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Luxury Society Brasil guide Luxury Market

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Relatorio da Luxury Society Guide
sobre o Mercado de Luxo no Brasil -Informações relevantes para quem quer se estabelecer nesse mercado promissor.

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Luxury Society Brasil guide Luxury Market

  1. 1. L U X U RY S O C I E T YMARKET GUIDE Brazil 2011
  3. 3. L U X U RY SO C IE T Y MA RK E T GU ID E BRAZIL Contents Foreword 5 Country Overview 6 Luxury Society 6 Economy 7 Local Wealth 8 Luxury Market 9 Corporate Members 12 Directory 18 Malls & Shopping Areas 18 Magazines 18 Websites 20 From Paris to Los Angeles, from London to Bangkok, Business Consulting 21 from Mauritius to Sydney... Advertising, Design & Digital 22Live a Magnifique life with Sofitel, partner of Luxury Society. www.sofitel.com PR & Events 22 Recruitment 22 Business Schools & Universities 23
  4. 4. L U X U RY SO C IE T Y MA RK E T GU ID E BRAZIL THE F I N E S T B O R D E A U X , B U R G U N D I E S A N D C H A M PA G N E S ... A R E M AT U R I N G F O R Y O U I N O U R C E L L A R S .2,500,000 B OTTLES , H ALF - BOTTLES , M AGNUMS , D OUBLE - MAGNUMS , J EROBOAMS , I MPERIALS Foreword The  luxury  industry  has  become  an  increasingly  complex  and  competitive  market,  in  which  we  are   all  committed  to  serving  demanding  customers  and  delivering  excellence  on  a  daily  basis. To  succeed  in  our  mission,  it  is  essential  to  collaborate  with  those  who  share  this  same  quest   practices  and  strategies  that  rule  our  industry.  Ultimately,  those  professionals  who  can  match  a   luxury  buyer’s  demanding  set  of  expectations. Following  our  series  of  LS  Local  events  in  Paris,  London,  Milan,  New  York,  Geneva,  Los  Angeles,   Munich,  Moscow,  Dubai,  Mumbai,  Shanghai,  Hong  Kong  and  Sao  Paulo,  we  discovered  that  the   search  for  a  PR  company,  digital  agency,  distributor  or  even  sourcing  personnel,  presents  a  series  of   challenges  for  executives  entering  new  markets. Leveraging  the  collective  knowledge  of  our  vast  network  and  drawing  on  the  insights  uncovered   around  the  world,  during  LS  Locals,  we  have  put  together  a  series  of  regional  guides,  recommending   the  best  service  providers,  agencies,  consultants  and  luxury  experts  that  can  make  a  difference  to   businesses.  Those  chosen  have  been  included  because  of  their  long-­term  experience  working  with   Our  listings  are  of  course,  non-­exhaustive,  but  with  more  than  20,000  members  from  150  countries,   we  feel  we  have  a  front-­row  understanding  of  who  does  what  in  our  key  markets. If  there  are  companies  not  included  in  our  listings  that  we  need  to  know  about,  please  send  through   details  to  contact@luxurysociety.com  and  we  will  be  happy  to  consider  them  in  future  issues  of   our  guides.  They  will  also  be  featured  in  our  online  directory,  which  currently  lists  more  than  1600   suppliers  to  luxury  brands  (www.luxurysociety.com/directory). We,  at  Luxury  Society,  sincerely  hope  our  market  guides  and  directories  will  enable  you  to  source,   Catalogue Stores Iphone - Blackberry - Samsung Websites select  and  connect  with  the  partners  best  placed  to  make  a  difference  to  your  business. www.millesima.com Kindest  regards, Luxury  Society  foundersBORDEAUX 87, quai de Paludate, 33000 Bordeaux, France SAINT-TROPEZ Quartier de la Bouillabaisse RD 98, 83390 Saint-Tropez NEW YORK 1355 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10021 Contact us on free phone 00 33 557 808 813FRANCE DEUTSCHLAND UNITED KINGDOM IRELAND OSTERREICH SUISSE BELGIQUE LUXEMBOURG ESPAÑA ITALIA PORTUGAL HONG KONG Join us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube 5
