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Company Overview - Velocity Network Solutions

  1. Company Overview
  2. Our Mission is Simple to drive our client’s business initiatives via practical IT solutions & predictable IT expenses.
  3. About Velocity Network Solutions Who We Are A privately held company, Velocity Network Solutions was founded in 1999 by former Yahoo! Sr. Network Administrator, Thad Gerber. Thad saw a gap in the IT services market where local small to midsize businesses were frequently being underserved by IT providers employing inexperienced staff and impractical solutions. The vision was not only to create an IT firm that strictly hired seasoned professionals but one that could also act as a business’s single resource for all of their technology needs. Today, we’ve brought our vision into fruition by providing Southern California businesses with a wide range of IT solutions including backup & disaster recovery, network security, cloud computing, remote access & support, CIO level IT consultation, vendor management and more. Over the past several years, we have strategically implemented hundreds of projects and installed thousands of computers along with other network related items…all under the guidance of our highly experienced IT professionals. Who We Serve Our specialty is small to mid-size businesses ranging between 15 to 200+ end users based in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Industries we specialize in are:       Legal Services Financial Services Manufacturing & Distribution Nonprofit Organizations Engineering Small to Mid-Size Businesses
  4. Technology Services IT Outsourcing Managed Services Co-Managed Services Cloud Computing Solutions Unlimited Remote Support On-site Support Proactive 24x7 Monitoring Onsite & Offsite Backup Disaster Recovery Network Design & Installation Wireless Networking Colocation Email Hosting Fulltime Helpdesk (24x7 available) Anti-SPAM Web Filtering Data Migration Vendor Management Network Assessment & Reports Complete Network Documentation Learn More
  5. Commitment to Clients Our business is built 100% on customer retention and satisfaction. In fact, since opening our doors back in 1999 we’ve never lost a client due to service. Our top priority is keeping communication lines open to understand and address our client’s business needs, plain and simple. Commitment to Service We know that we cannot retain the best clients without providing the best service, so that’s exactly what we do. That’s also why we hire toptier talent with a minimum of 5 years technology and support experience. This creates an unmatched experience for our clients since they no longer have to waste time getting “passed along” from one tier of support to the other. Commitment to Leadership As one of the first technology firms to receive the Microsoft Small Business Specialist designation, we’ve remained one of the most focused, experienced and reputable IT firms in Southern California; continuously working to reshape the way businesses view their IT support providers. We do this by developing a consultative partnership with our clients, communicating with clients in practical business terms, and maintaining a foundation of external resources that guarantee our clients get the best solution every time. Our Commitment to Excellence
  6. Our People We all know that great people drive great companies. In our world of IT, “great” means our people must not only have an ample amount of technical experience but customer service experience as well. Experience Recruitment Teamwork Every member of our staff has a minimum of 5 years IT experience, various certifications relating to their area of expertise and, most importantly, a strong desire to understand and solve our client’s issues. Additionally, each of our technicians have a rich background in multi-client support, making them well-equipped to handle the pressures of supporting more than on client at a time. We leverage an extremely selective recruitment process whereby, on average, less than 1 in 150 applicants gets an interview and of those, 1 in 40 become an employee. Proper screening checks are also taken regarding: All of our consultants and technicians work in a team based environment and are not segregated by role. This teamwork oriented strategy contributes to more robust knowledge share and improved checks-and-balances when it comes to solving problems and developing strategies. identity, address, passports, financial background (credit history, bankruptcy orders, court judgments), education, employment history, references, criminal records and more.
  7. Our Processes For Your Business Over the past decade, we’ve gone to great lengths ensuring that we’ve developed some of the most refined processes possible, both within our organization and for your business. Within Our Company An IT firm can’t expect to deliver great service if it’s disorganized internally. We recognized this early on and have implemented some of the most advanced, yet practical processes regarding how our technicians support our clients and how we manage ourselves as a company. Some of these processes involve our advanced ticketing & alerts system, company wide knowledge share, well defined workflow rules and more. Most of the issues businesses experience with their network originate from two basic sources—poor design and/or poor management. A poorly designed network can be costly due to both unnecessary maintenance and lost employee productivity. A poorly managed or maintained network due to neglect or inexperience can also be costly as issues inevitably compound and become a crisis. We’ve solved both of these issues by developing a straightforward, well defined set of processes that allow us to efficiently guide our clients through any aspect of their technology needs. Our processes take seemingly complex situations, like switching IT providers or moving to a new location, and turn them into an easy, manageable project for all parties involved.
