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An Overview of Vizlly - 2017

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Discover the features of Vizlly.

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An Overview of Vizlly - 2017

  1. 1. Copyright © 2017 Leonardo Worldwide Corporation An Overview of Vizlly
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. 4000+ Hotels of All Types, Sizes and Brands 3
  4. 4. What Do Travel Shoppers Care About? 4
  5. 5. Proven Performance 5
  6. 6. Hotel Marketing Challenges 6
  7. 7. All Your Digital Marketing In One Place A High Performing WEBSITE Drive more direct bookings with a hotel website designed and proven to deliver results. 7 MULTI-CHANNEL Distribution Publish and distribute your digital brochures to a network of travel websites, including corporate and event channels. A True MOBILE FIRST EXPERIENCE Create a seamless travel shopping experience across any mobile device. FACEBOOK APPS Capitalize on your Facebook traffic by driving visitors back to your website or converting them directly on Facebook. REPORTING & ANALYTICS Use advanced reporting and analytics to help inform your digital marketing strategy. Dedicated SUCCESS COACH Our Success Coaches are CHDM and Google IQ certified, to help you succeed with Vizlly.
  8. 8. A Hotel Website That Converts 8 WEBSITE DESIGNS Driven by Best Practices Vizlly's website themes follow best practices in user- experience (UX) - an important factor that influences Google search rankings. INTEGRATION With Other Systems Create visually-rich stories of your rooms, suites and overall accommodation that integrate with room ID codes in your PMS, CRS and Booking Engine. Built To Increase PURCHASE INTENT Increase purchase intent with prominent calls-to-action on every webpage and easy navigation to your booking engine.
  9. 9. A Hotel Website That Converts 9 Create SPECIAL OFFERS Entice travel shoppers with visually-rich special offers, featuring beautiful images, titles, descriptions and terms and conditions. SEO-FRIENDLY Vizlly-powered websites are SEO-friendly, with a Rich Text Editor to add essential SEO elements that drive organic traffic. BOOKING ENGINE Integration Vizlly’s seamless integration with leading booking engines reduces booking abandonment on your website and reduces your reliance on OTAs. BRAND CUSTOMIZATION Customize and personalize any Vizlly website design to match your branding guidelines. Add custom pages to convey your unique story.
  10. 10. Easy Customization 10 Customize Your HOMEPAGE Embed custom HTML into your homepage, like Special Offers, to drive immediate engagement. Show SOCIAL PROOF Embed widgets into your website that answer travel shoppers’ questions and validate their purchase decision.
  11. 11. Mobile is Mandatory 11
  12. 12. A True Mobile First Experience 12 Rank Higher in GOOGLE Vizlly’s website designs have received the “Mobile- Friendly” label from Google, to help you rank higher in mobile search results. Flexible MOBILE OPTIONS Choose from responsive or optimized website designs, and manage all your mobile websites in Vizlly, all served off your own domain. MOBILE BOOKINGS Made Easy Built for conversions, Vizlly smartphone and tablet websites reach traveler shoppers on the devices they use to book.
  13. 13. A True Mobile First Experience 13 BOOK NOW Capabilities Capture more direct bookings from smartphones and tablets with a booking link on every page of your mobile website. SPECIAL OFFERS for Mobile Create mobile-specific Special Offers that integrate with promotion codes from your CRS or PMS. Schedule run days for special promos and make it easy for visitors to book. FUNCTIONALITY FIT for Mobile Make it easy for mobile users to book with click-to-call functionality, Google Maps integration and your property’s contact details all at their fingertips.
  14. 14. Make Friends with Facebook 14
  15. 15. Turn Facebook Into A Direct Booking Channel *check with Leonardo for the most current list of CRS and IBE integrations 15 MULTI-MEDIA Galleries Create targeted stories about your property (e.g. weddings, meeting spaces), using compelling media that displays large, loads quickly and is easy to navigate. SPECIAL OFFERS for Facebook Create special offers for Facebook and make it easy to book using pre-populated offer codes in the check rates bar that integrate with your CRS or PMS. BOOKING Widget Turn your property’s Facebook page into a booking channel. Vizlly’s Facebook Apps fully integrate with your booking engine*.
  16. 16. Drive Incremental Revenue 16 Publish DIGITAL BROCHURES Publish digital brochures containing video, virtual tours, photos and descriptive text, with social sharing icons to help spread your story. Share YOUR STORY Get unlimited media distribution through VNetwork, the world’s largest visual media syndication network. Manage and update your digital brochures for all channels in one place. Channel-Specific BROCHURES Create targeted digital brochures for certain audiences or channels (e.g. corporate, event) and distribute them in real-time to specific travel websites.
  17. 17. VNetwork 17
  18. 18. Reporting & Analytics 18 Integrate with GOOGLE ANALYTICS Integrate your Vizlly website with Google Analytics for standard tracking and reporting capabilities. Smarter MARKETING DECISIONS Use valuable insights from Vizlly Analytics to help inform your marketing strategy. Uncover MORE Uncover additional data Google Analytics can't provide, such as the most viewed images in your gallery.
  19. 19. Customer Success 19
  20. 20. Professional Services & Support 20 Dedicated SUCCESS COACH CHDM and Google Analytics certified, and committed to helping you succeed with Vizlly. PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Our in-house team of experts can help with set up, implementation and professional content writing. All you have to do is go live! Unlimited TECHNICAL SUPPORT Unlimited online, email and telephone support, as well as access to Leonardo’s Customer Community.