  5. 5. Country Overview Section produced in collaboration with L U X U RY SO C IE T Y MA RK E T GU ID E BRAZILLUXURYSOCIETY IN BRAZIL ECONOMY Luxury Society March 2012 262 Members GDP (total)   $2,090  billion 129 Companies GDP (per capita) $10,800 16 Service Providers Growth   +7.5%120 COMPANIES SPECIALIZED IN Brazil  has  the  ninth-­largest  economy  in  the  world  by  purchase  power  parity  and  the  largest  in  South   America;;  GDP  currently  stands  at  $2.1  tr.  During  the  “miracle  years”  of  the  1960s  and  70s,  Brazil  was  the  Travel & Hospitality (33) Multi Sector Retail (4) Education (2) world’s  second  fastest-­growing  economy.Fashion & Accessories (28) Beauty & Wellbeing (3) Yachting & Boating (2)Jewelry (17) Fine Foods (3) Lifestyle & Personal Services (1)Media & Publishing (10) Timepieces (3) Sports (1)Architecture & Design (5) Associations & Non Profit (3) Consumer Electronics (1) These  reforms  included  the  launch  of  a  new  currency  (the  Real).  Brazil’s  economy  grew  by  7.5%  in  2010,  Furniture & Homeware (5) Art (2)Real Estate (4) Aviation (2) Argentina  and,  increasingly,  China.Fore more details, visit luxurysociety.com/directory Brazil  is  the  world’s  largest  exporter  of  iron  ore  and  soya;;  it  will  soon  be  the  largest  exporter  of  frozen  meat.   Brazilian  industry  produces  the  same  amount  of  steel  as  India.  Brazil  is  the  largest  recipient  of  foreign  12 SERVICE PROVIDERS EXPERTS IN direct  investment  (FDI)  in  Latin  America.  Brazil  has  a  tightly  regulated,  domestically  focused,  cash-­rich   economy,  and  is  continuing  to  stick  to  orthodox  macro-­economic  policies.  In  addition  Brazil’s  banks  are  Consulting (2) Communication (1) Model Management (1)PR (2) Conferences (1) Show Production (1)Event Production (1) Custom Publishing (1) Trade Fairs (1)Business Clubs (1) Exhibitions (1) Training (1) government  to  raise  taxes  on  some  foreign  investments.  President  Dilma  Rousseff  has  pledged  to  retain  the  Fore more details, visit luxurysociety.com/service-providers social  security  systems  are  widely  acknowledged  as  impediments  to  growth.  Investment  has  historically  been   low  but  the  Government’s  Accelerated  Growth  Plan  (PAC),  launched  in  January  2007,  aims  to  rectify  this. For the full report: www.ledburyresearch.com/research-reports/wealth-profiles 7
  6. 6. Country Overview Section produced in collaboration with L U X U RY SO C IE T Y MA RK E T GU ID E BRAZILLOCAL WEALTH There  are  between  300,000  and  500,000  regular  consumers  of  luxury  goods  in  Brazil.  Recent  research   showed  that  40%  of  luxury  goods  consumers  are  high  executives  in  the  private  sector,  the  majority  (60%)   being  men.  Three-­quarters  of  these  consumers  have  at  least  the  equivalent  of  an  undergraduate  degree.   Population                      201,103,000 Separate  research  found  that  executive  pay  in  Sao  Paulo  is  higher  than  anywhere  else  in  the  world.  The   Millionaires (number)                409,000 luxury  market  in  Brazil  grew  to  BRL15.1  bn  ($9.0  bn)  in  2010.  Figures  show  that  the  wealthiest  10%  of  the   Millionaires (assets) $3,960  billion based  in  Sao  Paulo,  momentum  is  building  for  such  brands  in  both  Rio  de  Janeiro  and  the  capital  city  of   Brasilia.   Brazil  is  unique  in  that  many  luxury  customers  pay  by  instalments,  with  major  brands  such  as  Dior  and  estimated  that  the  5,000  richest  Brazilian  families  generate  40%  of  the  country’s  GDP.  Geographically,  73.5%   Tiffany  only  offering  this  service  in  Brazil.  The  Brazilian  Government  estimates  that  there  are  250,000  people  with  a  yearly  income  of  over  $500,000,   LUXURY MARKETalthough  experts  say  that  there  are  likely  to  be  many  more  due  to  a  tendency  for  wealthy  Brazilians  to  underestimate  their  incomes  in  order  to  avoid  Brazil’s  high  taxes.    Low  levels  of  public  and  private  savings   % of leading luxury brand stores                    1%Banks  (Anbid)  recently  introduced  regulation  to  cover  private  banking,  which  stipulates  that  a  client  must  have  over  $500,000  in  investable  assets. growth in luxury stores +33% luxury stores / 10k millionaires 0.46  Number of brazilian millionaires Brazil’s  luxury  economy  focuses  on  the  consumption  of  luxury  goods,  driven  by  booming  middle   and  wealthier  classes..  