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Resume- William Myers FD2016.1.4

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Resume- William Myers FD2016.1.4

  1. 1. M ar ket Res earch & Str at egy Anal yst Phone: 310.926.1983 Email: williammyers.428@gmail.com Address: 317 W. 29th St, New York, NY 10001 P r o f e s s i o n a l S u m m a r y I am an experienced, research-driven professional specializing in the delivery of high quality market intelligence and strategy in the face of rapidly changing markets. Ten years of experience working for Fortune 500 firms in cross-functional capacities has imparted a diverse yet extensive background, well- versed in all facets of marketing strategy, market and technology trends, and consumer behavior. I offer a demonstrated proficiency leveraging analytic expertise to execute effective business strategy, while maximizing revenue and driving business process improvement. W o r k E x p e r i e n c e & P r o j e c t D e t a i l s Freelance Consultant | Market Research & Strategy Analyst 09/2014 – Present Provided Market Research and Competitive Analysis to Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs to Advance Development of Marketing Strategies and Improve Existing Business Processes Delivered Technology and Application Research to Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs to Improve Digital Marketing Reach, Engage New Consumers, and to Explore New Sales Solutions Drafted Proposals for Work and other Technical Documents based on Quantitative Analytics and Qualitative Research Sony Pictures Entertainment | Global Research Analyst 12/2013 – 09/2014 Forecast Future Global Consumer Spending by Territory based on Analysis of Consumer Behavioral Patterns & Attitudes, Global Market Research, and the Adoption Rates of New Media and Technology Delivered Critical Market Research to Executives for Global Planning and Strategy: § Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) & Conversion Rates § Industry-Wide Market Analysis & Regional Market Trends § Technology Trends and Adoption Rates: Broadband & Mobile Usage § Online & Mobile Content: Consumption Rate Analysis Projected Long and Short Term Industry Metrics (Value, Volume, ARP) and KPI’s across Business Models for US and International Markets Monitored KPI’s (i.e., Projected Market Spend / Revenue) to Adjust Global Market Strategies and Optimize Profit, Growth Provided Research and Quality Assurance to Support Data Warehousing and Enhance Existing Databases Walt Disney Studios | Senior Research Analyst 12/2010 – 12/2013 Forecast Retail Sales for New Products based on Analysis of Similar Products (w/ Attention to Demographic & Regional Correlations) Leveraged Quantitative Analysis and Consumer Profiling to Identify Highly Targeted Demographic Opportunities and Generate Additional Revenue by Developing Strategy to Boost Product Volumes, Enhance Sales and Extend Shelf Life Advised Adjustments to Sales, Marketing and Operational Strategies of Key Product Releases (Based on Personal Research, Predictive Analytics & Strategic Recommendation) that Contributed $10M-$25M Annually to Disney’s Bottom Line Assumed Leadership Roles on Cross Functional Teams (Brand, Marketing, Operations, I.T.) Responsible for Implementing New Company Initiatives and Executing Comparative Market Studies Evaluated the Net Contribution of New Initiatives, Promotions and Operational Strategies to Deliver Strategic Recommendations Provided B2B Market Research and Sales Forecasts to Advise on Assortment Planning and Sales Strategy Designed and Coordinated Projects to Centralize Data and Enhance Database Functionality Distributed Executive-Level Reports (Product Placement, KPI and Net Contribution, Sales Analysis, etc.) Paramount Pictures | Senior Financial Analyst 05/2008 – 08/2010 Managed Financial Analysis for the Strategic Financial Planning of International Film Releases Partnered with Marketing and Publicity Teams to Forecast an Annual Budget and to Facilitate Budget Approval 20TH Century Fox Entertainment | Data Analyst 12/2007–05/2008 Analyzed Promotions to Identify Successful Components and Strategies, as well as to Forecast Supply, Demand & Pricing for Future Promotions State Street | Global Operations Analyst 02/2006 – 08/2007 Managed Data Integrity and Functionality of Multiple Databases that were Critical to Executing Automated Trade Processes Thomson Reuters | Research Analyst Internship 05/2004 – 08/2004 Queried Key Performance Indicators (Sales, Revenue, etc.) and Critical Data to Forecast Fortune 500 Financials
  2. 2. E d u c a t i o n University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 08/2001 – 05/2005 B.A. International Studies: Extensive Globalization & International Studies with Focus on Economics B.A. Biology: Advanced Biology, Chemistry, Calculus & Physics Coursework F u n c t i o n a l E x p e r t i s e S u m m a r y Global Market Research & Intelligence ▪ Market & Trend Analysis ▪ Competitive Analysis ▪ Quantitative Analysis ▪ Demographic Profiling ▪ Qualitative Market Research ▪ Comparative Market Studies ▪ Brand Research ▪ Consumer Behavior Analysis ▪ Consumer Values & Intent ▪ Digital Technology Intelligence ▪ New Media Trends ▪ Mobile & Broadband Adoption Rates Strategic Marketing ▪ Marketing Plan Development ▪ Cutting Edge Marketing Intelligence ▪ Revenue & Profit Maximization ▪ Digital & New Media Marketing ▪ New Initiative Strategy ▪ Brand Development ▪ New Technology & Application Trends ▪ Mobile Consumption ▪ Conversion Rate Evaluation ▪ Return on Investment Data Analysis & Information Management ▪ Quantitative Data Analysis ▪ Big Data & Complex Data Sets ▪ Predictive Analytics ▪ Data Mining ▪ Forecasting ▪ Planning ▪ Modeling ▪ Infographics Sales & Operations Analysis ▪ Promotional Sales Analysis ▪ Return on Investment ▪ Key Performance Indicators ▪ Market & Trend Analysis ▪ B2B Research ▪ Assortment Planning ▪ Volume Optimization ▪ Operations Analysis ▪ Forecasting, Planning & Modeling Business Process Improvement Data Integrity & Warehouse Support T e c h n ic a l E x p e r ti se S u m m ar y Microsoft » Outlook ▪ PowerPoint ▪ Access ▪ OneDrive ▪ Excel ▪ SharePoint ▪ Visual Studio Google » Chrome ▪ Drive ▪ AdWords ▪ Business Solutions ▪ Analytics ▪ Forms ▪ Sites ▪ Advanced Search Functions Apple » Mac OSx ▪ iOSX ▪ iCloud ▪ iCloud Drive ▪ Safari ▪ Quick Time Adobe » Creative Suite ▪ Photoshop ▪ Illustrator ▪ Acrobat DC Amazon » Business Services ▪ Cloud Computing MS Excel (Expert) » V-Lookup ▪ Macros ▪ Pivot Tables ▪ Pivot Charts ▪ Advanced Data Analysis Functions Technical Writing & Proofreading » Function Requirement Specifications (FRS) ▪ Proposals for Work Nielsen Data Solutions » Spectra Rentrak Data Solutions » On Demand ▪ Digital Programming (Functional Knowledge) » SQL ▪ C++ Web Based Technologies, Services & Reporting Tools SAP Business Objects Micro Strategy Congnos Impromptu Concur Oracle Website Development