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  1. 1. INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH LANGUAGE TESTING SYSTEM Test NOTE Admission to undergraduate and post graduate courses should be based on the ACADEMIC Reading and Writing Modules. GENERAL TRAINING Beading and Writing Modules are not designed ta test the full range of language skills required for academic putposes. It is recommended that the candidate's language ability as indicated in this Test Report Form be re-assessed alter two years from the date of the tesl Centre Number I VN101 Candidate Number ACADEMICReport Form Date I 15lFEBl2014 007084 Candidate Family Name First Name Candidate lD Details NGUYEN OUOG TUAN 85621 963 Date of Birth Country or Region of Origin Country of Nationality First Language 2111011993 Sex (M/F) Scheme Code VIET NAM Private Candidate VIETNAMESE I ) I =j Test Results Listening[qReadingEWriting[ilSpeakingEBH'J'l"","m Administrator Comments Writing Examiner Number Speaking Examiner Number OO BRITISH OO COUNCIL Centre stamp f--j*es'R'"? f!&ufldFt Validation stamp @A ffi F'--;l tGf Date Administrator's Signature 27t02t2014 Test Report Form Number 1 3VN007084NGUQ1 01 A &iHp W*.@ UNIvERSITY o/ GAMBR I DGE WFil ESOL Examinations The validity of this IELTS Test Report Form can be verified online by recognising organisations at http://ielts.ucles.org.uk