect of employers?
* Is formal training still relevant?
* What is the impact of learning opportunities on employee retention rates?
* Are companies succeeding at employee onboarding?

See all 44 facts here: https://www.teamfluent.com/44-facts

Download the free PDF here: http://hubs.ly/H0682-Z0

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44 Facts About Learning In Companies

  1. 1. 44 facts about learning in companies
  2. 2. One of the many benefits of the digital age is the availability of information.
  3. 3. In any given industry, we are now able to benchmark and analyze trends, acknowledge success stories and build on what others have discovered.
  4. 4. To understand organizational learning and how it happens in your company, it can sometimes be helpful to know where the industry stands
  5. 5. and what other pertinent discoveries have been made in other successful companies, that you can integrate in your own learning strategy.
  6. 6. Use these stats to understand how organizational learning has evolved and what today’s employees or new hire prospects expect of you.
  7. 7. —McKinseyQuarterly Only8%oforganizations actuallyevaluatethevalueoflearning anddevelopmentinitiatives.
  8. 8. 80% of 2016 grads expecttheirfirstemployer toprovideformaltraining. —Accenture
  9. 9. —HarvardBusinessReview 40% of employees fromoneFortune500 technologycompanywanttospend moretimetraining,coachingand mentoring.
  10. 10. —SunMicrosystems Introducingaformalmentorship trainingprogram increasedretentionratesby 23%
  11. 11. —Glassdoor 72% of employees valueon-the-jobtrainingmore thanacollegedegree.
  12. 12. —OxfordEconomics Becomingobsoleteisthebiggest concernfortoday’sworkers, 2x as concerning asbeinglaidoff.
  13. 13. —PWC 35% of millennials saygoodtraininganddevelopmentprograms arethemostdesirablequality inaworkplace.
  14. 14. —ADP 91% of managers, 81% of HR administrators and 75% of employers believethattheirorganizationsdonotdo onboardingwell.
  15. 15. —BostonCollege Morethan 80% of Millennials saythey’rewillingtoputinagreatdealof effortbeyondthatnormallyexpectedin ordertohelptheirorganization besuccessful.
  16. 16. —ASTD Companieswithcomprehensive trainingprogramshave 218% higher revenue peremployeeand24%higher profitmargins.
  17. 17. —Kimmel&Associates Thecosttoreplaceanemployee making$100,000, can be $50.000 whenconsideringfactorssuchasjob learningcurve,jobsearchHRcosts, andadvertising.
  18. 18. —DaleKarnegieTraining Companieswithengagedemployees outperformthosewithout by 202%.
  19. 19. —ASTD Leading-edgecompaniestrained 86% of employees whileaveragecompaniestrained only 74%.
  20. 20. —ATD Only 38% of managers believethattheirlearningprograms meettheirlearner’sneeds.
  21. 21. —HarrisInteractive Employeesfromcompanieswithpoor trainingopportunitiesare more than 3 times aslikelytowanttoleavetheirjobcompared tothosewhoseorganizationshave excellenttrainingprograms.
  22. 22. —Gallup Employeeswhogettheopportunity tocontinuallydevelopare 2x as likely to say theywillspendtheircareer withtheircompany.
  23. 23. —FastCompany 60% of companies don’tsetanymilestonesorconcretegoals fornewhirestoattain.
  24. 24. —TheEnergyProject 70% of employees worldwidedonothaveregulartime forcreativeorstrategicthinkingatwork.
  25. 25. —TJinsite 35% of employers saidon-the-jobtrainingenhanced employeemorale intheirorganizations.
  26. 26. —Vairkko 40% of new hires leaveanorganizationwithinayear iftheydon’treceivetraining.
  27. 27. —MarenHogan 1/3 of new hires quittheirjobsafteraboutsix(6)months.
  28. 28. —Gallup Just 37% of engaged employees wouldconsiderleavingfora20%raiseorless VS 54% of actively disengaged employees.
  29. 29. Ifyou’recurioustoreadmorefactsonlearning incompaniesorarepressedfortime, downloadthePDFwithall44factsaboutlearning incompanieshere.