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How to get an icp license or icp filing for china

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Learn how to get an ICP License or ICP Filing for China, which is required to host websites, commercial apps and games, and do e-commerce in Mainland China.

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How to get an icp license or icp filing for china

  1. 1. ICP Licensing for Foreign Businesses
  2. 2. What Is An ICP License?
  3. 3. Internet Content Provider License (ICP) • China maintains strict control over websites, games, apps, and e- commerce within its borders. • Any “internet content provider” must first gain a license to be able to do most business online - or even to post information on a website. • Websites without an ICP License cannot be accessed in Mainland China.
  4. 4. Types of ICP Licenses • ICP Beian (ICP备案): For sites that are purely informational, this is the only ICP required. • ICP Commercial (ICP经营许可证): Authorizes its holder to accept payments online. Applies to online stores that sell services or physical goods, but also sometimes needed for games or apps collecting in- app payments.
  5. 5. How Do I Get An ICP License?
  6. 6. ICP Application Process 1. Gather required documentation. 2. Submit application to hosting company. 3. Hosting company reviews and submits application to Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. 4. Rejected applicants contacted to submit additional information. 5. ~20 business days to receive approval. AppInChina can be your local partner to help you with this process.
  7. 7. Required Documentation • ID of person applying (must be Chinese citizen or China-registered business) • Certificate of the website administrator • Business license • Photo of yourself holding the required documents • Letter of authorization • Residence Permit • Domain name holder certificate  • Domain name confirmation (Beijing) • Commitment letter and website construction plan (Guangdong) • Certificate of Authorization (Yunnan, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Jiangxi)
  8. 8. How Can I Host Data In China?
  9. 9. China’s Data Management Laws • According to the China Internet Security Law, all Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and locally-produced data must remain localized (reside in servers on Chinese soil). • Cross-border data transfer is restricted.
  10. 10. About AppInChina AppInChina streamlines access to the world's biggest market of 1.4+ billion Chinese mobile users for app and game publishers, big and small. Our robust suite of services includes localization, monetization, user acquisition, hosting, legal compliance, game licensing, e-commerce, customer service, social media marketing, and more.
  11. 11. For further details, contact: info@appinchina.co or visit appinchina.co