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Diego Saez Gill - Starting up in travel, from software to hardware

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Diego Saez Gill, founder at Bluesmart, at Travel Tech Conference Russia 2017 (http://traveltechcon.ru/eng)
"As the founder of two travel startups, Diego will share some lessons learned building companies in the different spaces of the travel industry, including software and hardware. He will also share some thoughts about potential areas of opportunities for innovation in travel where entrepreneurs and travel companies could focus".
Video: https://youtu.be/VQfRlKIGCco
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Diego Saez Gill - Starting up in travel, from software to hardware

  1. 1. Starting-up in Travel From SW to HW Diego Saez Gil Founder of Bluesmart and WeHostels
  2. 2. Some lessons learned Idea Purpose Product Team Timing Execution Funding Scaling up
  3. 3. Idea:
  4. 4. Purpose
  5. 5. Team
  6. 6. Product
  7. 7. Timing
  8. 8. Execution
  9. 9. Funding
  10. 10. Scaling up
  11. 11. Travel makes the world smaller and it unites us into one human race. Let’s make it easy and better for all.
  12. 12. Thank you! @dsaezgil d@bluesmart.com