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5 Powerful Email Marketing Strategies & Rev Up Your Relationships, Referrals & REVENUE

  1. The POWER of Email Marketing 5 Powerful Email Marketing Strategies & Rev Up Your Relationships, Referrals & REVENUE 1
  2. Connect, Inform & Grow Will Gladhart CEO, Will Gladhart Consulting, LLC & CC Business Solutions Provider @WillGladhart Upcoming Seminars © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc. 2
  3. Today’s Agenda Why Small Businesses and Non-Profits Use Email What is SPAM 5 Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Results What is the 2 x 2 x 2 Principle How to Get Your Emails Opened How an Email Service Provider Can Make Your Life Easier How You Can Listen, Learn & EARN from Email Reports Next Steps 3 © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  4. Why Email Marketing? 4 © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  5. Marketing Today = Building Relationships Social & Email Marketing is Word of Mouth on Steroids!
  6. Acquiring Customers Time Money Energy Effort Takes 7 touches, on average, for a sale to occur ■ Some buy right away ■ Others research and try ■ Some show interest, but do not trust you $ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 6 © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  7. Keep Customers Coming Back The value of a customer ■ You have already paid for them ■ It is 6-7 times more expensive to gain a customer than to retain a customer 1 ■ They spend more ■ Repeat customers spend 67% more 2 ■ They are your referral engine ■ After 10 purchases, a customer has already referred up to 7 people 2 Sources 1. Flowtown, 2010 2. Bain & Company © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  8. Why Email? Because almost everyone your business needs to reach reads it: ■ 94% of Internet users between the ages of 18 and 64 send or read email ■ An even higher number of users ages 65 or older do the same ■ 61% Use a social networking site ■ 50+ years old is the fastest growing Facebook & online demographic, grew 200% in 2011 ■ 147+ million people in U.S. use email, most use or check it every day Pew Internet 2012 American Life Project 2010 8 © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  9. Why Email? It is cost-effective: Direct Mail vs. Email ■ For the same response, direct mail costs 20 TIMES as much as Email 1 ■ Email ROI is the highest when compared to other Internet marketing mediums 2 ■ No long turn around times, paper cost, postage cost, delayed delivery times Forrester Research, Inc. ■ Traceability Direct Marketing Association Email Reports 2012 9 © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  10. Email is SPA Email is… M Permission Based Marketing
  11. What is… SPAM SPAM is in the “Eyes of the Receiver” • If They Do Not Know You or Remember You • If They Do Not Want to Receive Your Emails • If Don’t Show Promise or Over-Communicate You Break Your Up Uninvited
  12. 1 Have an Email Goal & Have a Marketing Plan
  13. Have a GOAL “I want to…” ■ Promote ■ Motivate purchases ■ Increase event attendance ■ Inform ■ Inform potential customers ■ Differentiate my business ■ Help customers make the right buying decision ■ Relate ■ Increase loyalty ■ Encourage more referrals ■ Thank Customers 13 © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  14. Create a Marketing Calendar Create a Marketing Calendar ■ Buy 12 Month Calendar or Google Calendar ■ Highlighter - 2 colors ■ Highlight Holidays ■ Highlight Your Slow or Challenging Times Add to the calendar marketing activities you always do eg. 4th of July Sale, Christmas Open House, Back to School Specials, Mother Day Specials, Sizzling Sales Tips, New Year News or Events Use Post-It Notes Write your marketing ideas on the post-it notes. If you need to move a marketing activity you can.
  15. Frequency & Delivery Time How often to send ■ Create a master schedule ■ Make people look forward to your emails ■ Be consistent with sending and branding ■ Send too often, customers will opt out or mark you as SPAM ■ Set Expectations – do not break Expectations When to send ■ When is your audience most likely to read it? ■ Day of week (Tuesday & Wednesday) ■ Time of day (10am to 3pm) ■ Test for timing ■ Divide your list into 4 equal parts ■ Send at different times and compare results Maximum impact with minimum intrusion © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc. 15
  16. Email Marketing Is… ■ Delivering professional Email communications ■ To an interested audience ■ Containing information they find valuable ■ Educate ■ Empower ■ Engage 16 © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  17. Less Info is Best Host large bodies of content • – On your website Sign Up for Monthly Pet Tips – In a PDF document – In a longer archived Email version Email only essential information • – Use bullets or summaries – Link directly to the information – Give instructions if necessary Do not tell tell the customer everything, drive them to your website or SM to learn more!
