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Trong Tran resume 2016

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Trong Tran resume 2016

  1. 1. Trong Tran 2030 Hone Avenue, 1stFl (646) 705-5740 Bronx, New York 10461 Briantran85@gmail.com ______________________________________________________________________________ EDUCATION Associate Degree, Health Education and Community, Bronx Community college New York, NY, 2009 High School, Christopher Columbus high school, 2003 PERSONALCERTIFICATIONS  Equipment Technician, Trained in Columbus Ohio, 2011  Certificate for K2 machine and 2008T Level 1&2 Dialysis system, 2011  Certified for CPR, 2012,  Fire and Emergency Drill Conductor 2016. SUMMARY Medical Equipment Technician adept at installing, maintaining, and repairing vital patient care equipment. Flexible schedule with 24/7 repair availability for emergency calls. Exposure to a variety of clinical conditions, technologies and medical facilities. Detail-oriented and organized with strong communication and interpersonal abilities. WORK EXPERIENCE Fresenius Medical Care/Harlem Dialysis, New York, NY JUNE 2011-PRESENT Medical Equipment Technician  Educate staff on the logic behind all new procedures. Taking signatures to validate compliance and understanding.  Troubleshoots, calibrates, disinfects dialysis related equipment including but not limited to Fresenius 2008H/K/T and K2 machines per manufacturer's recommended procedures including, blood pressure monitors, bicarbonate/acid system, water treatment equipment, and reuse equipment. Performs manufacturer recommended preventive maintenance.  Manages accurate records of all repairs and maintenance on dialysis related equipment, such as Phoenix meters, Chair side computer program, and maintain records for all new procedures, and maintain logs.  Obtains and collects required consent before performing any modifications to medical, water treatment, plumbing or wiring equipment.
  2. 2.  Completed preventative maintenance, inspections, and electrical safety testing, evaluated and reported the current equipment inventory to appropriate sources  Refers repairs on non-dialysis-specific equipment to the Biomed Department according to policy and procedure.  Routinely check equipment for safety and proper installation.  Responsible for all technical devices utilized in delivery of renal replacement therapies.  Handled bi-carbonate preparation and other hazardous material need for dialysis treatments, ensure safety limits.  Utilize hand and power tools to complete repairs, maintenance, overhauls, and installations.  Maintained continuous education to remain current on the functioning of new equipment and changes made to current equipment. HIGHLIGHTS Wide range of equipment knowledge, Precision tools expertise, Highly-trained, Accurate, Maintenance schedule, Reliable and dedicated, Inventory management, Blueprint and schematic analysis, Calibration, Testing and diagnostics ReferencesFurnishedUpon Request