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52 Copy And Paste Blog Post Ideas For Your Blog

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Struggling to get new content ideas for your blog?

Worry no more. Here are 52 new blog post ideas that your can use for your blog.

Steal them today!

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52 Copy And Paste Blog Post Ideas For Your Blog

  1. 1. By: Serped.com 52 Copy And Paste Blog Post Ideas For Your Blog
  2. 2. Types of Posts: 1) Thought Leader Posts 2) In-house Topic Posts 3) “How To” Posts 4) Products and Tools Posts 5) Photo Posts 6) Video Posts 7) Curated Content Posts 8) Other Post
  3. 3. Thought Leader Posts
  4. 4. Post Idea #1: What I Think About [Topic] As a thought leader, you should have your ear to the ground and be aware of the latest revelations. So, what’s new, and what do you think about it? For example, Gary Vaynerchuk (from the earlier quote) wrote this post when Instagram changed their logo:
  5. 5. Post Idea #2: [He/She/They] Said This, But Is It True? There are other voices in your niche that people are listening to. But, do you agree with them? Let everybody know. Neil Patel did this perfectly when he wrote about Guest Blogging. In the wake of Matt Cutt’s exclaiming that Guest Blogging was dead as an SEO strategy, he wrote a post all about it:
  6. 6. Post Idea #3: How [Company] Got [Result] Whether your agency is your niche, or you work in a particular niche with your clients, there are always companies that do well and those that fall flat on their face. Highlight why you think either outcome happens. Referralcandy wrote an excellent guide on how Snapchat became the billion dollar success that they are in the social media space.
  7. 7. Post Idea #4: Why A New Topic Is Good Or Bad Something new in your niche? Explain why you think it’s a good or bad idea. Let’s look at one topic from both angles, Facebook Boosted Posts. It’s not new now, but time-warp with me for a second. There are an entire group of people who hate Facebook Boosted Posts. They think Good Advertisers don’t use them, and they don’t need them. Like 3q Digital write here:
  8. 8. Post Idea #5: [Company] Just Did [This], Here’s Why It Doesn’t Matter (Yet) Did someone just make a change in your niche? Tell everyone about why they shouldn’t give a crap, yet. Bill Slawski does this a lot over on SEO by the Sea. Google file for Patents all the time and he writes about it, explaining the possible implications, but why you don’t need to get worked up yet.
  9. 9. Post Idea #6: An Open Letter To… Letters are fun and can be written to anybody. Got a bone to pick with your former self? Want to tell an industry leader to shove his ideas up his ass? You’re in the right place. In the middle of the EU Referendum period, University Professors wrote an open letter to voters. It’s a good example of an open letter you could write
  10. 10. Post Idea #7: Here’s What I Learned At [Event] As a leader it’s a good idea to attend events – either personally or virtually. And, your blog is the perfect place to document what you learned while you were there. For example, here’s a neat little post from the Equator Agency from what they learned at the Brighton SEO Event:
  11. 11. Post Idea #8: Does [Blank] Really Impact [Blank]? You’ve spent your time in the trenches. You know what works and what doesn’t. Talk about your experiences.
  12. 12. Post Idea #9: Pick Out A Liar In Your Industry You’ve spent your time in the trenches. You Okay this one sounds harsh. And, it is. If there’s someone in your field you don’t agree with, you can go right ahead and tell them and galvanize an audience in the process. For example, take a look at this post from the Fitness Industry. Bret Contreras has had enough of Charles Poliquin’s claims and he decides to take him to task…
  13. 13. Post Idea #10: Take A Clear Stance On A Hot Topic Being a voice means taking a side. Which side are you on, and why? Here’s Ryan Stewart back again on why you need to stop selling SEO services:
  14. 14. Post Idea #11: The SAQ Post An SAQ post is a Should Ask Question post. What questions should people in your niche be asking? In this post, the User Testing Blog posed 71 questions that marketers should be asking for better results. If that doesn’t get your creative juices flowing, I don’t know what will.
  15. 15. In-house Topic Posts Ideas
  16. 16. Post Idea #12: Let A Staff Member Write A Post The best people to showcase your agency? Your employees. If they’re engaged and motivated, they’ll love your brand. Making them perfect ambassadors. Now, what’s on their mind is pretty unique, but ask them what they’re interested in and if they want to write about it. Like Stealth Creative did by letting this Intern write about their first day:
  17. 17. Post Idea #13: This Year’s Goals Transparency can come through making an open commitment to your customers, too. So why not share what you want to achieve for them, and for you, on your blog? The Groove HQ blog is built entirely on this concept. Their goal is to make $500,000 a month in monthly revenue. And their blog documents every step of the way.
  18. 18. Post Idea #14: What We Learned From [Time] Doing [Activity/Job/Test] These posts are excellent. They give your customer a huge insight into your life. And, you can share some valuable, raw and real, takeaways with them too. One such post is, What I Learned From Writing 325,000 Words In 12 Months, Becoming A Professional Blogger & Building A $3,500 Per Month Business. It went down a storm:
  19. 19. Post Idea #15: A Day In The Life Of [Blank] This is one of those articles that screams branding. Can people see exactly what happens with one of your employees every single day? Show your clients a day in the life and, not only will they connect with you, they’ll see where they’re spending their money too. Or, ake the Buffer approach and show people who do that job what they should be doing with their time.
  20. 20. Post Idea #16: How We/I Use [Blank] To [Get Result] Got a process that’s unique to your business? Share it so your clients, or audience, can get results too. Matthew Woodward often does this with his favourite tools, like how he uses IFTTT (If This Then That) to automate his workload:
