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Getting the best for your business- Real World System Selection

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What do snakes*, electronics and renewable energy have in common? More than you might think.

We all make decisions every day; but deciding on the software, hardware or even people that will help make your business a success is a whole different ball game to deciding between a tall skinny latte and a double-shot espresso.

With a long track record of helping our customers make choices, Dan Burrows will answer that question about snakes and explain:
• Waterstons’ selection methodology
• How it can be applied to real decisions
• Where our consultants fit in to all this
• How we help real businesses make choices which suit them and the way they do business using a recent case study example

*There won’t be any actual snakes

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Getting the best for your business- Real World System Selection

  1. 1. @Waterstonsltd www.waterstons.com How to get the best for your business Wind, wires and wiggly snakes Dan Burrows – 18th July 2014
  2. 2. Agenda @ Selection in general @ What are we selecting? @ What does this mean to me? @ Waterstons’ selection methodology @ Variations on a theme @ A case study
  3. 3. Selection in general
  4. 4. Selection in general
  5. 5. Selection in general @ So those key points: @ Someone or something @ Best or most suitable @ Better adapted to their environment @ Survival of the fittest
  6. 6. What are we selecting? @ Someone? Vendor Customer Partner Employee
  7. 7. What are we selecting? @ Something? Business system Service Device
  8. 8. What does this mean to me? @ We all do it, every day @ The approach we take will vary @ Try, accept/reject, repeat @ Research, consider, choose, refine, repeat @ Personal or professional, the same rules apply @ Remember – the grass is not always greener…
  9. 9. Waterstons’ selection methodology @ Can be applied to any requirement to select @ Is designed to be modified and adapted @ Incorporates parallel activities @ Engagement is everything, so buy-in is built-in
  10. 10. That process in full
  11. 11. Eight steps
  12. 12. Variations on a theme @ OJEU or not @ Stream dependent on complexity/requirement @ Typically longer elapsed time than private sector procurement @ We have experience of OJEU and non-OJEU processes
  13. 13. Why public sector procurement specialists exist…
  14. 14. A Case Study @ Client: Tekmar Energy Limited @ Sector: Engineering and Manufacturing @ Product: Specialist cable management systems @ Selecting: Line of business system (ERP)
  15. 15. Who are Tekmar? @ In existence for 25 years, originally formed in Norway @ Tekmar Energy formed in 2007 @ By 2012, >£20m turnover and 75 staff @ 2013-14, additional manufacturing facility, 25 more staff
  16. 16. Power is everything
  17. 17. Tekmar’s business @ Offshore wind is a growing industry @ With all new technology comes challenge @ When things go wrong, they need to get fixed
  18. 18. What if?
  19. 19. What’s all this about snakes? @ TekLink® encloses supply cables @ Formed of modular polyurethane and cast iron components @ Installation assistance @ Mechanical cable protection
  20. 20. Spot the difference? • VS.
  21. 21. Spot the difference? @ Flexible – but not too flexible @ Modular – any length in any configuration @ Abrasion resistant and strong @ ….and pointy(ish) at one end
  22. 22. The selection Business • Interviews • Walk-arounds • Process mapping Research • What’s available • Who’s using what? • What are the benefits of each?
  23. 23. The selection Long list • 17 potential suppliers • Mix of vendors and integrators • 14 potential systems RFI • 13 recipients of the RFI • 10 respondents • 5 invited to meet the client
  24. 24. Challenges @ Clear that there were a number of solutions which would effectively meet requirements @ Cost, whilst a consideration, was similar between most suppliers @ Not a ‘classic’ ERP system requirement - flexibility not functionality @ ITT focussed on engagement approach rather than solution details
  25. 25. The selection ITT • 5 recipients • 5 responses • Top three respondents selected for demonstrations Demo 1 • 3 demos • Identical agenda for each • One supplier deselected
  26. 26. Challenges @ How to differentiate two workable solutions @ Strong support for both from project board members @ Cost vs. capability balanced between each option @ Decision must be based on facts, but with room for feelings too
  27. 27. The selection Demo 2 • Remaining two suppliers • Specific points to cover • No de-selection at this point Decision • One month delay (agreed by client) • One supplier provided PoC for missing functionality • Following successful PoC selection was made
  28. 28. Things to remember @ A methodology is only as good as the way it is used @ There is always room to flex and change approach – adapt or die @ Find ways to engage with both customer and supplier @ Always look for the ‘toy snake’ in everything @ Successful selection isn’t always about product – but people too
  29. 29. Any questions? dan.burrows@waterstons.com http://www.waterstons.com @WaterstonsLtd @DanThe7s