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V inspire Brochure - CORPORATE TRAINING

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CORPORATE TRAINING & Employability Skills - Supporting Young People in early corporate life

Other Programs Include;
#Coffeetalk Parenting Programs
#VinspireEmployabilitySkills Programs
#VinspireWomen Programs
#VinspireWomen Programs
#VinspireSignature Programs

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V inspire Brochure - CORPORATE TRAINING

  1. 1. CORPORATE TRAINING & Employability Skills Supporting Young People Training and Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. Level 3, Neo Vikram, Above Audi Showroom, New Linking Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai - 400 053. •Call : +91 9769698076 •Email : info@vinspire.in | harpreet.randhawa@vinspire.in vinspire.in www.vinspire.in vinspire.in @VinspireTeam
  2. 2. On behalf of Vinspire® team, I thank the Schools, Colleges & Corporate who have shown confidence in our programs for Teacher, Student & Parent development. Looking back at the journey since 2012, we have inspired more than 50,000 young adults , 100,000 teachers, approximately 10000 corporate employees and nearly 25000 working parents and above all 15000+ college students and the number is growing ever since. We have travelled distances on the road less travelled, overcome language barriers, and shifted paradigms, brought in confidence and pride amongst the Principals, Teachers, Parents and above all Students who have benefitted from our customised and well researched programs. The Three Circles Philosophy© has been the backbone of all our program designs and has proved to be a success in bringing out the best in the participants. In our endeavour to develop people & inspire lives, we have been successful, since we empathise and understand the personal and professional needs in the dynamic ever changing world. Our programs #Vinspireforteens, #CoffeetalkParenting & #Vinspireforteachers are experiential and focussed to stimulate minds. The modules help to discover the inner self, ascertain responsibilities and develop conscious interpersonal relationships within families, friends and above all be mindful citizens. Alone we can do little; together we can do so much.- Helen Keller -Harpreet Randhawa AWARDS & ACCOLADES Best Innovative Training Provider 2017, on 18th April 2017 by Centre for Education Growth and Research. Edupreneur of the Year Award 2017, on 8th December2017 by jury of CEGR. Awarded the 'Best Skill Development Company' on the National Level by Centre for Education Growth and Research, on 27th April 2015. VInspire ®is empanelled as official training partner with CEGR for Employability skills and Entrepreneurship programs. Harpreet Randhawa was conferred with Udyog Shiksha Puruskar in 2014. Her efforts were recognised by Rajasthan Shikshan Prasarak MANDAL, Malegaon in 2015.
  3. 3. #Coffeetalk Parenting Programs Aap Beeti - Self-Awareness - Self-Discovery - Your Childhood Journey Bridging Gaps - How to talk so that the kids can Listen - Do you need to be Parents or friends with your teen? - Non-verbal Parenting Conscious Parenting - How the Teen Brain Functions - Understanding Anger & Mood Swings - The inevitability of the Changing Environment - Where is the Gap? - Understanding the concept of Multiple Intelligence - Ascertaining MI - Identifying your own strengths and weaknesses - Identifying your child’s strength’s & weaknesses Creating Winners Image Parenting - Being a Parent and a Friend - Kinds of Parenting Style - Role of Parents in 21st Century Program Name Content Outline #VinspireEmployabilitySkills Programs Program Name Content Outline Time Management Goal Setting Communicaton Skills & body language Effective Presentation Skills Confidence Building Interpersonal & Team Skills Self Confidence & Self Esteem Effective Negotiaton Skils Corporate Etiquettes Resume writting Group Discussion Interview Skills Personal Grooming Anger Management #VinspireWomen Programs Women Leadership Women Empowerment The most undervalued leadership traits of women Qualities that distinguish women leaders The Glass Ceiling -Barriers to becoming a leader Why women prove to be better leaders than men? Leadership mistakes to avoid How to communicate like a leader Positive feedback Who am I? How to influence others? Adding value to environment Overview of financial independence Eradicate your fears Self defence without weapons Dealing with women health issues Note: Duration of each program - minimum 2 hours to maximum 5 hours