  18. Have 3 Calls of Action Calls to Action include ■ Click to Print Your Free Guide ■ Call for a FREE Consultation ■ Print this Coupon & Save Now ■ Reserve Your Spot Today ■ Type in this Code to Receive… ■ Come to the Store & Save on… ■ Bring a Friend… ■ Share your story with us ■ Join us online for more tips Describe the immediate benefits…What is in it for your 18 © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  19. 2 Get Your Emails Opened… 2 x 2 x 2 Principle © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  20. 2 x 2 x 2 Principle • 2 Seconds to Decide to Open or Delete an Email • Look at 2 Things - the FROM and SUBJECT Line • Look at the First 2 Words of the Subject Line © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  21. 2 x 2 x 2 FROM Line The “From” line Do I know you? Matt Long  Use a name your audience Joe Hahn Nancy Feldman recognizes 60% of consumers say the  Include your organization "from" line most often determines whether they name or brand in your email open an email or delete it. address and on the FROM Line Source: DoubleClick  Refer to your business in the same way your audience does  Be consistent Personal and © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc. Professional
  22. Subject Line Matters The “Subject” line Do I care? Matt Long ■ Keep it short and simple Joe Hahn Nancy Feldman ■ 30-40 characters including spaces (5-8 words) Emails with shorter subject lines ■ Incorporate the immediate significantly outperformed emails benefit of opening the email with longer subject lines. ■ Capitalize and punctuate MailerMailer carefully 30% of consumers say the “subject" ■ Avoid copying the line most often determines whether techniques they open an email or delete it. inherent in spam emails DoubleClick 22 © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  23. Avoid SPAM-Speak  Avoid words: Free, Guarantee, Spam, Credit Card, etc.  ALL CAPITAL LETTERS  Excessive punctuation !!!, ???, ##, ** SPA  Excessive use of “Click Here”  $$ and other non-common symbols  No “From” address  Misleading subject lines M Eg. Typical spam “From” & “Subject” lines 23 © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  24. Subject Lines - Poor & Better Poor: Insurance Update ■Better: Number 1 Cause of Home Fires Poor: We Need Donations & Help ■Better: Feed 500 families in October, Donate Now Poor: Weekly Arrival ■Better: Customer Top Pick, Caviar in a © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  25. 3 Automate: Make Your Life Easier Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo vs. Email Service Providers © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  26. Regular Email vs. Email Service Provider Standard Email programs (eg. Outlook, Gmail) ■ Limited # of emails sent at one time ■ No formatting control ■ List break up more susceptible to filters ■ Link Breaking ■ No cohesive branding ■ No tracking or reporting of email results © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc. 26
  27. Regular Email vs. Email Service Provider Email marketing services automate best practices ■ Provide easy-to-use templates ■ Look Professional ■ Reinforce brand identity ■ Manage lists ■ Adding new subscribers, handling bounces, removing unsubscribers ■ Increase email deliverability ■ Provide Reporting to track results ■ Opens, SPAM, Unsubscribes, Click Thru’s ■ Helps you manage changing SPAM laws 27 © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  28. Email Service Provider  Branding with Logo  Personal Greeting  Social Media Links to help you grow your social channels  Links to shorten the newsletter, learn what folks are interested in, and drive them to your website  Forward to friend to grow your email list/ leads/ referrals
  29. Schedule & Forget about it Email Solution Providers Help Schedule Your Email & Save Time Create & Schedule Your Email to Be Delivered
  30. 4 Grow Your List… Get Permission
  31. Do Not Share to All
  32. Get Personal Email Solution Providers Help You © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc. Personalize
  33. Help Get Your Emails Opened! Use a Permission Reminder 33 © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  34. 5 Measure & Evaluate Your Results © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  35. Collect Where You Connect Incoming or Events Online Outgoing Calls and Meetings siness Presence of Bu S Place or PO Book Guest e r 2 us tom 5 C3 s 1 57% of consumers will fill out a card to receive email alerts when asked to by a clerk at a local small business. Source: Transact Media Group Customer & Prospect Database © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  36. Reporting + Email ESP Tracking Code Interaction © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc. 36
  37. Reporting © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc. 37
  38. Learn & Earn With Click Thru’s © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc. 38
  39. Take the Next Step FREE FREE Tutorials, Attend a Seminar 60-Day Trial Webinars & Guides Attend More FREE 60-day View Tutorials, Seminars trial for Email, Guides and Survey, Social Webinars Get a demonstration of Email Campaigns or Event Learn more about how Marketing in action. See how Marketing professional Email Marketing easy it is to create an email, Newsletters and No risk, no credit card required. manage contacts, track results, Communications can help you Get coaching and support, as well as send your email, build relationships and grow grow your email list, access to and extend its social reach. your business. over 400+ templates, and measure and track results. Free 60-Day Trial Online Signup KansasCity learning-center FREE Help