  8. Standardization One of the greatest ways for businesses to realize peak efficiency is through the standardization of their technology and processes. Though we remain a “technology neutral” IT firm, we still take all necessary measures to standardize our client’s environments, using technology that aligns with our client’s particular needs. By doing so, our clients and our staff can achieve greater synergy in developing solutions and resolving issues. Documentation Over the past decade, we’ve been appalled at the number of businesses we speak with who either a) don’t have network documentation at all, or b) have network documentation but it’s being “held hostage” by their current IT provider. When partnering with new clients, we make sure that they not only have thorough, up-to-date network documentation and diagrams but also maintain control of that documentation. Compliance Our experience supporting various industries over the past decade has granted us the ability to assist our clients with compliance regulations such as PCI-DSS, GLBA, FISMA, Joint Commission and HIPAA as they relate to technology. Best Practices A business’s data and network are the single most important assets in its operational framework, as they positively or negatively affect every critical area from customer interaction to basic printing. This means that how a network is implemented and managed is critical. At Velocity Network Solutions, we’ve dedicated ourselves to the steadfast implementation of best practices within many verticals to ensure your business can leverage it’s network effectively to accomplish key initiatives.
  9. Practical Consultation Learn More Our highly experienced, CIO level IT consultants are well versed in developing business centered strategies. The primary role of IT is to support business initiatives so our consultants spend a great deal of time listening to our client’s objectives before choosing which technology and strategy to implement. Again, as a technology neutral company, our consultants only suggest technology solutions that directly accelerate those objectives. The last thing any business needs is an overkill, overpriced IT infrastructure, or worse yet, an underperforming, progress-hindering one. Every Velocity Network Solutions client is assigned a primary and secondary consultant. These consultants are there to provide guidance and develop strategies with each client while our helpdesk manages the day-to-day support of their staff. The reason we assign two consultants rather than the typical one is for basic redundancy and knowledge share. This ensures our client’s receive the highest level of on-demand consultation they need without having to worry about vacation time, sick leave or any other hindrance in service.
  10. What Makes Us Different “Zero-Tier” Helpdesk We save our clients precious time in dealing with tech support by eliminating the classic tiered support system altogether. By hiring only the best of breed for our local helpdesk positions, our technicians are qualified to help you with any level of technical issue. Also, since our office maintains a robust and thorough knowledge share system, every technician is kept up to speed on what’s happening with each client’s network in real time. In short, our “Zero-Tier ” helpdesk prevents unnecessary time and money from being wasted on solving technical issues. 100% Resource Dedication In order to maximize revenue, most IT firms split their technical resources between supporting their ongoing managed services clients and engaging in one-off project work. The problem with this model is that it leaves their managed services clients out to dry if the technical staff is engaged in heavy project work for other companies. This also creates unnecessary risk for the managed services clients, should an emergency arise. Why should any business pay monthly for proactive maintenance and support if they’re not being completely covered in the first place? We take a different approach and feel our clients deserve our complete attention. Our staff is dedicated 100% toward ensuring our client’s needs are being met and their networks proactively monitored. In the event of an emergency, we always have the necessary staff on-hand to resolve the issue. In short, Velocity is not out to maximize its revenue at the risk of our client’s well being. Practicality Your technology and the support of that technology should serve one simple purpose, to drive your key business initiatives. Our IT consultants let you speak first and take the time needed to understand your business initiatives prior to developing technology solutions. Technology Neutral Solutions At the end of the day, you need to know that the technology solutions presented to you are the best options, regardless of brand. As a "technology neutral" IT firm, our consultants and technicians are trained in a wide variety of technology solutions, recommending the one's that make the most sense for your needs and budget. And, since we thoroughly vet every new technology that comes to market, you can rest at ease knowing the recommendations you receive have been heavily tested by our experts.
  11. What Our Clients Are Saying… "We have been a customer of Velocity over the past three years and have been extremely impressed at their ability to support and provide personal care to each of our employees. One area where Velocity has gone aboveand-beyond is meeting our every need when it comes to scaling a growing business along with all our technology needs: additional servers, employee growth, additional offices opening within state and globally, and growing software deployment.” “Velocity formulated an entire IT policy for us. They designed and installed the hardware and software, and keep everything running in compliance perfectly.” L&S Advisors Financial Services—Los Angeles, CA MarketShare Partners Advertising, Marketing & Media—Worldwide “While it’s a comfort to know that the experts from Velocity are available for tech troubleshooting, it is even more exciting to have access to such an amazing team that’s knowledgeable on the best ways to integrate emerging technology into our operations.” L.A. Works “Whenever we need anything technical, we just call Velocity and their response is fabulous. We feel like we can count on Velocity and that’s exactly what we need.” NonProfit—Los Angeles, CA Gotcha Covered Manufacturing/Distribution—Burbank, CA Read More
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