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Creating the Advert

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Creating the Advert

  1. 1. The Advert had been done similar to the front cover of the Digi-pak as I was using the same images for theadvert, so when potential target audiences see the poster – they are able to see that the Digi-Pak is relatedto this. So I Cut around the body of Josh (The Boy) and pasted him into another image of Jessica (The Girl)on her own holding her hand out, thus connecting the two together as though she was linking hands to aghost. I changed the opacity level of Josh down to around 40% to make him seem ‘Ghost-Like’.
  2. 2. I had taken the photo as a landscape shot and not a portrait like I should have, but this was for the purposeof the Digi-Pak. I copied the skyline shown in the original image and pasted them on top of the image, so itseemed like a portrait shot of the pair.
  3. 3. I added the same text from the digi-pak (Jemma Pixie Hixon and Fade Away), but this time the singles title Ifaded to convey the meaning of the music. Also, I added HMV and Itunes logo’s which I had copied aroundand layered on top of the poster.