  40. FREE Email Marketing Assessment OR FREE 30 Minute Online Marketing Consultation For Your Business
  41. Email Marketing Questions 41 © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.

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  1. Monthly seminars in the region,
  2. Relationships are the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT ASSET TO A BUSINESS and relationships don’t just happen because you have a good idea, a passion or a great-looking website. Connecting with people happens through effective communication.
  3. Can take anywhere from 5-10 communications to generate a sale from a prospective new customer. Here’s why: New product or service--challenge is EDUCATION. What is it? Why is it useful? Why is it worth paying for? Product or service everyone knows about--challenge is DIFFERENTIATION. Why are you better, faster, cheaper, more convenient, better location, best for less, experience and so on? Even after you have educated your audience or differentiated your business, a single promotional message is not likely to get a profitable response because most people are not ready to buy immediately when they receive your message Some people need more time to research and try or they don’t trust you. Therefore, marketing your business is not an event, it’s a series of related events. It’s a process. It’s relationship-building. Sanders’ Sales Training Institute ( estimates it takes 27 touches until prospects get to know, like and trust you. A media mix matters…phone, traditional and non-traditional marketing is needed. Remember, when you show up you go up. Or it is out of sight and out of mind. Your goal is to make them think about you ONCE IT IS TIME TO BUY or they have an immediate need. Your goal: You Want to keep your business or brand at the top of mind
  4. Repeat business is more profitable because it costs 6-7 times more to acquire a new customer or gain their trust/ attention. Why? It takes so many communications to get a sale from a new customer, and communication costs money. Repeat customers already know all about your business so you do not have to educate and differentiate as much. Sources: Flowtown 2010, Bain and Company, 2012 Cheaper to keep a customer then get a customer. They are your referral engines!
  5. Technology has made it easier for businesses to derive this kind of value from customer relationships. Email is one of the best technologies for connecting with your current customers in order to build a steady stream of repeat and referral business. 94% of Internet users between the ages of 18 and 64 send or read email 61% Use a social networking site 147 million people across the country use email, most use it every day 50+ years old, fastest growing Online & Facebook demographic, many are seeking online support or research for chronic illness or health concerns. Source: Pew Internet an American Life Project May, 2010 Recent studies indicate people are checking personal email at work, at home, in bed while in their pajamas, in the bathroom, in the middle of the night; while they drive (don’t do that!); and even in church (12% of respondents said that!). Majority of email readers are checking email on a SmartPhones or Mobile devices eg. iPad, Kindle Fire, Netbook, Tablet or other. Everyone knows how to use or quickly access email.
  6. Cost-effective. But you should not rely on any marketing medium just because it ’s cheap. Remember that being in business means getting more than a dollar back for every dollar you spend. If a marketing medium is cheap but it does not work, you ’re still wasting your money. Email does work . In fact, for every dollar spent on email marketing in 2012, marketers received an estimated $39.40 Return On Investment (ROI), As such, it outperforms all the other direct marketing channels examined, such as print catalogs, ValPack, etc. Compared to $21.85 ROI for web marketing (PPC, web advertising) Compared to $7 ROI for direct mail Eg. ValPack, 1 mo run, $750-1000 for estimated 30K home reach, 40% of VP coupons unopened in recycle bin or end up in the trash.
