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6 travel trends for 2016 driving the tourism industry

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Figure out what trends will drive the industry of travel this summer, plus how to prepare your business and have the best season ever in 2016.

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6 travel trends for 2016 driving the tourism industry

  1. 1. 6 travel trends for the summer of 2016 that will drive the global tourism industry The online booking solution for tour and activity providers
  2. 2. As a tour operator or activity provider, you notice travel trends every day. Maybe you’re welcoming more young travellers, British tourists, or foodies on your tours at the moment
  3. 3. However, it’s also beneficial to be prepared for upcoming travel trends. Here are the 2016 summer travel and tourism trends worth knowing about, as well as how to adapt your tours or activities to take advantage of them.
  4. 4. Continued strength of the Chinese market 1.
  5. 5. The Chinese market for tour and activity companies is the fastest growing tourism source in the last decade, having spent a whopping $498 billion in 2014 on outbound travel.
  6. 6. When planning travel, Chinese tourists tend to look for companies with a social media presence on networks such as Weibo, QZone, and Kaixin00. They're also interested in big brand names and prestige, alongside a mobile-optimised online booking experience.
 To learn more, read our ultimate guide on how to reach the Chinese market.
  7. 7. Travellers wanting to unplug2.
  8. 8. There’s a rising trend of tourists wanting to unplug and completely sign-off from work on holiday, and the shift from the “always on” traveller has begun. 72% of UK travellers switched off (or as much as possible) in 2013 - this is only increasing further, and will even more so in 2016.
  9. 9. However, this needs to be on a traveller’s own terms. WiFi remains a key requirement for many tourists, which creates a difficult balance to strike for hoteliers and destinations. Saying that, some remote hotels use their lack of WiFi as a selling point. If someone really wants to have a digital detox, it's preferable to completely remove all temptations, after all. 
  10. 10. Discovering untouched and unique places 3.
  11. 11. Tourists this summer will be looking for opportunities to explore lesser-known destinations, especially those that are untouched or unique. It’s going to be a huge year for adventure travel, with many of us wanting to:
 • Discover untouched, unique places • Create unforgettable memories • Cross something off your bucket list • Push the boundaries of your comfort zone • Enjoy closer-to-home experiences
  12. 12. Fewer barriers to travel4.
  13. 13. With each year, the world gets even more connected. Cheap flights make weekend breaks in foreign destinations easier than ever, and smart translation apps are dissolving language barriers.
  14. 14. Appeal to their sense of adventure and let millennials be ambassadors for your business. Here’s how to successfully target the millennial travel market, a key part of which is getting your website higher in Google searches.
  15. 15. Millennials are looking for adventure 5.
  16. 16. It's important to align your tours and activities to fit the needs of young travellers, or 20% of the world's tourists. By 2020, this market will be taking 47% more international trips than in 2013, with many young travellers looking for:
 • Unique and authentic experiences • Companies that listen to their feedback • Opportunities to learn something new • Word of mouth recommendations
  17. 17. 2016 will also see an increase in international business travel due to globalisation and a rise in multinational organisations, alongside greater flexibility for travel during career breaks. See more about this trend in a handy infographic by SunSearch Holidays.
  18. 18. Staycations, or travelling closer to home 6.
  19. 19. It’s not always about attracting foreign tourists to your company: your next happy customer could be closer to home. Google searches of “staycation” were up 10% year over year from 2011-2014, and the trend of having a holiday closer to home is predicted to continue for 2016.
  20. 20. Here are some of our recommendations of how to market you tours or activities to local people:
 • Provide locals with a new experience or insight • Improve your TripAdvisor rankings • Share a locals-only discount code or deal • Create a special mailing list for locals • For more advice, check out our article on how to benefit from the trend of staycations
  21. 21. Thank You! TrekkSoft AG info@trekksoft.com | www.trekksoft.com To find more valuable information about tourism and travel, check out our blog and ebook library
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