The  number  of  millionaire  households  in  South  America’s  biggest  nation  is  400k 40k 2000 forecast  to  more  than  triple  by  2020,  whilst  its  luxury  market  was  expected  to  grow  by  20%  in  2011,   reaching  $3  billion.  300k 30k 1500200k 20k 1000 process,  marred  by  bureaucracy.  In  2011’s  «ease  of  doing  business»  ranking  by  the  World  Bank,  100k 10k 500 Brazil  came  in  at  No.  126,  nestled  between  Ghana  and  Lebanon.  Red  tape,  stiff  tariffs  on  imports   2008 2009 2010 2008 2009 2010 2008 2009 2010 purchasing  the  same  item  in  the  U.S.  or  Europe. Millionaires Deca-Millionaires Centa-MillionairesFor the full report: www.ledburyresearch.com/research-reports/wealth-profiles For the full report: www.ledburyresearch.com/research-reports/wealth-profiles 9
  7. 7. Country OverviewLuxury Car Demand+400% +60% Premium 0 Luxury -60% 2007 2008 2009 2010Core Luxury Growth (Change in value of Swiss Watch Imports) >CHF 3,000 60% CHF 500-3,000 0 CHF 200-500 -60% 2007 2008 2009 2010Aspirational Luxury Growth (Change in volume of champagne imports) Brazil 40% G7 0 Global -40% 2007 2008 2009 2010For the full report: www.ledburyresearch.com/research-reports/wealth-profiles
  8. 8. L U X U RY SO C IE T Y MA RK E T GU ID E BRAZILemailvisionOVERVIEW DETAILSEmailvision   is   a   leader   in   on-­demand   software   for   online   Founded:  1999relationship  marketing.   Permanent  staff:  Over  600 Worldwide  presence:  19  countries  We   power   smart   email,   mobile   and   social   marketing   with   built-­in   Argentina,  Austria,  Belgium,  Brazil,  customer  intelligence,  helping  luxury  brands  to  engage  with  fans  and   Canada,  China,  France,  Germany,  loyal  customers  beyond  traditional  channels.  To  make  it  possible  for   Hong-­Kong,  Israel,  Italy,  Mexico,   Netherlands,  Portugal,  Spain,  streams   online,   we   provide   excellence   in   software   and   integrations   Sweden,  Switzerland,  UK,  USAwith  key  business  applications,  while  luxury  brands  possess  invaluable  information  about  their  customers.   MANAGEMENTWith   this   knowledge,   luxury   brands   are   able   to   develop   the   most  innovative  and  personalised  communications  to  foster  stronger,  more  enduring   relationships,   taking   full   advantage   of   the   unprecedented   Nick  Heys Founder  and  CEOteams   in   19   countries,   we   work   closely   with   our   clients   to   deliver  350,000  campaigns  every  month  worldwide. Nathalie  ChabocheOur  work  has  always  been  about  giving  marketers  complete  control  of  their  online  campaigns,  without  heavy  reliance  on  internal  IT,  through  cutting   edge   technology.   Yet,   when   it   comes   to   service   and   support,  we  take  the  old-­fashioned  approach.  Being  customer-­focused  is  one  of  our  core  values  and  our  highly  responsive  and  dependable  staff  work  closely  with  clients  to  help  them  achieve  their  marketing  goals.ReferencesHermès,   Mercedes-­Benz,   Sandro…   just   three   of   over   3,000   clients   CONTACTworldwide. EMAILVISION  BRAZIL Rua  Geraldo  Campos  Moreira,375  -­  2° luxury@emailvision.com   www.emailvision.com/luxuryCorporate Members 13
  9. 9. L U X U RY SO C IE T Y MA RK E T GU ID E BRAZILKnowledge is power. Global  BlueThe Global Blue Dossier is an ethnographic deep dive into thecustomers that luxury brands value the most, yet often knowthe least: wealthy, upwardly mobile travellers. OVERVIEW DETAILS In  the  age  of  the  globalized  economy  and  emerging  markets,  boundless  ‘The Growing Complexity of the Chinese Shopper’ provides travel   is   a   fact   of   life   and   the   East   is   rising.   The   world   is   changing   Employees:  1200   and   every   business   needs   to   answer   the   same   questions.   Who   are    insights and recommendations that will equip you with a tomorrow’s   customers?   How   do   you   reach   them?   How   should   you  unique, strategic advantage. speak  to  them?  