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  1. 1. Professional and Passionate Exporter in Herbs and Spices Industry. KINAL stands for extremes in Fortune, Happiness and Spirituality. The Team at Kinal Global Care (KGC) believes that “to care is to be committed”. And caring for human well being makes it even more challenging in the current scenario of environmental hazards and dynamic lifestyle of today’s generation. We would like to show our care by providing the quality products in Spices and Herbs Industry which are needed by the world. KGC is formed with an objective of supplying the best quality Agriculture, Spices and Herbs in whatever India is good at producing. We have two divisions. Herbs Care and Spices Care. Both divisions are headed by experienced individuals who are well versed in the respective divisions with huge passion to serve the global market with lot of care. We are a group of people who have vast experience in the corporate sector and started with passion towards our vision and mission by strictly following our core values. We are a proud team who have similar thoughts and worked in various backgrounds like Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources and have vast experience in exports. We believe in doing it right in whatever you believe. The team in Kinal are high class professionals with immense passion and deep understanding about the sourcing, processing, packing and shipping. We understand the reality and wanted to arrest the challenges faced by importers in this industry across the globe. We really wanted to make a difference and our business dealing is absolutely transparent. We would really love to spread smiles among the business community whoever deals with us. We always share our ideas and thoughts and help the people to ensure the proper care has been taken for the world. We believe in equality irrespective of the country. We strive to deliver excellence in every aspect of the business right from the beginning. Prompt response to Enquiries, complete information and details for all customer questions & queries, regular connect and updates to the customer till the time shipment reaches destination port and product feedback is received. We really mean it and abide by all the information. Vision: To be the most consistently preferred exporter of Spices and Herbs Products in terms of quality and affordability across the Globe. Mission: To supply Indian Herbs and Spices by spreading miles of smiles in every country. Core Values: Quality, Integrity, Accuracy, Commitment, Collaboration (QIACC)
  2. 2.  Name : KINAL GLOBAL CARE PRIVATE LIMITED.  Registered Address : Flat no.705,Plot no.04,Amarante CHS,BLDG No.4,Sector-9E, Kalamboli,Navi Mumbai – 410218.  Operating Address: S-12-31, Haware Centurion Complex, Sector-19A, Nerul East, Navi Mumbai- 400706  Date of Incorporation : 16.04.2015  Shop and Establishment License: 1610200310192001  IE Code & Date of Issue : 0315020300 (25.06.2015)  TAN Number & Date : MUMK25017G (10.07.2015)  PAN Number : AAFCK8016J  APEDA Registration no. and Date of Issue : 177330 (14.07.2015)  FIEO no. and Date of Issue : FIEO/WR/18830/2015-2016/792 (01.07.2015)  MACCIA no. and Date of Issue : 16765 (07.07.2015)  Spices Board and Date of Issue: ML/REG/K1624/2014 (15/03/2016)  Coconut Board and Date of Issue: RCMC 16172285 (02.08.2016)  SHEFEXIL and Date of Issue: SHEFEXIL/RCMC/1289 (21.08.2015)  VAT TIN Number and Date of Issue: 27741125420V, 27741125420C (24.06.2015)  ECGC Registration and Date of Issue : SEC 0310002415 (13.01.2016)
  3. 3. Whole Spices Grounded Spices Blended Spices Indian Herbs Dry Ginger Chilly Powder and Crushed Tea Masala Senna Leaves Turmeric Finger Turmeric Powder Garam Masala Senna Pods Whole and split Coriander Cumin Powder Pavbhaji Masala Cassia Tora Seeds Fenugreek Seeds Curry Powder Curry Powder Cassia Torea meal Fennel Seeds Coriander Powder Shahi Biryani Masala Moringa Leaves Cumin Seeds Clove Powder Egg Masala Psyllium Husk Black Cumin (Kalonji) Nutmeg Powder Chicken Masala Flax Seeds Mustard Seeds Ginger Powder Tanduri Chicken Masala Asaliya Seed Red Chillies (Byadgi and Guntur) Black Pepper Powder Meat Masala Galangal Root Bay leaves White Pepper Powder Fish Masala Basil Seeds Black Pepper Cinnamon Powder Chat Masala Henna Leaves Tamarind Green Cardamom Powder Moringa Powder Tamarind Paste Black Cardamom Powder Ajwain Seed Fenugreek Powder Dill Seed Fennel Seeds Powder Celery Seeds Asafoetida (Hing) Powder Mac (Jawantri) Powder Ajwain Powder Celery Seeds Powder Dill Seeds Powder Pomegranate Powder Dry Mango Powder Black Salt Powder Rock Salt Agro Commodities Animal and Bird Feed Indian Raisins Coconut Indian Rice Yellow Maize Golden Raisins Desiccated Coconut Powder Wheat Maize Grits Black Raisins Copra Cup Wheat Flour Sorghum Brown Raisins Fresh Coconut Corn Starch Soybean Meal Green Raisins Copra or Coconut oil Cake Corn Flour Guar Kora Coconut Shell Powder Jaggery Powder Barley Jaggery slabs Sunflower Seeds Sesame Seeds Safflower seeds Peanuts Peanut Cake Indian Raisins Cotton oil Cake
  4. 4. Corn Gluten Meal Deoiled rice bran Fish Feed Pellets Green Millet Niger Seeds OFFICE ADDRESS Kinal Global Care Pvt. Ltd. Haware Centurion Mall, Second Floor S/12/31 and S/12/44, Sector 19A, Near Seawoods Station, Nerul (East), Navi Mumbai – 400706, Maharashtra, India. PHONE Landline: +91-22-27707660 EMAIL-ID info@kinalglobalcare.com COMMUNICATION TOOLS Mobile: +91-9930319222 (Available on Whatsapp, Wechat, IMO, Viber, Hike, QQ (ID- 3243803283) SKYPE ID- kinalglobalcare