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Warply Mobile Banking solutions


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Warply Mobile Banking solutions

  1. 1. 1 Mobile banking solutions How to effectively explore benefits, loyalty and payments on mobile industry.
  2. 2. Mobile Landscape Warply Engage Platform HCE Wallet & Other Banking Products Warply Bank Wide Loyalty & Benefits Application
  3. 3. Who we are 64 6 260% 42 Clients From fast growing sectors, such banking, retail, travel and operators Team members Employees and partners around the world Countries That we are currently operating, including Greece, Cyprus, India, Romania Growth Year over year, during the last three consecutive years
  4. 4. Execute communication plan, evaluate and optimize Formulate your loyalty scheme logic, including forecasts for liabilities, redemption and subsidization LOYALTY CONSULTING UI/UX DESIGN Development services to build your state of the art front and back end assets Study UX requirements and apply UI design for your consumer facing assets COMMUNICATION STRATEGY Help you build your communication objectives and pillars SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT COMMUNICATION EXECUTION INTEGRATION Support integration with 3rd party platforms and systems Services
  5. 5. Suppliers InsuranceRetailBanking Industries Ordering PublishersOperatorsGames
  6. 6. ISO 27001 Certified for following information security management system standards PCI - DSS Certified for following Information security standards VISA Visa developer partner Mastercard MasterCard developer partner Certifications
  7. 7. Mobile Marketing Association Association for Financial Technology International Advertising Bureau Founder Institute Associations
  8. 8. Mobile Landscape Warply Engage Platform HCE Wallet & Other Banking Products Warply Bank Wide Loyalty & Benefits Application
  9. 9. Mobile statistics Mobile App Usage New apps Mobile orders, transactions and booking per day 80% 35% Mobile App Usage Social Mobile App Usage Messaging 20% 35% Of mobile Time is spend on apps Web traffic from mobile App usage in ages 45+ Native apps x6 Brand Favourability 15% 60% 65% 15K
  10. 10. Smartphone penetration 4% 6% 8% 13% 20% 28% 37% 44% 50% 54% 59% 62% 66% 69% 0 18 35 53 70 88 2007 2010 2013 2016 2019 2022 *Ericsson Mobility Report
  11. 11. Messaging mobile app users 1.07Bn 1.40Bn 1.61Bn 1.81Bn 2.00Bn 2.19Bn 0.0 0.6 1.1 1.7 2.2 2.8 2013 2015 2016 2018 2019 2021 Users (in Bn) *Statista.com
  12. 12. US Mobile Commerce forecast (sales in $ Bn) $213Bn $231Bn $234Bn $242Bn $253Bn $252Bn $35Bn $43Bn $51Bn $60Bn $69Bn $79Bn$80Bn $99Bn $119Bn $138Bn $158Bn $173Bn 0 150 300 450 600 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Desktop Tablet Mobile *www.forrester.com, Multiscreen Shopping Experiences And Key Partnerships Drive US Mobile Commerce
  13. 13. Time Spent (per adult per day) on Mobile 2.2h 2.3h 2.4h 2.6h 2.5h 2.3h 2.4h 2.4h 0.2h 0.3h 0.4h 0.3h 0.3h 0.3h 0.3h 0.4h0.3h 0.3h 0.4h 0.8h 1.6h 2.3h 2.6h 2.8h 0 2 3 5 6 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Hours Desktop / Laptop Other connected devices Mobile *eMarketer 4/15
  14. 14. Most used mobile banking applications 84% 62% 57% 54% 43% 40% 35% 8% 6% 0 20 40 60 80 100 Checking balance of your account (s) Check statement history/payment history Transferring money between accounts or… Deposit money into account Flash balance / quich checks Paying bills / Payees ATM / branch finder Payment contacts Setting up standing orders and direct… * Market Force, November 2104, The Financial Brand
  15. 15. 30% Down Using physical banking locations less 33% Up Using their mobile app more 35% Up Using a bank’s website or Online portal more * Chase Bank/Braun Research, June 2015 The Financial Brand Transformation of banking transactions, 2015 vs. 2014
  16. 16. Mobile landscape 47% smartphone penetration worldwide 44% usage of mobile data 76% of word smartphone users use social media networks 3h/day per user @ mobile 80% of time spent on apps 30’ spent per day on messaging apps 40% mobile banking penetration globally
  17. 17. Mobile Landscape Warply Engage Platform HCE Wallet & Other Banking Products Warply Bank Wide Loyalty & Benefits Application
  18. 18. MARKETING AUTOMATION PLATFORM An end to end marketing platform that helps leading publishers to drive in-store traffic, mobile engagement and sales. AD EXCHANGE A programmatic platform that allows advertisers to access in-aisle mobile advertising opportunities at retail locations mCOMMERCE PLATFORM Facilitate mCommerce activities through a complete cloud solutions which includes payment gateway, tokenization, benefits and loyalty modules. What we offer
  19. 19. CRM Manage your customers Tokenization & Payments Take advantage of “Warply Pay extension” Benefits & Coupons Create and delivery eCoupons to your customers Loyalty Scheme Collection and Redemption process Campaign Management Use of “easy to build” campaign editor and set up communication delivery options Beacon enabled Move your in-store experience to next level Warply Engage 2.0 Platform
  20. 20. Edit and manage user details Retrieve user information and have overall behavioral and transactional history Search for user details by his loyalty ID, email, device id or other unique element Create similar audiences based on the selected user profile 1 2 3 4 CRM
  21. 21. Analyze insights And take optimization actions based on automated proposal Monitor performance From ready made analytics and custom dashboards Connect you digital assets Incorporate tracking and event scripts to websites, add Warply SDK to mobile apps and connect to beacon devices Use events as criteria when you create target audience anc e Retail Real-time event tracking 1 2 3 4