How  do  you  give  them  the  service  they  want?   The  world’s  fastest  growing  economies  are  changing  the  face  of  wealth,  We detail the needs and and  all  of  us,  from  big  businesses  to  boutique  brands,  are  entering  a   new   age   where   the   customers   we   value   the   most   are   the   people   we  nuances of the Chinese global know  the  least. MANAGEMENTshopper, the most important Every  retail  and  hospitality  business  will  need  to  engage  and  delight  a   Manelik  Sfez  and influential customer group new  kind  of  customer,  bringing  unprecedented  opportunity  for  growth   VP  Partner  &  Corporate   from   global   shoppers   –   the   world’s   most   valuable   customers.   Every  we’ve ever witnessed. business  needs  them,  one  company  knows  them. Marketing Marie  Bergfelt  Be first to know. Email us on Blue   has   been   guiding   tomorrow’s   customers   for   the   last   30   years.   Senior  Manager,  Corporate   Communications  intelligence@global-blue.com Today   we   serve   in   excess   of   60,000   global   shoppers   each   and   every   day  –  1  every  1.5  second  in  40  countries  on  5  continents.  Global  Blue  and we’ll be in touch. offers  them  all  the  services  they  need  to  shop  and  spend  wisely  when   travelling  in  foreign  countries. We  are  the  experts  in  international  travellers’  shopping  and  spending;;   we  work  with  over  270,000  of  the  world’s  favourite  brands,  stores,  and   hotels,   and   help   them   to   maximise   their   share   of   business   from   the   lucrative  global  shopper  market. CONTACT Global   Blue’s   range   of   services   includes   VAT/GST   refunds,   dynamic   Global  Blue  SA currency   conversion,   front-­line   staff   training   and   education,   Route  de  Divonne  46 marketing  services  in  the  global  shoppers’  countries  of  origin  and  at   1260  Nyon destination,   POS   and   retail   technologies,   as   well   as   intelligence   and   Switzerland consultancy  services. +41  22  363  7740 www.global-­blue.com/corporate  Bespoke Annual Quarterlyreports reviews briefingswww.global-blue.com/corporate Corporate Members 15
  10. 10. L U X U RY SO C IE T Y MA RK E T GU ID E BRAZIL IPOLITIS HUBERTUSIpolitis  &  Hubertus  SA & SA CORPORATE FINANCEOVERVIEW DETAILSOUR  SERVICES Founded:  1999 Worldwide  presence:  a  global  activity  Ipolitis   &   Hubertus   provides   strategic   advisory   for   aspirational   with  operations  in  Europe  especially  brands,   high-­end   manufacturers   and   luxury   goods   retailers   taking   in  Italy,  France,  United  Kingdom  and  into   account   market   demand,   direct   competition   and   new   product   Switzerlandoffer.  or   horizontal   integration   of   industry,   through   internal   or   external  growth. MANAGEMENTa   deep   strategic   approach   by   creating   opportunities   for   sellers   and   Patrice  Müller    buyers,   developing   joint-­ventures   and   commercial   alliances   and   Partner   patrice.mueller@ipolitis.com    mandates.requirements:   respect   of   family   values   in   company   transmissions;;  preservation   of   brand   identity   in   strategic   development   projects;;  ensuring  a  reliable  and  relevant  partner  in  sale  processes;;  improving  brand   recognition   and   market   position,   through   internal   and/or  external  growth.OUR  EXPERTISEIpolitis  &  Hubertus  is  fully  dedicated  to  luxury  goods  industry.  Our  experience   in   luxury   brand   management,   knowledge   of   strategic  trends  and  sensitivity  in  intangible  assets,  have  provided  us  with  an   CONTACTappropriate  understanding  of  luxury  companies  &  owners  values. IPOLITIS  &  HUBERTUS  SAOur  expertise  covers  the  key  segments  of  luxury,  such  as: 17  Rue  des  Pierres-­du-­Niton 1207  Geneva,  Switzerland1.  Diamonds,  Jewellery,  Watches  and  Writing  Instruments +41  22  940  25  30  2.  Haute  couture,  Ready-­to-­wear,  Leather  goods  &  Fashion  Accessories   info@ipolitis.com3.  Wines  and  Spirits www.ipolitis.comCorporate Members 17
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