economic growth foreign trade act foreign trade (development and regulation) act economic development capital consumption good superior goods inferior goods law of diminishing marginal utility normative economics positive economics features partnership business organisation accounting cycle golden rules of accounting accounting infrastructure education research human resource vicious circle of poverty economic factors hunger poverty technology percapita income investment labour interest rates fiscal policy indian government key indicators open market operations credit monetary policy slr policy functions of rbi reserve bank of india note issue crr evolution of rbi rules fema foreign exchange management act exchange money consumption theory combinations revealed preference theory preference opportunity demand goods supply pension fund the payment of gratuity act 1972 the employees’ provident funds & miscellaneous a #esi act payment of gratuity employees' deposit linked insurance scheme 1976 employer’s liability for compensation (accidents #the employees’ state insurance act 1948 maternity benefit act type of pension the factories act 1948 provident fund #social security laws #unorganised sector #social security employee provident fund pension the maternity benefit act 1961 #organised sector the workmen’s compensation act 1923 average production the law of variable proportion marginal production returns to scale short run and long run analysis of production isoquants classification of short run cost – longrun cost average & marginal product mrts total production production cost – concept of cost concept of total product exim policy 1997-2002 exim policy 1992-1997 new exim policy 2015-2020 exim policy 2010-2015 exim policy(interim) 2009-2010 exim policy 2004-2009 trends of exim policy impact of exim policy to india exports export promotion capital goods (epcg) scheme exim policy 2002-2007 imports exim policy imports and exports (control) act 1947 1992 directorate general of foreign trade (dgft) advertising public relations publicity outdoor advertising salesman promotional strategy sales promotion direct marketing media marketing and advertising optimum promotion mix promotion mix types of media advertisement planning niche marketing mass marketing personal selling promotion land capital good actual growth opportunity cost type of goods entrepreneurship factors of production microeconomics labor free market economy production possibility curve actual output macroeconomics potential output free good scarcity normal goods elasticity if demand determinants of demand rightward shift in demand curve price demand law of demand. shifts in demand complement goods types of demand assumptions of law of demand leftward shift in demand curve income elasticity cross demand introduction to demand substitute goods giffen goods income demand definition for demand demand function optimal choice of the consumer budget set indifference curve analysis marginal utility analysis consumer's equilibrium important definitions introduction of theory of demand consumer behaviour indifference map budget line cardinal marginal rate of substitution ordinal graphs centrally planned economy economic statics and dynamics deductive and inductive methods introduction to economics economic theory definitions of economics basic problems of an economy concept of an economy approaches to economic theory organisation of economics activities
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