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How To Use Text Messaging Effectively In Your Business

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Learn how to use text messaging effectively in your business. Highlighting the different ways that various industries can use SMS effectively in their organisation.

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How To Use Text Messaging Effectively In Your Business

  1. 1. How To Use Text Marke/ng Effec/vely In Your Business Terry Francis - Head of Sales and Business Development
  2. 2. 80% of Mobile Users use their device while watching the TV Open rate of Text is 98% compared to 22% of e-mail Over 98% of Text messages are opening in under 3 Minutes Mobile offers are redeemed 10 x higher than print offers 91% of smartphone users have their mobile within arms reach 24/7 Sending paLents text reminders about appointments could save the NHS up to £900 million a year A BriLsh surgeon David NoQ performed a life-saving operaLon. By receiving a step-by-step instrucLon on the surgery via text message In November 2004 Tony Blair became the first prime minister to use text messages to answer quesLons from voters On average a person checks their mobile phone around 210 Lmes per day Let’s Talk Facts and Figures
  3. 3. 4 Elements to Make Your Text Campaign Successful Clear and Concise Content Segment Your Audience Call to Ac/on Timing Test. Track. Repeat.
  4. 4. Restaurants Restaurants find a texLng service parLcularly useful when offering one off deals, promoLons or simply when they want to encourage customers into their restaurant during quieter periods Retail Voucher codes, one off sales and new items coming into stock are just a few of the ways in which retail businesses are able to make the most of online SMS services Retail Finance Financial OrganisaLons, can use Text to keep account holders updated on transacLons. They can schedule Text reminders when their clients next payment is due. Use Text Messaging to inform about School closures, exam and coursework results. Student absence, sickness , a[er school clubs and school noLces EducaLon
  5. 5. Healthcare Retail Sending Text Messages about job opportuniLes to to perspecLve employees. Dates and reminders of any interviews. PersonalisaLon of the Text can help aQendance Recruitment Gyms Gyms can send out moLvaLonal messages to their clients. Bring a friend for free sessions, membership renewals and promoLonal events Estate agents can send text messages for viewing confirmaLons or appointments. Create a lisLngs clients to be noLfied regarding relevant 'open house' events to aQend. Estate Agents Text-messaging is parLcularly good for healthcare providers as appointment reminders can be sent straight to paLents. Knowing the informaLon will be delivered with enhanced confidence on confidenLality
  6. 6. §  Appointment Reminders §  MoLvaLonal Messages §  Product Launches §  Order confirmaLons §  Delivery NoLficaLons §  Special / Exclusive Offers Summary of Text Messages §  Providing Vouchers §  Event NoLficaLons §  AcLon Reminders §  Payment Reminders §  VoLng §  Request InformaLon
  7. 7. We Want To Help You All of us at TextAnywhere are here to help you get the most out of Text Messaging For your free sign-up and get your free text messages please go to: hQps://textanywhere.textapp.net/web/register/register.aspx SLll not sure how to make SMS work for you? Want to know more about our Text products and services? Please feel free to contact our friendly customer care team on 0845 112 1302 or e-mail welcome@textanywhere.net