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Mobile Wallet: The New Marketing Frontier

The non-payment side of mobile wallet is a true game changer for marketers. This new marketing frontier empowers marketers to run mobile wallet programs that take advantage of time, location and interaction. To help marketers better understand this new opportunity, Vibes fielded the industry's first consumer study focused on the non-payment side of mobile wallet.

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Mobile Wallet: The New Marketing Frontier

  1. 1. Preferreddistribution 46% 20% 19% 11% 4% www.vibes.com | 312.589.6960 | marketing@vibes.com | are aware of the non-payment side of mobile wallet have no idea what mobile wallets are or what they are used for of consumers only think of mobile wallet for making payments 48%33% 19% 22% 19% 13% 13% 10% 7% 15% of consumers would receive some benefit from the non-payment side of mobile wallets of these non-users think a mobile wallet would enhance their shopping experience — indicating a strong interest in this tool Consumer demand is clear Benefits of the non-payment side of the mobile wallet Digitizing paper items Smartphone organization Managing point balances Time sensitive offers Auto- matically updated items Location- aware alerts No benefit Gaining consumer adoption say getting better promotions/offers would influence them to try a mobile wallet tool say the organizational/ making life easier aspect would entice them Mobile wallet: The new marketing frontier Green field opportunity for marketers Vibes fielded the industry’s first consumer study focused on the non-payment side of mobile wallet. With 1 in 3 shoppers using mobile wallets for non-payment, this unveils vast potential for retailers. of consumers say their perception of a retailer would change — for the better — if they started to deliver digitized mobile wallet content of smartphone users have noticed any retailer offering mobile wallet specific content in the last six months Consumers want it... It’s time for retailers to capitalize... @Vibes 2013. All Rights Reserved. Source: Vibes 2013 mobile consumer survey – July 2013 Base: Total n=1,000 Email Text message App from retailer Direct mail Mobile banner advertisement 3G 2:30 PM2:30 PM