  21. 21. Post Idea #17: Case Study- By [Doing This] We Saw [Improvement] Case studies on your own clients, or side projects, are fun to engage people and provide value. Canva teamed up with BuzzSumo to create this epic post about how images help people get results. And, even if they’re not always their own pictures, it still fits perfectly with their bottom line.
  22. 22. Post Idea #18: [Number] Habits Of [Your Agency] Employees Habits posts are a staple, and people still like to read them. What does it take to work at your agency? Let the world know. Here’s a great post from The Muse to give you some ideas.
  23. 23. How To Posts
  24. 24. Post Idea #19: How To [Blank] Like [Blank] People are aspirational and they have heroes. In this post you can show them how to be exactly like their heroes. Here’s an excellent example of this. How would you like to sell your products and services like Steve Jobs? Well, by reading this post from Copyblogger, you can.
  25. 25. Post Idea #20: How To [Blank] From [Desirable Location] Not everyone likes working from the office. I’m sat here in my bedroom, looking at an iMac, quite happy with the choices I made that took me here. Can you offer a better solution for people for their lives? As an agency, this may feel a little out of your area, but this doesn’t just mean, How To Work From Paradise, style posts. Here’s a more practical example. Check out this WikiHow article on How To Blog From Your Smartphone.
  26. 26. Post Idea #21: The One Secret To [Blank] If you’ve paid attention to the 20th and 21st centuries for more than say, like, 45 seconds, you know that everyone is looking for that one pill, or key, or cheat code, that will help them unlock a better life. So, give it to them. Posts like these work well when it’s a big sticking point. For example, in this post about leadership from Inc.
  27. 27. Post Idea #22: How To [Blank] and [Blank] Do you remember when you were a child and your parents said, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too”. Well, now you can show people exactly how they can do that. Take a look at this article from Bidsketch, where they show you the real online dream of how to work less and earn more.
  28. 28. Post Idea #23: How To [Blank] With/Without [Blank] These posts are some of the best How To posts in the world. You can simplify someone’s life in the time it takes to read one blog post. How wonderful is that? Now the key here is to do this differently and show a new angle. Instead of sending you to a blog post for this one, here’s a great example from Tim Ferriss on How To Peel Eggs Without Peeling Them:
  29. 29. Post Idea #24: The New Way To [Achieve Something] Industries are every changing. And, you need to stay at the top of your game. By showing people how to tackle an old problem in a new way, you’re going put yourself in a good position to generate a ton of new leads. One of my favourite examples of this comes from the Retail Industry. Folding clothes can be time-consuming and annoying. So, how can you fix it? With this new folding technique that lets you do it in two seconds:
  30. 30. Post Idea #25: How To [This] As A [Type Of Person] What kind of person is your ideal client? Is she an introvert? Is she an extrovert? Is she a do-it-yourself businesswoman or is she a team leader who likes to delegate? The variations could really be endless. But by writing articles focused on how she operates can strike an emotional chord and engage her. This post from Reelseo, about how to be a video marketer as an introvert, is a perfect example.
  31. 31. Products and Tools
  32. 32. Post Idea #26: The Tools We Use To Run Our Agency Posts like this go down well for a few reasons. Firstly you show people more about your agency and what you do on the day to day. Secondly, you provide solutions to readers with problems. And, thirdly, you’re able to connect with all of the brands of the tools you use. Take a look at this example post from Stencil
  33. 33. Post Idea #27: Review A Product Your Clients May Want Think there’s a product your customer – or other people in your industry – may be dying to get their hands on. Why not review it and tell them if they’re spending their money wisely? This is a great review template to help you put together your product review.
  34. 34. Post Idea #28: [Number] Products That Are A Waste Of Time Sometimes your customers are just out of the loop and aren’t looking forward; they only look backward. So, if there are some tools in your niche that people don’t need, why not share your thoughts about them? A great example of this comes from Lifehacker. In this article, they point out products you don’t need to buy because you already have them in your home.
  35. 35. Post Idea #29: Here Are The [Number] Tools/Products Your Favourite [Type Of Person] Uses Coming back to their favourite person/people in their niche, are there any tools they use that your clients could also use? Here’s an example from Seth Godin to give you an idea:
  36. 36. Photo Posts
  37. 37. Post Idea #30: Meme Collections Memes are a great way for people to express themselves. They’re all over the internet, usually copyright free, and if all else fails you can create them yourself. Take a look at this post from Fusion Yearbooks about the most accurate memes for teachers:
  38. 38. Post Idea #31: Helpful Infographics Infographics aren’t as powerful as they used to be. But, they still make for good content that you don’t have to create yourself. Winner, right? The best place for this is Pinterest. Go over there and search your topic and see what you can come up with, then put it back on your blog. This blog post from Yesware just took a few simple sales infographics; they added their comments are them, and then they published the post. Simple and easy.
  39. 39. Post Idea #32: Idea Posts Do you appeal to a specific person who needs inspiration? If so, idea photo posts can be a great way to get their creative juices flowing. In fact, this technique has become a mainstay on big blogs, especially in the design niche, like Canva’s Design School. They often show ideas in images, like this post about fonts, to provide inspiration…
  40. 40. Video Posts
  41. 41. Post Idea #33: Compile Videos That Help Your Clients Video round-up posts are great. You can put together great content – from the funny to the inspirational and the educational – and give it to your audience with a bow on top. Just like this post from Entrepreneur that shows the essential TEDTalk’s they need to watch:
  42. 42. To check the remaining blog posts Ideas, Click here Finding it Valuable???