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We love maps

Did you know Atkins' suite of services includes GIS, mapping and geospatial engineering?

Here, Atkins’ GIS analysts share their all time favourite maps...

Share your own! #ilovemaps

Find out more: http://www.atkinsglobal.com/en-GB/group/sectors-and-services/services/geospatial-engineering

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We love maps

  1. 1. We love maps Atkins’ GIS analysts share their all time favourite maps SHARE YOURS #ilovemaps
  2. 2. ESRI story telling maps Jamie Dimelow, GIS consultant “Simple and clear yet presents a wealth of information on the passengers of the Titanic” #ilovemaps
  3. 3. 1775 chart of Newfoundland Dan Monk, Associate “A landmark in the production of accurate large scale mapping which set a benchmark for centuries” #ilovemaps
  4. 4. Map of the Chitmahals Enclaves John Milne, CAD/GIS consultant “The sheer complexity of the 106 Indian enclave polygons & the 92 Bangladesh enclaves” #ilovemaps
  5. 5. Hobo-Dyer projection world map Thomas Wicks, GIS graduate “It challenges our view of the world reminding us that north and south are arbitrary” #ilovemaps
  6. 6. Map of the world’s runways Sarah Doughty, GIS graduate “A relatively simple yet visually appealing way to see the world’s runways” #ilovemaps
  7. 7. Vatican museum Hall of Maps Chris Harris, Principal GIS Consultant “The Hall of Maps truly show cartography as an art form” #ilovemaps
  8. 8. Map of the Western Coast of India Abdul Kadhar, junior GIS analyst “This map shows coastal vulnerabilities in Goa and Karnataka from 1972 to 2000” #ilovemaps
  9. 9. John Snow cholera maps Ian Walker, senior GIS consultant “These simple maps proved that an outbreak of cholera could be traced to a specific water pump” #ilovemaps
  10. 10. Surf spot location map Harriet McQuade, GIS analyst “A fun take on your average world map that shows how you can engage a wider audience in GI” #ilovemaps
  11. 11. Chesterfield over a 100 years Helen Whiteley, GIS graduate “I find it fascinating to observe how much a place can change – it’s an insight into another world” #ilovemaps
  12. 12. OS open data Minecraft world Colin Henderson, Principal GIS Consultant “Convergence of gaming and mapping – what could be better?” #ilovemaps
  13. 13. Map of my local area Richard Shortridge, senior GIS consultant “My favourite map is one of my local area Bristol” #ilovemaps
  14. 14. Satirical world map 1914 Kit Allen, GIS consultant “Satirical maps that show the political opinions of their times” #ilovemaps
  15. 15. Mercator 1569 world map Geoff Waite, principal GIS consultant “For me it’s almost time travel - viewing the world through 16th century European eyes” #ilovemaps
  16. 16. What’s your favourite map? SHARE YOURS #ilovemaps