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How to design for engagement- Kevin Cody

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Kevin Cody's digital engagement lightning talk from Intranet Now 2016.

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How to design for engagement- Kevin Cody

  1. 1. How To Design for Engagement
  2. 2. User Survey NHS Stakeholders: “Front line staff have limited access to PCs, they need mobile” Quantitive Survey: “Your ideal intranet” “What would you find most useful”
  3. 3. User Survey NHS
  4. 4. mobile was not a priority getting the basics right was
  5. 5. User Survey NHS
  6. 6. Stakeholder Interviews De Beers
  7. 7. Stakeholder Interviews De Beers
  8. 8. Stakeholder Interviews De Beers
  9. 9. Stakeholder Interviews De Beers
  10. 10. Stakeholder Interviews De Beers
  11. 11. Describe the platform “Social, community” “Finding people” “Sharing content from markets” What are the business needs? “Finding files” “Accessing Assets / guidelines” Stakeholder Interviews De Beers
  12. 12. What they wanted was different to what they needed
  13. 13. Stakeholder Interviews De Beers
  14. 14. Remote usability testing Heineken
  15. 15. I can’t delegate as I don’t know what’s required No indication of effort or timing required Nicer than excel Easy and intuitiveRemote usability testing Heineken
  16. 16. Nothing wrong with the tool, instead improve the communications around the use of the tool
  17. 17. Welcome Pack • What data was required • Where/Who/how to get the data • Expected Timing Remote usability testing Heineken
  18. 18. User Persona Heineken Heineken Sales Rep Do the real work On the road as much as possible Time not spent in front of customers is a waste of time But training was mandated Fiercely competitive
  19. 19. Reluctant but fiercely competitive users
  20. 20. User Persona Heineken
  21. 21. User Persona Heineken
  22. 22. User Persona Heineken
  23. 23. Research leads to Insights leads to Engaging Intranets
  24. 24. Workshop