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Creating Change with Digital

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Creating Change with Digital

  1. 1. The Top Things you need to know for effective social media campaigns ‘Create Change with Digital’ WARD6 – GfK Digital Marketing Seminar December 2015
  2. 2. THANKS Acknowledgement to the contributors who have shared their ideas on-line; This defines the true ethos of social media.
  3. 3. TODAY’S STORY-LINE • What are the opportunities for social media marketing in healthcare & pharma? • How well do you know the social media behaviours of your ‘customers’? • How is pharma spending it’s money in the digital world? • What are the key components for integrating social media into marketing strategies? • How is pharma using social media?
  4. 4. SOME QUESTIONS How many of you use at least one of these; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snap Chat, Instagram, Vine, Periscope? How many of you have a social media marketing plan as part of your brand channel planning & what is the % of your A&P budget that is being spent on digital? In the next 2 years is integrating social media into your brand communications going to: - Increase - Stay the same - Decline
  5. 5. WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA? It is not…… Just a bunch of destinations
  6. 6. WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA? Social media is a change in expectations…… From……Them…….to ……….Us Advice & Recommendations Support & resources News
  7. 7. SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS Which social media platform? Which platform is relevant to my audience? What do I want my social media marketing platform to achieve? 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report
  8. 8. The Audience Experience
  9. 9. HOW ARE YOUR AUDIENCES BEHAVING? 66% of doctors use social media for professional purposes1 60% of physician’s most popular activities on social media is following what colleagues are sharing and discussing. 2 60% of doctors say social media improves the quality of care delivered to patients. 3 31% of healthcare professionals use social media for networking. 4 Social media is changing healthcare – Now! 1.EMR Thoughts 2. Demi & Cooper Advertising and DC Interactive Group 3.Healthcare communication 4. Mediabistro
  10. 10. HOW ARE YOUR AUDIENCES BEHAVING? • Have shifted away from traditional broadcast channels; most active on-line & mobile. • Are highly influenced by social media/WOM: 5x more likely to trust a pharma company-sponsored social media platform vs baby boomers. • 90% say they would trust medical information shared by others on their social media networks. • Authenticity is important for this audience; real-people telling real stories to convey a brand image that resonates with their values. • Appeal to the audiences desire to be unique and how a brand experiences can deliver. • Harris Poll; ‘Millennial Mindset: The Worried Well’, 2015 • Makovsky Pulse of Online Health survey; 2015 • Search Engine Watch 2015
  11. 11. HOW ARE YOUR AUDIENCES BEHAVING? • 1st truly mobile generation/tech-fluent • Do not distinguish between on-line/off-line • Emotionally attached to their digital device: the mobile phone is the ‘Everything’ hub • Facebook is a fact-of-life followed by Twitter: the real-world is in the digital social space • On-line buying: Path-to-purchase characterized by ‘Aspirational Browsing’; look for reassurance • See themselves as ‘cooler’ & different to ‘kids’. • Video is seen as fun/user generated: new platform options e.g. Vine (?) JWT Gen Z
  12. 12. HOW ARE YOUR AUDIENCES BEHAVING? Key Takeaways  Social media is about diversity: consider an omni- channel presence.  Shift away from a reliance on a single platform; requires a more integrated approach in delivering content to audiences.  Visual content is shared 3x faster than text  Social media using blogs generate 67% more leads 1. 1. http://blog.hubspot.com
  13. 13. How are Pharma responding in the digital age?
  14. 14. IMS Health Strategic Data Promotion Database, 2014
  15. 15. PHARMA SPEND IN DIGITAL 24% 15% 55% 4% 1% E-Meetings Social Media Web Ads 1% Corp Websites EDM E-detailing Total Digital Promotion Worldwide July – December 2013 USD$2.5 billionCegedim Strategic Data
  16. 16. The top 5 things you must know for effective social media campaigns
  17. 17. Listen to your audience. • Understand the social media language. • Identify the 3-5 topics that your audience are interested in (important for your content development strategy). • Use some of the (free) social media analytical tools. • Understand when your audience is most active on social media know the best times of the day to release content. • Pick the right social media platforms – those that are used by your audience.
  18. 18. Topics: • Make content relevant to your audience • This is the content that needs to dominate your content plan • Use curated content from a wide range of sources • Link content across your social media presence; allow access to content by asking for e-mail addresses – thereby building contacts.
  19. 19. Content Mix: • Use the 80/20 rule: 80% of your content is curated content that is not yours or about you 20% of your content is about your brand/company Social media is a ‘walkie talkie’ not a megaphone • There are two types of content: • Curated content: shared from various sources around the web • Original content: specifically made for social media
  20. 20. Timing: Understand when your audience is active on social media; use the tools available to build the profile for your audiences. Some general metrics: • Facebook: 1–3 p.m: engagement peaking Thursday/Friday • Twitter: 12–6 p.m: B2B – weekdays/BCC – Weds + W/end • LinkedIn: 7–8 a.m. and 5-6 p.m: Tues/Weds/Thus • Pinterest: 8–11 p.m. • Instagram: 3–4 p.m. • Google+: 9–11 a.m.
  21. 21. Frequency: Be prepared to resource a sustained and frequent engagement plan. Facebook: 3-10 times per week Twitter: 5+ times per day LinkedIn: 2-5 times per week Pinterest: 5-10 times per day Google+: 3-10 times per week Emphasizes the importance of an editorial content calendar
  22. 22. How is Pharma using social media
  23. 23. 1 Making life easier • Creates conversations – ‘have you seen this’ • Builds positive brand perception
  26. 26. 2 Be the ‘Voice of Knowledge’ • Invest in the content relevant to the audience & positions a ‘brand’ as a dedicated advocate for their customers • Encourages repeat visits • Integrates ‘brand’ campaign
  27. 27. ASTRAZENECA USE OF TWITTER fromafish Twitter campaign to educate consumers on triglycerides
  28. 28. ALLERGAN: TARGETING MILLENNIALS Allergan Launches ‘Actually She Can’ Ad Campaign • The #ActuallySheCan campaign helps young women learn and share information with one another about healthcare and wellness, including contraceptive options. • The target audience are Millennials who are very different in how they want information shared with them. • This is an unbranded campaign that is going to look and feel differently than any we’ve launched. • For Allergan, that means heavy use of social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; partnering with celebrities; and incorporating interactive elements to the campaign’s online platform. Those elements include facial recognition software that assigns users emojis based on their facial expressions, which they can then share with their friends.
  29. 29. 3 Connecting patients with each other • Opens a ‘window’ to the challenges and aspirations of your audience • Builds communities
  32. 32. SO WHAT ARE THE KEY LEARNINGS? Have a Social Media Optimisation Plan that addresses the following:  What are your social media goals?  What are your business objectives?  What are your social media objectives?  Do you understand the social media behavior & habits of your audience?  What is your content development strategy?  Ensure content is mobile-optimised  Determine key metrics to measure performance
  33. 33. For follow-up and further discussions with your FREE social media clinic consultation contact Phil Mitchell at: : Ward6Singapore +65 9182 0256 phil.mitchell@ward6.com.sg @Ward6Sing Ward6Singapore