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Digital HR

On November 24, 2015, Tom Haak of the HR Trend Institute, conducted a workshop at Oracle Cloud Day South Africa. Karel Stanz (University of Pretoria) and Ronnie Toerien and Vance Kearny (both Oracle) were also part of the workshop. These are the pictures Tom Haak used in his introduction.

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Digital HR

  1. 1. Digital HR Oracle Cloud Day South Africa November 24 , 2015
  2. 2. My background in HR
  3. 3. 9 trend areas Short desciption From hierarchy to network / from closed to open The invasion of smart tech Globalisation/ Localisation From X to Y to Z: more generations in the workforce Making fun is serious business Purpose before pecunia Increasing speed: fast eats slow From Big Bang change programs to small experiments From intuitive HR to evidence/ fact based HR Version 2.0 | copyright HR Trend Institute
  4. 4. From hierarchy to network
  5. 5. Kotter: Accelerate 5
  6. 6. Different talent sources Internal talent pool Online Intermediary Alumni Start-ups Self employed Talent Sharing
  7. 7. Network Analysis
  8. 8. 11
  9. 9. 12
  10. 10. The invasion of smart tech
  11. 11. Example Invasion of Smart Tech: Hitachi Business Microscope 14
  12. 12. 15
  13. 13. Joy & pride
  14. 14. Insight You: DNA test 21
  15. 15. A computer with a roof (“The Edge”)
  16. 16. Job crafting 24
  17. 17. Job Piling 25
  18. 18. Occupations US (2014)
  19. 19. Jimmy, Intel’s 3D printed robot
  20. 20. Digital Intelligent Assistants
  21. 21. Enterprise Behavioral Matching
  22. 22. Globalisation/ Localisation
  23. 23. From X to Y to Z: more generations in the workforce
  24. 24. 42
  25. 25. Individualisation • Not: one size fits all • Big Data enables individualisation • HR using marketing techniques
  26. 26. Making fun is serious business
  27. 27. 45
  28. 28. 46
  29. 29. 47
  30. 30. 48
  31. 31. 51
  32. 32. Purpose before pecunia
  33. 33. At AMAZON meetings start with 30 minutes silence
  34. 34. Zappos HQ in downtown Las Vegas “Casual Colision” 56
  35. 35. Sitting is the new smoking Visser, Rietveld & Rietveld
  36. 36. Impossible.com
  37. 37. Increasing speed: fast eats slow
  38. 38. Performance management trends Process • Faster feedback • No more annual reviews • No performance ratings • Accenture, Deloitte, Nokia Measurement • How to measure performance? • How to predict top performers? Performance Consulting
  39. 39. Performance: not a Bell curve, but a Power Law distribution Performance Number of people
  40. 40. 67
  41. 41. 70 L
  42. 42. From Big Bang change programs to small experiments
  43. 43. 72
  44. 44. Tribes/ Chapters/ Squads
  45. 45. From intuitive HR to evidence/ fact based HR
  46. 46. The Vitesse example
  47. 47. Accenture Sweden: Diversity
  48. 48. Some final remarks
  49. 49. Human nature does not change (so fast) What are people looking for? • Security • A sense of belonging • Clear goals • Being heard • Challenges • Success • Support from the top • Attention • …….. • ……..
  50. 50. Success! Twitter: @tomwhaak, @hrtrendinst Website: hrtrendinstitute.com FlipBoard: The Future of HR
  51. 51. The HR Trend Scan | To what extend is your organisation adapting to the trends? Please rate your organisation on each of the 9 trend areas
  52. 52. Trend area More detail From Hierachy to network From closed to open organisatons; the borders of organisations become more blurry. More people in the flexible workforce. Increasing importance of communities. Information travels fast. Transparency key. The invasion of smart tech Big data. Data science. The internet of things. Robotisation. Self driving cars. Renewable energy. Artificial intelligence (machine learning). Wearables. 3D printing. Smart offices. Globalisation/ localisation World more connected. Countertrend: consumers want local products. For some professions (design, software) from local to global market. Urbanisation. From X to Y to Z: more generations in the workfoce Different generations with different needs and expectations. Gen Y (millennials) will be a substantial part of the wokforce. As people work longer more generations work together. Diversity. Making fun is serious business Work and fun used to be separated. Today the expectaion is that work should be fun. Gamification is entering work. Purpose before pecunia People are looking for organisations that do good in the world. Just Corporate Social Responsibility is nog enough. Sustainability. Sharing economy. Diconnecting (information overload). Increasing speed: fast eats slow Technology/ Internet enable new business models. Big organisations do not need many people. New entrants can capture the market fast. Exponentiality. From big bang change programs to small experiments Also fueled by technlogy. Experimenting has become easier. Learning by doing. Moving and learning is better that standing still. A-B testing. Agility. Scrum. Traditional change management too slow. From intuitive HR to evidence/ fact based HR HR/ people analytics. Big data entering HR. Not all new: scientific knowledge is often poorly applied in organisations. HR can learn from marketing. HR: understand data + people.Version 2.0 | copyright HR Trend Institute