  22. 22. Receipt data produced during consumer basket checkout at 3rd party merchants 3rd party merchants Store walk-in data when entering retail stores or ATMs via wifi/ bluetooth beacons Walk-in data Data produced during electronic payments(POS EFT existing modules) POS data Omni-channel event collection
  23. 23. or import a custom list or customer id, emails or other unique element Combine targeting criteria from a list of behavioural data, tags, events and other 3rd party data Select the database to create audience Get real-time population results Audiences 1 2 3 4
  24. 24. Interact with product Live feedback Real-time communication Walk-in and customer path data Beacon enabled Low-cost piece of hardware Use battery-friendly, low- energy Bluetooth connections Transmit messages or prompts directly to a smartphone or tablet Rich campaigns on user’s phone, when he comes into the salon – let him know about offers & products recommendation
  25. 25. Further customization Using real time editors for html, css and JavaScript files Upload your custom assets and drop and drop from editor Campaign type Select among various campaign types, i.e. full screen, prestitial, coupons, geolocation etc. Test your campaign Campaign management 1 2 3 4
  26. 26. Preview your campaign Check your campaign and the experience Delivery type Select among email, push notifications, silent notifications and SMS delivery Input messages Customized messages for different platforms Launch Set start and end dates, schedule sends outs and target audience Communication management 1 2 3 4
  27. 27. Generate your coupon codes Upload a preset list of coupons Set validation criteria Deliver coupons via mobile or web Pair with terminal for validation barcode QR code wireless communication numeric code input 167821 m-Coupons Scan the QR code Get 20% discount Exp. Date 04/06/2016
  28. 28. mPayments Reports Get instant insights and reports of the performance Multiple stores Support multiple store under one entity Processing Facilitate payment process Logs track of all activity related to your commerce entity 1 2 3 4
  29. 29. Mobile Landscape Warply Engage Platform HCE Wallet & other Banking Products Warply Bank Wide Loyalty & Benefits application
  30. 30. Bank Wide Loyalty Reduce churn Reward behavior Attract new customersCross-sell Loyalty scheme - Benefits Collection Loyalty logic Redemption Communication & Campaigns
  31. 31. Personalization Personalize via personas Levels to create a non-flat loyalty program Reward users based on their behavior Levels Leaderboards Challenges Badges
  32. 32. Collection options Collect loyalty points from overall activity and interaction with the bank, its services and products. Deposit Accounts Transactions Debit & Credit Cards Loans Investments & SavingsBank assuranceSpecial Circumstance
  33. 33. Redemption options Redeem loyalty points to a wide variety of own products and services and collaborating parties. Grocery store Travel Gas Carriers CharityE-shopsElectronics Insurance
  34. 34. Bank Loyalty App Benefits scheme inline with todays customer needs and trends Business partners able to self-onboard Users benefit from participating in the bank’s loyalty program Personalization based on users’ preferences Creating & Launching of an application which will become the communication channel between Bank’s Business Partners and its customer base
  35. 35. User’s Profile Summary of customers behavior Grouping benefits by category List of past purchases Big variety of real time information within the user’s profile
  36. 36. Offer Wall Show businesses nearby Results in list or on map Access to offer wall Custom sorting based on user’s preferences Search by area, merchant category & prize range
  37. 37. m-Coupons Redemption of m-Coupon through mobile device m-Coupons are available through application Easy activation & deactivation of m-coupons
  38. 38. Mobile Landscape Warply Engage Platform HCE Wallet & other Banking Products Warply Bank Wide Loyalty & Benefits application
  39. 39. Host Card Emulation HCE allows android devices to emulate NFC smart card without requiring a secure element Secure Element NFC Reader Host CPU NFC Controller HCE does not require the device secure element The data is routed to the host CPU on which Android applications are running directly,
  40. 40. HCE Wallet Description Transmission of a signal to ask for payment Request for payment Response with token Handle all communication POS Transaction events recorded to Warply certified platform to trace history APP
  41. 41. HCE Wallet User Experience Verify transaction via code or fingerprint The POS receives authorization The transaction is processed and recorded Input various credit cards Select the desired card to use in purchase Pair with POS >
  42. 42. Tokenization Customer decides to complete a purchase Credit Card details sent to Warply Pay vault without passing through merchant The merchant saves token for this and any future transactions Customer enters credit card details Warply securely saves card details and returns a token to the to merchant
  43. 43. Social Payments through custom keyboard Type transaction amount Verify via code or fingerprint Sent transaction url Install payment input method While chatting switch to payment input method Authenticate account
  44. 44. Custom co-branded Credit Card products Target high value customers Synergies with partners Build long terms relationships Run open loop programs
  45. 45. m-Ticketing Order Pay Obtain Validate Real-time control
  46. 46. Chatbot Banking Report a lost card AI detects phrases similar to ones predefined Deliver your content with no additional effort Chatbots are the new apps Handle repetitive routine transactions Receive and submit information
  47. 47. Thank You /warply @warply /warply info@warp.ly@