  7. The Power of Email Marketing For a 60-day free trial, go to What do you do when someone you don’t know sends you an email Then they send it again Then they send it again and you can’t unsubscribe or opt you….you SPAM them. Are you excited to work with them or buy from you are frustrated with them. They have hurt their own business & Brand.
  8. The Power of Email Marketing For a 60-day free trial, go to If I get an email from someone and I don’t recognize them, want to hear from them, remember meeting them or don’t like their hair in the picture, I can report the email as SPAM. SPAM is in the eye of the recipient…let’s talk about SPAM for a little bit, get it out of the way, and then we can get to the fun stuff… SPAM has a legal definition and then there is reality, which is what really counts for a business The definition states you must have permission to send someone mass email for promotional purposes. FCC, But where the law leaves off and reality picks up is that even if you have permission, someone can click that little button to report you as SPAM. Let’s talk about permission and then how to make sure no one clicks that button on you.
  9. The Power of Email Marketing For a 60-day free trial, go to Who here is already email marketing? Point someone out and ask… How big is your list? How big was it when you started? What industry are you in? How did you grow the list? DO THIS 2 or 3 times… someone will come out with a larger list than others, Tell the group not to judge their own list size or get “list envy”… The reason I ask the group to talk about how they grow their list is because They can answer this question themselves….
  10. Promote Motivate purchases – drive traffic to your website or store, an affiliate program, make an appointment Increase event attendance – register online, RSVP, buy tickets, invite a friend Inform Inform potential customers – new products, customer support, share expertise Differentiate my business – describe features and benefits, customer testimonials, industry facts… Relate Increase loyalty – special invitations, press releases, greetings & thank you cards Encourage more referrals – rewards programs, forward valuable information, invite a friend to an event
  11. Create a marketing calendar Buy a 12 month calendar or set up an Excel Spreadsheet Buy 2 highlighters Highlight the holidays they don’t change Highlight the areas where you are challenged that are your slow times Add events that you always do that are successful Use post it notes to write down your marketing ideas and then put them on the calendar, that way if something happens in your business and you need to change the content of your Email you can simply move the post-it notes to another part of the calendar and keep going without missing a beat. STORY…think of you can help your customers….. Eg. a BBQ shop would not be selling a lot of BBQ units in the Midwest in winter…so should they just stop marketing?? No, maybe in November he may provide tips on protecting your grill from mother nature or December share great BBQ Recipes for the holidays or best seasonings for BBQ or post your two favorite BBQ tools or share the top 5 BBQ gifts You must keep top of mind…educate, empower, engage, then when it is time to buy in the spring it is your business they will they think of…so Plan ahead. Contest: Do the manliest manly grill upload your grill or deck to my FB page the winner will get $50 gift certificate..have customers vote on the grills/deck the one with the most likes wins the $50 gift certificate.
  12. As you develop content for your emails, make sure your plan is not going to deliver too much content too frequently. Over-communication can cause your audience to ignore your emails or unsubscribe from your list. How often to send 1. Create a master schedule – use your judgment to estimate your audience’s reaction to your plan. 2. Include frequency in online sign-up “Monthly Newsletter” – set expectations early so your audience is not surprised. 3. Keep content concise and relevant to planned frequency – less content buys more frequency tolerance and vice versa. Your content also relates to frequency. For example, weather is a daily event and can be delivered daily. If your customers make a purchase every 30 days, you can send more frequently than if your customers average 2 years between purchases. When to send 1. Test for timing When is your audience most likely to read it? – certain days and times are better on the average because people usually prioritize their Inbox on Mondays and first thing in the morning. However this is just the bell curve. It’s better to test it. Divide your email list into equal parts – for example, 5 parts Send at different times and compare – for example, send part 1 Monday, part 2 Tuesday, part 3 Wednesday, and so on.