  4. 4. #VinspireWomen Programs #VinspireSignature Programs Transactional analysis Presentation Skills Communication Skills Business communication Business Etiquettes Assertiveness Goal Setting Problem Solvong and Decision Making Conflict Resolution Personality Development Team Building Ownership and Responsibility Effective Meeting skillsInterpersonal Skills Time Management Stress Management Mentoring skills Leadership skills Lesson from ANTS Positive attitude Goal orientation Team work Conflict resolution Adaptability Crisis management Change management 2 day program to inspire employees to display the unique qualities of ANTS Attitude of initiative Nature to integrate Thirst for industry Source of Insight B2B (Back to Basics) Professional Body Language Making Introduction Handshakes & exchanging business cards Corporate do’s and dont’s Communicating with confidence Team work Dressing and grooming 1 day program employees with less than 1 year experience C2C (Campus to Corporate) Orientation to the corporate world Being proactive Understanding boss’ expectations Basic of corporate relationships Dressing right Communicating effectively Office etiquettes 2 day program for fresh recruits to aid smooth transition from campus to corporate PEP (Performance Enhancement Program) Understanding self Personal SWOT Goal Setting Self motivaton to achieve Goals Overcoming Mediocrity Imbibing & Exhibiting a winning attitude 1 day program ideal for motivating frontline and middle level employees to perform better Program Name Content Remark
  5. 5. FOUNDING MEMBERS Education : Post Graduate (M. Com., M. Ed) Masters in PR & HR, Master Trainer for teacher training from University of Cambridge Certified Life Coach ( Neuroleadership Group) Qualified Child counsellor from Institute of Psychotherapy, Mumbai Certified Auditor for school systems from QCI, NABET. As a Co-Founder, she is the interface with management & clients, conducts trainings for Organisations, Working Parents in Corporate, Freshers from Colleges. She also shoulders the responsibility for the content, customization & delivery of the programs. Her rich experience of working in the top corporate and educational institutions in the country have helped her contribute constructively in developing a healthy culture in organisations using systems approach driven by processes. She has till date inspired more than 10,000 young minds, 5000 educators and about 1000 families. Harpreet uses her rare combination of being a working parent,Corporate Professional,Teacher& Administrator in schools across India, Self -made Entrepreneur, die-hard sportswoman and an Army wife to impart inspiring sessions for teens, parents, teachers, principals & corporate employees. Harpreet comes with a two decades of experience in Corporate & Education sectors at leadership position. She has a rare acumen to deal with issues faced by Organisations and Employees in hiring skilled and trained professionals. The programs at Campus level are so designed so as to make youth ready to shoulder professional responsibilities. Navinder Narang Chief Mentor Education : Graduate Degree (Bsc), National Defence Academy, India. Defence Services Staff College, India. MBA (MDI Gurgaon) After taking voluntary retirement, he Is leading ICICI Bank Mumbai Zone in capacity of Zonal Head Infra & Facilities. He is also associated with leadership forums such as Leadcap, and contributed in production of the ebook- “Our World of Interconnectedness” by Ian Berry, Motivational speaker and Chairman of Leaders Café, 2020. He is a keen blogger with a popular blog 'I Lead I Follow' on leadership issues. He was instrumental in administration of the KV Sangathan Schools in Jharkhand for 2 years. He was extensively involved in training while serving the India Army and deputed at various strategic locations of Northeast and Jammu & Kashmir where he trained more than one lakh officers and other ranks. Navinder is a the Chief Mentor, VInspire® and possesses more than 25 years of experience as leadership Mentor and Trainer. He has been acclaimed as an outstanding leader in domain of Education and Corporate Mentoring services. Harpreet Randhawa Director
