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Scrum Day Denmark 2018 - Scrum Studio

Agility is why organizations adopt Scrum. The Agility an organization demonstrates outward is not just a result of their product delivery process, but also a function of its internal structures. Scrum is often twisted to fit old processes and structures, and its potential for deep improvement and creating a future-proof organization is lost. Growing a Scrum Studio allows emerging an environment in which people can develop themselves while developing great products. A Scrum Studio is one way for an organization to re-invent itself around Scrum, one way to re-vers-ify.

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Scrum Day Denmark 2018 - Scrum Studio

  1. 1. Gunther Verheyen, Ullizee-Inc Scrum. Connector, writer, speaker, humaniser. Scrum Studio Organizing for products and for people Scrum Day Danmark 28 May 2018 Copenhagen, DK
  2. 2. “The future state of Scrum will no longer be called ‘Scrum’. What we now call Scrum will have become the norm, and organizations have re- invented themselves around it.” Source: Gunther Verheyen, “Scrum – A Pocket Guide (A Smart Travel Companion)”, 2013
  3. 3. 3Gunther Verheyen – Ullizee-Inc, 2018 - @Ullizee Your iceberg is melting. Your cheese is being moved. At light speed. The balance of society has rapidly shifted from industrial, often physical, labor to digital, often virtual, work; changing the fabric of society and of our social systems. The industrial paradigm is rendered useless. Hence, the value of the Agile paradigm. Agility in the face of perplexity
  4. 4. 4Gunther Verheyen – Ullizee-Inc, 2018 - @Ullizee The old ways don’t work in the Complex Novelty space Governance Functions Business IT Executives 
  5. 5. 5Gunther Verheyen – Ullizee-Inc, 2018 - @Ullizee A giant leap. Moving from more Agile teams to a moreAgile organization. Theoverarching challenge (that nomodel will solve) ! ?
  6. 6. 7Gunther Verheyen – Ullizee-Inc, 2018 - @Ullizee The Third Scrum Wave
  7. 7. “All models are wrong, even the ones that are right. Some are just more wrong than others.” Authenticity trumps copycats. Grow your own model. Re.imagine your Scrum.
  8. 8. 9Gunther Verheyen – Ullizee-Inc, 2018 - @Ullizee From illusion to deflation
  9. 9. 10Gunther Verheyen – Ullizee-Inc, 2018 - @Ullizee Hard work is a verb
  10. 10. 11Gunther Verheyen – Ullizee-Inc, 2018 - @Ullizee Premises to organizational transformation People are naturally Agile (adaptive). Process follows people. Structure follows process.
  11. 11. 12Gunther Verheyen – Ullizee-Inc, 2018 - @Ullizee A Scrum Studio is a contained, yet integrated, part of the organization where Scrum is employed to deliver products • A physical or a virtual area • Value over capacity or hours • Stable product teams • Tooling and infrastructure • Facilities and resources for people A center of innovative and creative software and people development. Scrum Studio
  12. 12. 13Gunther Verheyen – Ullizee-Inc, 2018 - @Ullizee Agile Product Delivery Manifestations of a Scrum Studio Agile Product Hub Product Sales Marketing Delivery Strategy Financials … Product Sales Marketing Delivery Strategy Financials … Scrum Owner Owner Scrum
  13. 13. 14Gunther Verheyen – Ullizee-Inc, 2018 - @Ullizee A Scrum Studio is an adaptive eco-system
  14. 14. 15Gunther Verheyen – Ullizee-Inc, 2018 - @Ullizee The future of Agile is actually in the small
  15. 15. “The biggest impediment to Agile is our continued obsession with controlling individuals.”
  16. 16. 17Gunther Verheyen – Ullizee-Inc, 2018 - @Ullizee • Self-organization is often constrained by the organization • Scrum renders self-organization more effective – Accountabilities and rules – Time-boxes – Releasable versions of product • Self-organization works better against goals – Organizational mission and strategies – Product Vision – Sprint Goal Self- directing ... Self-designing ... Self-managing Manager-led Areas of self-organization
  17. 17. 18Gunther Verheyen – Ullizee-Inc, 2018 - @Ullizee The triangle of valuation Valuation is the foundation for human engagement Scales of valuation Innovate Motivate Appreciate Tolerate
  18. 18. 19Gunther Verheyen – Ullizee-Inc, 2018 - @Ullizee The industrial age Fostering an environment over controlling individuals The Complex Novelty Space • Coordinating (controlling) individuals and their contributions. • Maximize capacity and utilization for specific outcomes (budget and scope). • Imposing and checking delivery at the deadline. • Prescribing solutions (acting as a Solution Matter Expert). • Intervene and overrule to fix all problems. • Provide external motivators ($/€, titles, positions). • Coach people in team behavior and self-organization. • Support Product Owners in iterative- incremental optimization of value. • Validate actual implementations against roadmaps at Sprint Reviews. • Guide teams in discovering what works best. Remove impediments. • Facilitate teams with tools and infra to deliver Done Increments. • Assure an environment of autonomy, mastery, purpose.
  19. 19. 20Gunther Verheyen – Ullizee-Inc, 2018 - @Ullizee • Teams manage themselves. • Product Owners manage their product (vision, roadmap, investments). • A Scrum Master manages the environment, interactions and collaboration through Scrum. Other management domains are dpt/company goals, strategies, objectives, identity, … Managing in a Scrum Studio is a shared accountability
  20. 20. ‘Management’ is not a collection of people with hierarchical powers. It is an emergent, networked activity of co-managers. Source: Gunther Verheyen, “Scrum Master, A Manager”
  21. 21. 22Gunther Verheyen – Ullizee-Inc, 2018 - @Ullizee About Gunther Verheyen Independent Scrum Caretaker • eXtreme Programming and Scrum since 2003 • Professional Scrum Trainer • Shepherded Professional Scrum and co-created Agility Path, EBMgt, the Nexus framework for Scaled Professional Scrum • Author of “Scrum – A Pocket Guide” (“Scrum Wegwijzer”, “Scrum Taschenbuch”) Mail gunther.verheyen@mac.com Twitter @Ullizee Blog http://guntherverheyen.com