  13. Professional Email communications ‘ Professional’ means sending emails that represent the characteristics of your business visually (your brand), while delivering information that educates your audience and/or differentiates your business from the competition. Interested audience An ‘interested’ audience is comprised of people who are familiar with you and your business and have asked to receive your communications. Content the audience finds valuable If your communications are not valuable and appreciated by your audience, no one will want to receive them. People must look forward to getting your emails Do the 3 E’s: Educate, Empower & Engage them. Don’t promote all the time eg. Have you been at a networking event and every time you see that person they are always selling or pushing a product at you? Want to run from them! Don't make them want to run from your Email communication eg. Me, me, me will part the sea You have had that friend that always talks about themselves they are the ME ME ME person…it is not a very fun conversation…me me me will cause the customer to shut down or hit delete Do not talk about your business all the time…you need to think about WIIFM ” What's In It For Me” from the customer's perspective.
  14. Email content has to be easy to scan so your audience can quickly understand your message and decide whether the information is valuable. Instead of emailing large bodies of content, use your emails to generate interest and drive traffic to your content. Think about your scan emails or read content quickly (at a glance). Chances are your customers is just like you and doing the same thing…so keep that in mind when putting together a professional Email. There are two reasons to keep your content concise and host larger bodies of information outside your Emails 1. Consumers are very time-sensitive. Concise emails are more likely to be scanned or read immediately. 2. Every email link can be tracked back to the clicker. If your reader clicks to get more information, it’s a sign of interest. Less is best…Link them Up Don’t tell them everything, drive them to your website, social Media, etc. You link them up to learn what they are clicking on to learn what they like…that will help you build your next email/content.
  15. Valuable content and a strong brand identity aren ’t enough to make your content effective. You also need a strong call to action in every email you send. You have to tell your audience what you want them to do with your email, otherwise they will probably just scan your email and delete it. For example, you aren’t likely to get phone calls just because your phone number appears in the email. You have to say ‘call before 10am for an extra 10% off’ or ‘call now to get first choice.’ You might need a call to action just to get your audience to read your email all the way through. For example, in your opening paragraph you might say ‘scroll down for coupon’ or ‘read this then use the link to order.’ Make sure you also describe the immediate benefits of action. ‘Order your tickets now’ is not as strong as ‘Order online now so you won’t have to wait in line at the show.’ They don ’t know what you want them to do…tell them what to do…forward this to a friend, come in today for our lunch special or to enter a raffle
  16. The Power of Email Marketing For a 60-day free trial, go to Who here is already email marketing? Point someone out and ask… How big is your list? How big was it when you started? What industry are you in? How did you grow the list? DO THIS 2 or 3 times… someone will come out with a larger list than others, Tell the group not to judge their own list size or get “list envy”… The reason I ask the group to talk about how they grow their list is because They can answer this question themselves….
  17. Coming up with content does not have to be hard, people think they have to have the "greatest story" in the world. You'd be surprised at what your customers find interesting…and it's usually information about YOU and your interests. Inspiration is all around you or your business all the time How about a success story about a home health client (new shoes prevented falling) One of your employees has a new grand baby…health tips for early infancy Your head pharmacists kid is off to college…how to keep your child well in their first semester. This is not rocket science, but business's do not write about the common stories people are hungry for. Put together a Good Idea Folder When you get a good idea, throw it in the folder or create a bookmark online folder (links). When it is time to write an Email or talk about an issue, you’ll have ideas all together and it will be quick to get a new Email started.
  18. Once you have done everything possible to help get your email delivered, you need to be sure your email has a good chance of gaining the attention of your audience after you send it out. Most consumers look at the From line in your email to determine whether to open it, so it’s important to make your From line familiar. This is the “WIIFM” piece we talked about earlier. Ask yourself how your audience is most likely to recognize your business and put that information in your From line. eg. Joe Koechner or KexRx You get t wo tries to get your emails opened on your from line…do they know you personally or professionally STORY A in individual at a speaking event recently conveyed her Email open rates were terrible. I stated…well tell me what you do for your business? She said, "I am the Operations Manager." I asked who is on the FROM line of your emails you are sending out to the customers? she said me. I next asked...who is the person the customer see, meets, and talks to..who is the face of the company? She stated, "That is Bob, he is the business owner and works with customers every day." I asked...Do you see whose names should be on the FROM line? She said, "Yes Bob's name should be on the FROM line" then the email replies could go to the operations manager. Putting Bob's name and email on the FROM line increased that business's Email open rate by 25% because customers know Bob and work with Bob …they did not know the operations manager. What is a good open rate? 20 to 25% opens is a good open rate. Remember not everyone is opening your emails…some people sneak a peek via the email view pane…they can scroll through the entire email without opening the email. We can not count it as an open unless they download the pictures, click on a link or double click on the email to open it. You may have to repeat the 3 E's again in order to count it as an open they have to download a graphic, click a link, or double click to open the email. So put links and pictures in your emails to make people click and to help increase your open rates.