  6. 6. ABOUT US VISION & MISSION Developing people Inspiring lives VInspire's mission is to help individuals become inspiring human beings and lead fulfilling lives, help individuals and organisations achieve success and maximise potential. WE ARE VISION MISSION The most trusted and preferred training partner for Inspiring, Enhancing & Transforming the human potential To deliver world class , customised & result oriented training solutions by the use of innovative training methodology through mutually benefitting consultative partnerships WE AIM CORE VALUES Integrity Innovation Committed Resilience Customer Satisfaction Employee Engagement There's that little secret to everything, even to success. Ever heard of it? VInspire® has. THE SECRET The Work Personality Index Developing an individual's Emotional Quotient, Relationship Quotient and Performance Quotient all depends on his/her Happiness Quotient. VInspire's programs help discover, realize and explore these touch-points for happiness. Our Guiding Philosophy - 3 Circle Theory of Transformation© The Core – Includes the Energy source within each of us, our belief system, attitudes, abilities, fears, skills, experiences. It is ever changing, the changes being influenced by our continuous learning. This Circle denotes 'Self'. Developmental Areas of Training Programs Self- Awareness Self-Management 1 2 3 Relationship Management Cognitive Skills Non Cognitive skills The Inner Circle – Includes the immediate environment and the living constituents. Our friends, colleagues, friends and associates. This Circle denotes 'Relationships'. The Outer Circle - The external environment or the eco-system of which we are a part, but have no control and minimal influence. This can be also termed as the 'Zone of Collaboration'. At VInspire, we provide Consultancy, Coaching, Training & Inspiring programs to help organisations, institutions and individuals attain amazing results through the application of well researched, simple but effective techniques giving each individual the experience of being valued and in turn inspiring others .With its focused 'Result Oriented' programs it inspires people to feel valued and hence resulting in doubled productivity, loyalty, integrity and overall balance in life.
  7. 7. TESTIMONIALS HOW IT WORKS VInspire’s outdoor and in-house training programs are imparted through 4 H interdisciplinary approach that blends organization development practices, experiential learning techniques, intellectual and emotional challenges to release the energy within to achieve maximum productivity of the Organisation. OUR METHODOLOGY Simple, Fast and Result Oriented Programs Training Need Analysis is focused on SWOT of prospective participants. Training Need Analysis Mapping our process of defining exact need and expected outcome of training to provide maximum benefit to the trainees. Course Customization our process of designing the exclusive training content to perfectly fit the training need. Exclusive Delivery set of interactive sessions filled with focused skill, grooming, discussions & participation boosters. The ‘Vinspired You’ A ‘new you’ endowed with the result targeted ‘the Vinspired You’ Feedback and Evaluation Post training Evaluation is conducted not to evaluate the trainee but to draw the success trajectory for upcoming challenges in career and life. 1 2 3 4 5 6 “ Principal’s training , Goa, 2014, for five days was rated “ EXCELLENT” by the participants, highest rating in the form given”. - Mr Sarat, CE0, Great India Business School, Hyd “ The concept is nice and does resemble our philosophy. I loved the openness of the program. Lets do more programs…. Good Stuff ” - Mr Nachiket Joshi, Chief program Coordinator, Magic Bus. “ The session’Bridging Gaps’ left me speechless and it has given an excellent platform to parents and children to know each other, which is vital to move on understanding each other with love”. - Mr Naresh Bharti, CEO, Turning Point, Karnal “ As a parent I have benefitted immensely. My daughter attended the workshop for children and has gained valuable knowledge and developed new perspectives” - Mr Rajesh Bhatia, MD, SALES FEDEX
  8. 8. OUR CLIENTS “ Just one line to describe - ‘Made me change my thoughts, Now would help me change my world!” - Mr Kunal Rana, Executive, Pacific India Ltd, Mumbai The session on Assertive Communication &Ownership taught us to look at scenarios with a +ve outlook. - Aditi Gadge, Sr Product Manager, Macmillan, Mumbai It was good and motivational session on Assertive Communication &Ownership, specially I loved the way you explained about Ownership & Rental Job. - Shreyas Goswami, Sales Executive Macmillan, Mumbai. Learnt to keep structure to balance Personal &Professional Life.Undertaking risk, fear of failure & team alignment. Overall a great learning day &it has added value. - Harsh V Pillai, VP, Sales, Macmillan. It was indeed a pleasure to be part of this useful session on Employability Skills. I was able to clarify the doubts within myself and provided me with further goal with focus - Ayushi Aeran, Btech (ECE), Vidya Global Park, Meerut.