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The EU Pledge 2016

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The EU Pledge (www.eu-pledge.eu) is a commitment by 22 leading food and beverage brand owners to change how they market their products to children across a variety of media.

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The EU Pledge 2016

  1. 1. THE EU PLEDGE A COMMITMENT BY WFA TO THE EUROPEAN COMMISION MONITORED INDEPENDENTLY BY ONLY ADVERTISE PRODUCTS THAT MEET COMMON NUTRITION CRITERIA TO UNDER 12 YEAR OLDS* *Common nutrition criteria are scientifically grounded and have been scrutinized and welcomed by non-industry experts, NGOs and the European Commission *Except when the school specifically requests materials and only for educational purposes THE PLEDGE COVERS TV PRINT INTERNET NO COMMERCIAL COMMUNICATIONS IN PRIMARY SCHOOLS* More information and full results at www.eu-pledge.eu www.wfanet.org @wfamarketers OUTCOME: THE TREND OBSERVED OVER 6 YEARS SHOWS THAT CHILDREN SEE A LOT LESS FOOD AND SOFT DRINK ADS ON TV COMPARED TO 2005 less for all Pledge company products less for products that don’t meet the nutrition criteria 32% 48% less for products that don’t meet the nutrition criteria in and around children’s programmes 83% A VOLUNTARY INITIATIVE BY 22 LEADING COMPANIES TO CHANGE FOOD ADVERTISING TO KIDS COMPANIES REPRESENTING OVER FOOD AD SPEND IN THE EU80% OVER 80% FOOD MARKETING BUDGETS TYPICALLY GO ON TV ADVERTISING. FOR OTHER MEDIA, WE MEASURE COMPLIANCE AS DATA ARE NOT AVAILABLE TO MEASURE CHANGE. ONLINE ADVERTISING* COMPANY-OWNED WEBSITES SCHOOLS*PRINT* 100% 100% 97% 98% HIGH COMPLIANCE ON OTHER MEDIA AND IN SCHOOLS *2013 Compliance Levels OR NOT ADVERTISE ANY PRODUCTS AT ALL TO UNDER 12 YEAR OLDS