cancer mutation mirna mrna frame shift mutation point mutation oxidation drvpacharya metabolism bile salts protein folding histones aliphatic calcitonin awareness diagnosis thyroid scan rickets fat soluble vitamin impact factor h index predatory journals lac operon post-translational modification bpa hiv sirna hnrna snrna rrna trna nucleosomes free radicals modern epidemics oxidative stress antioxidants bisphenol a reduction isoenzymes enzymes biomedical application of vitamins amino acid colour reaction of proteins cell membrane tumour markers oncogenes translation transcription medical biochemistry bds mbbs spectrophotometer standard curve lambert's law beer's law colorimeter practical biochemistry colorimetry benzidine test hay's test rothera's test hemoglobinuria hematuria blood ketone bodies pathological urine urine sample euthyroid sick syndrome goitre nuclear receptor clia eclia elisa thyroid function test environmental science general science mbbs students mercury poisoning lead poisoning environmental biochemistry contaminant pollutant post graduate undergraduate dentistry medical science hydrolysis conjugation phase ii reactions phase i reaction cyt p 450 xenobiotics treatment facilities types of cancer social factors epidemiology steatorrhea micelle lipid anticancer agents carcinogens alternate splicing gene rearrangement motifs gene expression covalent modification eif translation of protein ros irradiation uv rays snorna polya tailing intron exón post-transcriptional modifications splicing okazaki fragments dna replication line sine tandem repeats alu dna organization dna structure treatment prognosis molecular biology beta alanine carnosine alanine glucogenic non-essential glycine urea clearance test uraemia ammonia urea oxidative deamination aminoacid nitrogen meister cycle proteasome ubiquitin protein restless leg syndrome myopathy antioxidant vitamin tocopherol supplements osteomalacia pth vitamin ai as a research tool ai in medical education deep learning machine learning artificial intelligence difference between fat soluble and water soluble classification of vitamins edible oils interpretation agarose gel electrophoresis types of electrophoresis serum electrophoresis scientific publication mrs india breast ca xanthoproteic test roseinheim's test biuret test molisch's test ninhydrin thyroid uptake studies radionuclide scan teletherapy brachytherapy radiosensitivity radioisotopes in medicine isotope rem rad radioactivity citation altmetrics eigen factor journal club scientific journals jargons journals google forms feedback alternative teaching and learning methods medical teaching education parathormone calcitriol cholecalciferol d xanthine oxidase lesch nyhan's syndrome uric acid gout nucleotide analogue nucleotide nuleoside pyrimidine purine issn indexing journal scientiometric journal metrics restriction endonucleases vaccines shotgun dna library gene therapy recombinant dna technology pre-natal diagnosis dna sequencing southern blot blot snp vntr rflp pcr p bodies helix turn helix motif zinc finger motif gene regulation iron deficiency anemia ferroportin hepcidin transferrin ferritin iron translocation plastic substitutes bps parabéns pvc plastics xist beneficial mutations inherited diseases somatic cell mutation lft profile van den bergh test obstructive jaundice hepatocellular jaundice hemolytic jaundice kaposi's sarcoma slim disease arc antiteroviral drugs aids clinical question round rapid fire round visual round general round biochemistry quiz glycemic index balanced diet marasmus kwashiorker pem sda bmr post-transcriptional modification alternative spilicing goldberg hogness box tata box silencers enhancers promoter anti-sense strand sense strand coding strand scrna types of rna homologous recombination exinclease base excision repair nucleotide excision repair dna mismatch repair caspase apoptosis cdk cyclins cell cycle dna polymerase helicase inhibitors of replication duplication of dna replication of dna central dogma euchromatin genome types of dna nucleosides nucleotides dna pro-oxidants female breast carcinoma endocrine disruptor uncouplers inhibitors of etc oxidative phosphorylation etc entropy enthalpy redox couple redox potential free energy liver enzymes acute pancreatitis markers cardiac markers troponin ck ldh feedback inhibition inducer allosteric inhibition non-competitive inhibition competitive inhibition clinical significance of cell organelles mitochondria cell organelles the cell michelis-menten equation substrate concentration km isolation of organelles marker enzymes cell fractionation koshland's induced fit theory kinetics mechanism of action specificity of enzymes active site of enzyme coenzymes and cofactors classification of enzymes introduction keratomalacia nightblindeness retinoids carotenoids vitamin a thiamine vitamin b1 water soluble vitamin digestion and absorption of carbohydrates macromolecule digestion and absorption fats and proteins uses of plasma proteins plasma protein properties chemistry of amino acids active transport endocytosis plasma membrane transport mechanisms copper flouride metabolism of minerals manganese iodine calcium hyperparathyroidism metabolism of calcium quiz clinical biochemistry quiz genetic code protein synthesis rna synthesis post transcriptional modification jaundice heme immunology
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