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  1. 1. Tim LloydHead of digital communicationsBIS Digital Communications
  2. 2. Today • What do we mean by digital? • Our experiences with the web (hopes, fears and questions) • The BIS approach to digital: listen, share, engage (examples) • Pause • How can BIS Local listen? • How can BIS Local share online? • Opportunities for engaging • Wrap upBIS Digital Communications
  3. 3. Aims • You feel aware of how the public web might help your work (but you don’t feel obliged) • You have an opportunity to try some digital activity (not just me talking) • You tell me what you do/don’t like or understand • You get some useful pointers and informationBIS Digital Communications
  4. 4. What do we mean by digital?BIS Digital Communications
  5. 5. Hopes, fears and questionsBIS Digital Communications
  6. 6. Listen • Google Alerts • Twitter search • Topsy: http://topsy.com/s?q=eurozone+uk+business • Netvibes: http://www.netvibes.com/timolloyd#EurozoneBIS Digital Communications
  7. 7. ShareBIS Digital Communications
  8. 8. EngageBIS Digital Communications
  9. 9. PauseBIS Digital Communications
  10. 10. How can BIS Local... • Listen? • Share? • Engage?BIS Digital Communications
  11. 11. Why engage- If you offer a channel, people expect to be able to have a conversation- Social media channels make it easy for people to have a voice
  12. 12. Engagement leads to actionForrester identified six groups of people:• Creators ‘I blog, video, and write web pages’• Critics ‘I comment on articles and review hotels and pubs’• Collectors ‘I’m an avid reader and organiser of information’• Joiners ‘Connect with me! I’m on Facebook and LinkedIn’• Spectators ‘I read and watch a lot, but rarely participate’• Inactives ‘The web is for shopping and maps’
  13. 13. Introduction• Personal introduction Data: Forrester Research
  14. 14. Channels and engagement•It’s not just Twitter•Twitter is only good for broadcast,amplifying and limited conversation•Our most useful socialmedia activity is when wecreate content•Content getspeople engaged
  15. 15. What makes ‘good social media’?• Time – it doesn’t happen overnight• Sharing content• Talking to people
  16. 16. How can we use social media as civil servants?• To listen• To amplify• To respond
  17. 17. Useful sources of information• Social media guidance for civil servants http://www.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/resource-library/social- media-guidance• BIS digital blog www.discuss.bis.gov.uk/bisdigital• Public Sector Bloggers: http://publicsectorblogs.org/• The digital engagement guide: www.digitalengagement.info/