  19. It’s much more difficult to come up with g ood Subject lines than good From lines. When you write a subject line, focus on getting the email opened and WIIFM. Eg. Try highlighting the main theme of your email or an important article in your email instead of using generic titles such as “July Newsletter.” B2C emails that have some form of date in the Subject Line will generate a 29% higher open rate B2B emails that have some form of date in the Subject Line will generate a 24% higher open rate Having an “exclusive” offer in the subject line generates an additional 24% open rate in email campaigns. Eg. “Private Event” or “For Select Customers Only.” Email messages that mention Facebook in the subject line have a 32% higher open rate than those that do not.
  20. Here are examples of poor subject line tactics. These tactics are often present in spam emails, so take a look at the subject lines in your spam or junk folder once in a while to see what the spammers are up to. Any tactics used by spammers should be omitted from your business emails. People think "I am going to put my subject line in all caps so it stands out in the customers Inbox" Oh yes it will stand out in the inbox the Internet solution provider who accept the emails will see it and block it so it does not get into the customer's Inbox—considers that SPAM. Some folks think, "I will just fill the subject lines up with a bunch of exclamation or dollar signs to indicate customer savings" Yes that will get attention it will stand right out to the Internet solution providers and they will not delivery it but block your emails or filter them. So email solution providers can help you …Constant Contact provide a spell checker and spam checker for all your customer email corrospondance.
  21. The Power of Email Marketing For a 60-day free trial, go to
  22. Now that you know a little about email services, let’s compare a few differences. If you start with Outlook, Yahoo and Gmail and that is a great place to start, but then your customer list gets bigger, you want to know more about: Who opens your email? When did they open it? Who opted out? Who forwarded your email When is the best time to send your email? What Links did the customer click on? You also want to make your marketing look more professional and get excited about scheduling your Email.
  23. Good email marketing wins over consumers: 58% of consumers said they opened companies’ emails, while 53% said that such emails affected their personal buying decisions. Source: Emarketer
  24. The Power of Email Marketing For a 60-day free trial, go to
  25. The Power of Email Marketing For a 60-day free trial, go to When you are working your Email is doing the marketing for you. You keep on the consumers mind, but don't have to always be reminding them yourself, but via a scheduled reminder message.
  26. The Power of Email Marketing For a 60-day free trial, go to Who here is already email marketing? How big is your list?
How big was it when you started?
How did you grow the list? Do not to judge individual list size or get “list envy”… The reason ask the group to talk about how they grew their list is because can answer this question themselves frequently.
  27. Some businesses will do this add multiple email addresses on the cc line, it may have happened to you… Do you enjoy your email being shared to strangers or the world? So you say…well I don’t do that, I put the email addresses on the BCC line You are being sneaky, but the ISP internet solution provider will block that …they look at multiple email addresses on the BCC as SPAM so your email may be blocked or filtered.
  28. Sometimes as time goes by, people don ’t remember how they ended up on your email list. To keep this from happening you can use a permission reminder at the top of your regular emails. A permission reminder tells your audience why they are receiving the email and offers them an unsubscribe link at the top of the email, instead of the bottom. This helps to keep your subscribers from clicking the ‘spam button’ when they no longer want your emails. You get three tries to get your emails open. This is one of the three…people may forget who you are or where they met you. So you want to turn on the PERMISSION REMINDER if you think they won ’t know who you are. STORY--- you were at the bridal show and the lots of the attendees ask you to email them your prices for your Disc jockey services … it is a good chance they won’t remember you…so remember turn on the permission reminder and “say I met you at the Bridal Fair and you requested that I send you my prices for DJ services”
  29. The Power of Email Marketing For a 60-day free trial, go to Who here is already email marketing? Point someone out and ask… How big is your list? How big was it when you started? What industry are you in? How did you grow the list? DO THIS 2 or 3 times… someone will come out with a larger list than others, Tell the group not to judge their own list size or get “list envy”… The reason I ask the group to talk about how they grow their list is because They can answer this question themselves….
  30. Build a quality permission-based email list An email list is an asset and it is worth spending the time to build it right. Building it right means building your email list wherever you connect…this includes all your active social networks and in the store. Every time someone calls your business, ask them if they are on the email list when asking the reason for their call. Ask people to join your email list at events and meetings. If you have a physical store, p lace a guest book on your counter, ask people to sign it or enter into your POS system. Add your signup link in your email signature. Put a signup link on your website, on your social networking pages, and on your blog. It helps to give people an incentive to add their name to your email list. Try a discount, contest, or VIP program . eg. save 15% on your next visit to our store, sign up for our monthly customer appreciation discount. Make it simple and reward, and your sign up rate increases dramatically. It makes a difference how you ask "Can I add you to my email list? It's free, our business send out emails 1x month and we give you a discount for signing up." The person usually does not want to get more email, but everyone likes a good deal or freebie. STORY A client of WGC owns a specialty ladies clothing store. When people make a purchase, the owner ask them for their email address. Usually the response is,"Sorry, I don’t have one, I'm not interested or I got too many emails." Then my client knows that she needs to add value. She usually says, " Oh, that is too bad, by signing up, we put you on our VIP guest list and send you special invites for ladies nights where we have free wine, cheese, and you get special discounts ." After she gives the freebie incentive, she states the customer usually says, “Oh yes, I forgot I do have a email address, sign me up for the wine.” Sign up for Monthly: Specials Tips Recipes Events Handyman tips Interior decorating Lawn care tips Money saving ideas Craft Ideas Time Savers Health Tips
  31. Email Service Providers can help you track both positive and negative results even if your audience doesn ’t directly respond to your communication. And you can track these responses back to specific individuals. Here’s how it works. When you send an email, your Email Service Provider automatically adds special code that enables the tracking of certain responses. It ’s possible to determine: Which emails bounced and why they bounced Which emails received spam complaints Who opted out of receiving future emails Who enabled the images to display in their email Who clicked the links in your email Who forwarded your email to someone else Let ’s look at what statistics you should be monitoring and what you can do with this information.
  32. Use your open rate as an indication of how well your email is being received by your audience. Watch your open rates over time to identify trends rather than judging your success based a single email. If your open rates are trending down Fewer subscribers are enabling images Use text that invites your audience to enable images – tell them it is safe or make the images sound important. It could be an indication of subscriber boredom or delivery problems – watch for clues in emails with higher or lower open rates. Was there a particular link, subject line, or image that increased interaction? If your open rates are steady: Assume the email is being received Unless you have hard data to indicate otherwise (such as a bounce report showing that the email was undeliverable) Check your average delivery rate If you are using an Email Service Provider, ask them for their delivery rate and make sure it’s been verified by a third party. Average delivery rates tend to be around 80%, but some Email Service Providers deliver at much higher rates. (Constant Contact’s delivery rate is consistently about 97%) When you look at a click report, you’ll see every link in your email as well as who clicked on which links. Use your tracking report to determine: Audience interest Clicks tell you what topics garnered the most interest. Eg. golf retailer that sells special golf clubs for kids under 12 can assume that anyone clicking on a link to learn more about those clubs has children under 12. When you know who is clicking on your links, you can save them as a separate list for more a targeted follow up. In the golf example, the retailer could begin to include kids promotions and golf tips for kind in future email to the interest list. Goal Achievement Use links to drive traffic toward conversion. Make sure every link moves the clicker closer to making an immediate purchase (or other decision) instead of distracting them from the ultimate goal. Compare clicks to conversions and learn from the analytical data provided. If your email resulted in a lot of clicks but a low number of completed purchases or “conversions,” your email was effective in driving traffic. It could be your website, store, or sales process isn’t working. If your email does not receive very many click, but you have a high conversion rate, your sales process is effective but your email message may need stronger calls-to-action to drive traffic. You can increase the overall number of clicks on your email links when you incorporate a strong call-to-action, good copy, and a compelling offer to your message. Make sure your email describes the benefits and rewards for immediate action.
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